Letters to Cleo

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Eligible since: 2016 (The 2017 Induction Ceremony)

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Will Letters to Cleo be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
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Never heard of them. Although as of now they have the lowest fan approval on this site

Posted by Blueby on Friday, 09.19.08 @ 18:21pm

I like them..!
I am knew here I just finding my way.So hello everyone

I love the guitar sounds they come up with...
Maybe not rock hall of fame but a good band .

Posted by lindat on Friday, 09.19.08 @ 21:24pm

I've never heard of them either Blueby

Posted by Keebord on Friday, 09.19.08 @ 23:26pm

They suck

Posted by Craptoid on Saturday, 09.20.08 @ 15:01pm

Not bad band great Ricko sound..!
why not I mean U2 is RHOF and Ringo is not lol

Posted by mrxyz on Wednesday, 10.15.08 @ 15:05pm

I have to correct you Blueby. The lowest fan approval on this site now belongs to Jessica Simpson. Rightly so I might add.

Posted by Keebord on Sunday, 10.26.08 @ 15:36pm

And I say thank goodness for that. Letters to Cleo may never have set the world on fire, but they are an actual rock group. The lowest fan approval rating on this site should never belong to a functioning group, especially w/some of the other junk floating around out there.

Posted by Cheesecrop on Sunday, 10.26.08 @ 16:01pm

Nothing worse than no votes on a band you have never heard...
Go to their web and try to enjoy.. Fresh clean stuff Not Madonna or U2 but nice...

Posted by mrxyz on Sunday, 10.26.08 @ 21:20pm

gosh 3 no votes after I wrote the above That is 2 funny...???
Yeah no Hollywood Hype and it has to be NO...
Heck I would rather hear them than Backstreet Boys or Joy Division lol.. Lot of Sheep at the water hole on this forum.. .... Not RHOF maybe but good...

Posted by mrxyz on Sunday, 10.26.08 @ 21:36pm

87% No? Give Letters to Cleo a break! They didn't do anything special, but what exactly have they done to have a lower fan approval than Lindsay Lohan or the Jonas Brothers!! Heck, even Scarlett Johansson has only a 71% No vote. Low fan approvals should be saved for crap like that, not Letters to Cleo.

Posted by Owie on Tuesday, 11.11.08 @ 10:54am

Just put up something, anything, to obliterate all the Madonna crap spewing out here. It was o.k. for a while, but the arguments are becoming circular. No progress is being made, and it's just killing time and space.

I'm on the Letters to Cleo page, & I don't even know who these guys really are.

There better than Madonna, though, even if they aren't!

Posted by Cheesecrop on Sunday, 03.22.09 @ 14:10pm

Kind of a glorified cover band. They did covers of "I Want You To Want Me" and "Cruel to Be Kind"...UGH!!!! Not so good...

Posted by Gitarzan on Sunday, 03.22.09 @ 14:21pm

Better than Coven LOL

Posted by mrxyz on Friday, 07.24.09 @ 22:50pm

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