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Eligible since: 2006 (The 2007 Induction Ceremony)

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Gloria (1982)

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Will Laura Branigan be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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Even though Laura Branigan had a voice like a nightingale and a tragic death from breast cancer, Pat Benatar would have to be inducted first.

Posted by Gregory Pietsch on Thursday, 03.27.08 @ 09:32am

She didn't have breast cancer. It was a brain aneurysm.

I see little similarity between Branigan and Benatar. Benatar was hard rock and Branigan was Euro synth-pop before that sound really took off, so give her some credit for being slightly ahead of that curve. It's hard to believe that Laura was a backup singer for Leonard Cohen in the 70's.

The video for "Self Control" was 1 of the first if not THE first to be relegated to the late night hours on MTV because of it's racy nature, so that might work in her favor. Her association with Michael Bolton definitely doesn't.

Posted by classicrocker on Sunday, 05.17.09 @ 12:02pm

I like Laura Branigan's music, enjoy her Best of Branigan. But I doubt she'll ever be considered for the Hall of Fame.

Posted by JR on Sunday, 05.17.09 @ 14:33pm

I think she's the one greatest female pop singers of the 80's. But I don't an induction for her since she's hasn't been an influence on anyone.

Posted by Greg F. on Wednesday, 12.8.10 @ 22:51pm

Baltimora's Tarzan Boy sounds like Laura Branigan's Self Control, especially the Uh Oh Oh parts!

Posted by Roy on Monday, 10.24.11 @ 11:19am

Laura Branigan should definately be considered for The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame....She had 2 of the biggest hit's of all time with Gloria and Self Control....also Solitaire and How am I Supposed To Live Without You...

Posted by scott caldwell on Sunday, 08.24.14 @ 12:01pm

During the 1980's I got the chance to see Laura Branigan perform live 3 different times very gifted and never disappointed. Laura was a roll model for a lot of kids growing up in the 80's that you could be a strong woman, successful and drug free and have principals. Its a rare gift to be able to bring 3 generations together for an evening of entertainment were all 3 generations are singing the songs. Make one very successful artist in my oppinion.

Posted by Todd Hofmann on Sunday, 09.20.15 @ 02:32am

Gloria should be an essential song.

Posted by Brian on Friday, 10.21.16 @ 19:20pm

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