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Eligible in: 2031 (The 2032 Induction Ceremony)

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Will Klaxons be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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Bunch of art-school under-grads. Complete NME pushed tosh. Why this pile of cack got the mercury prize is something i'll never quite understand.

Seriously, I'm having difficulty seeing them round for another album.

Posted by liam on Tuesday, 11.20.07 @ 12:04pm

Oh yeah, Infadels OWN Klaxons, any day.

Posted by liam on Thursday, 11.29.07 @ 10:25am

klaxons? i listen to them when im in a cheesy mood...like ashlee simpson. which means hardly ever...

Posted by christine on Thursday, 12.13.07 @ 07:17am

Someone with an opinion that I respect - listen to Myths of The Near Future and tell me that it isn't worthy of being album of the year, and that Golden Skans wasn't the best song this year. Please.

Posted by liam on Friday, 12.14.07 @ 12:47pm

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