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Will Johnny Maestro be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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johnny maestro should be in the hall of fame now,he is a god,an awesome voice,just spectacular,gets better with age,we follow him all over,luv him,get him in the hall now,thanks.

Posted by jay boyd on Saturday, 02.10.07 @ 18:21pm

Johnny Maestro should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. His first charted single as lead singer of The Crests was "Sweetest One" (July 1957). That's 50 years ago! "Sixteen Candles" secured The Crests' place in early rock history. Johnny's hits (notably 1968's "The Worst That Could Happen") with The Brooklyn Bridge proved that he has one of the greatest rock voices. Johnny & the Bridge continue performing today, more popular than ever. I saw them in concert 2/17/07, and they were fantastic. At the age of 67, Johnny's voice is better than ever. He deserves to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Posted by Lois Dixon on Saturday, 03.3.07 @ 08:34am

He should have been in the Hall of Fame already.
The fact that he isn't is a mystery to me.
Besides the obvious fact that he has one of the greatest voices in rock and roll history,he led
several groups in several different eras and is
still tremendous today.

Posted by phil scardilli jr on Friday, 04.6.07 @ 16:59pm

Johnny Maestro is a ledgend in music history. From his days with the Crests in the late 1950's, one of the first racially integrated groups to record and perform; to The Brooklyn Bridge, where Doo Wop melded with pop into a totally new and refreshing sound in the late 1960s. And even today, nearing 68 years of age, Johnny still tours across the country with the Brooklyn Bridge packing theaters and venues with fans young and old alike. And who doesn't know his music? Even if you don't know his name, you know his music and his fantastic, unforgettable voice. His songs "16 Candles", "Step By Step", "The Worst That Can Happen" to name a few, will most assuredly live on forever. Paying tribute to the contributions Johnny Maestro and The Brooklyn Bridge have made to the music industry by inducting them into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame is long overdue.

Posted by Sue Hunsinger on Friday, 04.20.07 @ 22:26pm

The induction of Johnny Maestro long past overdue, certainly is critical now in the overview of history. First, we have one of the most original and strongest voices in varied rock and roll formats. This voice not only endures, but improves after 50 years of working since his first recording in 1957! The induction of Johnny Maestro's work will showcase the beginnings with the integrated group The Crests, his solo work, the Del Satins a formidible and renowned group itself and the development of a first large member group The Brooklyn Bridge! No doubt many have unfortunately been left out, but here is not only Johnny Maestro, but truly the story of rock and roll!!! A presentation would be one of the most interesting and educational displays that could exist indeed!!!

Posted by Jerry on Sunday, 06.24.07 @ 08:41am

johnny should have been in the vhall of fame years ago one of the most charismatic and exciting voices ever in doowop and rock n roll and at 68 like fine wine he improves with age a great stage show an awesome voice a great sense of rhythmn and a leader since his early teens been asscociated with three great groups had hits with them all and a catalogue of music that will last forever a vote fo johnny is a vote for real music

Posted by june on Tuesday, 02.12.08 @ 10:49am

How credible is the Rock&Roll Hall of Fame? I wrote them about 6 years ago. I gave them a list, and Johnny Maestro was on it. His voice is still amazing! Look when you have a so-called R&R Hall of Fame without Johnny Maestro, Neal Sedaka, Paul Anka, Neal Diamond, Bobby Rydell, and many others not in it, something is very wrong!! I have nothing against Percy Sledge, but really now, are you kidding me?! LET'S GET REAL! Johnny and the others are true GIANTS IN THE history of Rock&Roll!!!!!!

Posted by Ted James on Friday, 05.30.08 @ 10:38am

His following is almost cult like, his music has endured and he continues to be a top entertainer standing that critical test of time that many others can't.

Posted by Bob Alberti on Friday, 07.18.08 @ 11:13am

There are few truly transcendent voices from the late '50's through the '70's. Johnny Maestro is certainly one of those. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame should be ashamed of itself for ignoring his contributions while "recognizing" some of the much lesser lights that it hs.

Posted by Ira Waldman on Saturday, 12.27.08 @ 22:25pm

the biggest mystery to me is the constant exclusion of johnny maestro and the brooklyn bridge from the hall of fame what other great contributions to music do they have to make johnny has been a star and i mean a bona fide star since his days with the crests culminating in what turned out to be one of the tightest most multitalented group ever the powers that be at the hall of fame need to totaly rethink the way they choose who goes in johnny and the bridge need to be elected now

Posted by june roberts on Friday, 02.13.09 @ 08:06am

Johnny is long long over due . What do you need batteries for your hearing aides! Do not to demean anyone but from pure talent to charisma over 50 years what more do you need? As to voice showe better right now that voice and talent at this age WAKE UP and do the right thing. Lets not forget the Brooklyn Bridge.There is more TALENT in this group then may groups in the hall already. For all thats good and holy PUT THESE GUYS IN ALREADY. It is more the well deserved.

Posted by Joe Wiercinski on Thursday, 03.4.10 @ 20:07pm

out johnny and brooklyn bridge in the hall of fame before it´s too late, anyone who knows about johnny´s health should know why, wish him a speedy recovery of the greatest!!!! no question!

Posted by Jens on Friday, 03.19.10 @ 18:14pm


Posted by MARTY LOVETT on Wednesday, 03.24.10 @ 12:14pm

Johnny Maestro should be in the RNR Hall of Fame, years ago, just his hit "16 Candles" with The Crests should have gotten him in. With the Brooklyn Bridge for over 40 yrs "The Worst That Could Happen" another great hit. His work as a solo artist. Johnny's music range, he can sing anything. His voice is as good or better than in 1957. Johnny deserves this as a pioneer in Rock N Roll. Induct him as a solo, or with The Crests/Brooklyn Bridge. Please do it while he is still with us. Johnny Maestro is The Maestro.

Posted by Kat on Wednesday, 03.24.10 @ 15:57pm

R.I.P. Johnny Maestro

He should probably be in the hall for one of his bands. He's at least borderline. Still, great performer.

Posted by Steve Z on Thursday, 03.25.10 @ 09:48am

RIP, Johnny Maestro

Posted by Aaron O'Donnell on Friday, 03.26.10 @ 12:21pm

RIP Johnny Maestro

Posted by Philip on Friday, 03.26.10 @ 15:59pm

As usual the so called hall of fame has commited a crime !

Posted by Vito on Saturday, 03.27.10 @ 00:59am

Johnny Maestro definitely should be in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. He was extremely talented and deserves this posthumous honor. May he find singing more wonderful in heaven than here !

Posted by Suzanne on Saturday, 03.27.10 @ 23:17pm

The greatest voice I have ever heard is now dead. They waited too long and I heard that was his last wish. A quiet man who wouldn't push for himself but we will push for him now. I promise to sign every pledge to email everywhere until it is done because this man made me cry when he sang "you'll never walk alone" and I never have as long as I have had him to listen to when I'm sad. This is a shame a lot of doo wop followers as myself will miss him. Please stop taking polls and help us do right by him.

Posted by Donna Micheli on Tuesday, 03.30.10 @ 18:01pm


Posted by Ken Spooner on Wednesday, 04.14.10 @ 11:48am

I thought 16 Candles was done by The Crests?

Posted by Joshua on Wednesday, 04.14.10 @ 14:40pm

I thought 16 Candles was done by The Crests?

Posted by Joshua

You are correct Joshua, 16 Candles is by the Crests. Johnny Burnette's big hit, and I'm assuming the one that Ken Spooner meant, is You're Sixteen (which was famously covered by Ringo)

Posted by Jonny on Wednesday, 04.14.10 @ 16:52pm

Nothing could possibly be added to Lois Dixon's post of March 3rd, 2007 (An ancient sentiment),regarding Johnny's "claim" to entrance to the "Hall".

Posted by Bobby Evans on Wednesday, 04.21.10 @ 01:21am

Johnny Maestro should have been in The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame many years ago. I cannot believe he has been overlooked. He was a great performer until the end. He never lost his voice--wonderful entertainer.

Posted by Ronnie Caffrey on Thursday, 05.6.10 @ 13:41pm

I have read numerous emails, blogs, and letters from fans. Johnny Maestro by MANY artists, fans, and critics has been one of the greatest singers and performers EVER to grab a microphone. This comment is not out of heart but it is nothing but the facts! The Crests were one of the first interracial groups to be formed in music. Sixteen Candles was and still is a legendary song that forever live in infamy. Johnnys career spanned over six decades with the Crests and The Brooklyn Bridge, and his voice at 70 still sounded the same as if he were still 17. It saddens me that TRUE music critics still cannot get it right. If you do not get it right who will? Please do the right thing and honor a TRUE LEGEND who truly de

Posted by Brian Schmitz on Friday, 07.16.10 @ 22:57pm

The only thing I can think of regarding Johnny being overlooked for entrance to the "Hall" is that he may have 'pissed-off' one or more of the 'powers-that-be at the Hall at some point in his career. Just a theory, but I'm perplexed as to a more logical explanation for his exclusion.

Posted by Bobby Evans on Monday, 08.2.10 @ 00:53am

If you take a look at the people who are in the Rock & Roll hall of fame, there are a lot of people who must have known someone, otherwise they would not be in the hall. Johnny Maestro was the smoothest, clearest showman around. And he goes back to the 1950's. A fine gentleman, and will always remain in the hearts of millions of fans. GOD BLESS

Posted by Ronnie Moser on Saturday, 08.14.10 @ 13:42pm

Johnny was the greatest. Followed him from Staten Island, New Jersey, Florida also a few Oldies Cruises.Always enjoyed his music hard to believe we will never see another performance by him and the group.He needs to be put in the Hall of Fame now......God Bless

Posted by Andrew Choban on Wednesday, 10.27.10 @ 14:27pm

God bless Johnny. I'll miss him so much one of the last pure singers you'll ever see or hear. Should have been in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 20 years ago. I still play his music everyday just like Larry Chance the two best ever.

Posted by Bob on Tuesday, 11.23.10 @ 18:39pm

Johnny was very talented and a wonderful singer. I am very sorry that we have lost him. He should have been voted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame years ago. In some cases, it is ashame you have to be deceased before being recognized. Johnny will never get a chance to know whether he was ever inducted or not. What a tragedy!

Posted by Vickie Nuttall on Friday, 01.7.11 @ 13:55pm

My name is Eric, and I am looking at the people that have been inducted and although they have affected the music industry, I am shocked that there is no mention of one of the greatest singers of all time, Johnny Maestro and the Brooklyn Bridge. Although I may be 34 years old, I grew up in the doo-wopp music world with my father being in several groups. I have gone to several doo-wopp gatherings and have noticed that there are petitions to sign regarding his induction. This man has touched many hearts, and has indeed sang many songs that are still known by a younger generation like myself. He wasn't even mentioned that he has passed on at the Grammy's and he should've been. I want to know why a man with such a golden voice hasn't even been nominated. It was an honor to meet him, and a pleasure to watch him perform. No one has made such an impact on the Rock n Roll industry as he has, and for him to be inducted would be such an honor that all his talent and music is not taken for granted, and I believe he will truly rest in peace.

Posted by Eric Hattenberg on Sunday, 03.6.11 @ 23:10pm

Johnny Maestro's name has been submitted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation's nominating committee several times in the past, but he never received enough votes to make the final ballot. Maybe this year he will get those votes.
Just to clear up a previous post: The Crests, with Johnny as their lead singer, recorded "16 Candles" in 1958. The song was written by Luther Dixon and Allyson R. Khent. "You're Sixteen" was written by the Sherman Brothers and recorded by Johnny Burnette in 1960.

Posted by Lois Dixon on Sunday, 05.15.11 @ 14:42pm

What will it take to get Johnny Maestro into the Hall of Fame? As far as I am concern, he was the greatest singer of the Rock and Roll era. What a voice. He began singing professionaly when he was 15. I went to see him ing every chance I got ere on Long Island. The last time I saw him preform was in 2008. Rock and roll hall of fame do the right thing and induct Johnny Maestro, do it for his family and do it for his fans. Johnny Rest in Peace.

Posted by Hank Lukas on Wednesday, 06.15.11 @ 23:15pm

Sad but true...

Posted by Paul Cook on Friday, 10.21.11 @ 17:16pm

I will not go to the R&R HoF until Johnny Maestro is honored.
There is a lot of crap there that does not belong.

Posted by Don Giecek on Wednesday, 10.26.11 @ 16:06pm

Care to name some?

Posted by GFW on Wednesday, 10.26.11 @ 16:47pm

johnny was simply the best of the doowop groups. It's a crime he's been ignored.

Posted by Judge e on Wednesday, 10.26.11 @ 20:58pm

Johnny Maestro
Artie Cantanzarita
Les Cauchi
Shelly Davis
Fred Ferrara
Jimmy Rosica
Richie Macioce
Tommy Sullivan
Carolyn Wood
Joe Ruvio
Michael Gregorio

Posted by Roy on Monday, 10.31.11 @ 19:46pm

There is certainly no logical reason for Johnny Maestro not to be in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame.Johnny's wonderful voice and his connection with his many fans is top tier among Rock N Roll performers. He has sold many records, sang to packed and appreciated audiences, and never stopped performing at a high level. Johnny sang his heart out to the very end !
By Johnny Maestro not being in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, it not only does an injustice to Johnny and his many fans, it takes the shine off the Hall and what it should represent. A Johnny
Maestro-less Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame is not that
at all. How can it be ? It is time to right a wrong ! Bob, Bernie and Amanda from Rhode Island

Posted by Bob, Bernie, Amanda on Thursday, 11.24.11 @ 13:56pm

It's not the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame until Johnny Maestro is in it! It doesn't make sense!

Posted by Gail on Sunday, 04.8.12 @ 10:13am

Johnny Maestro (vocals; The Crests, The Del Satins, The Brooklyn Bridge)

Posted by Roy on Friday, 01.11.13 @ 23:19pm

I am new to the music of Johnny Maestro. I heard Step by Step and felt compelled to hear more...and know more of his music. What a stunning voice in the early recordings and then up to his last performance in 2010. A pure artist who gave in full measure. He is already Hall of Fame for me and I suspect many....with a voice and gift for entertainment that secured loyal fans and can still gain new fans even after his passing. Johnny was gift on this earth and I am sure in continued journey.

Posted by john mcquaig on Monday, 04.8.13 @ 14:34pm

Hopefully the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame board will reconsider and place this great American singer in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as soon as possible. Its a shame that the board did not give him this honor while he was still with us.

Posted by Ciro Di Donna on Tuesday, 04.16.13 @ 23:33pm

Johnny maestro should be in the hall of fame. Its terrible some performers who are there should not be but johnny should be there he performed until he passed away.

Posted by karen decicco on Wednesday, 06.5.13 @ 13:46pm

I do not understand why Johnny Maestro has not been inducted to the r&r hall of fame. This man had an awesome voice not matter what he sang. Even at his age he was still one of the best.

Posted by Wilda on Monday, 10.7.13 @ 00:10am

Johnny Maestro and many others deserve to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame but so much of it is political and what record you recorded on. Johnny represents many aspects of music history starting off as a member in a bi-racial music group recording the Crests. Johnny is widely recognized as one of the great voice of Rock. Who else belongs in? Lesley Gore, Neil Sedaka and Tommy James.

Posted by Robert on Monday, 03.9.15 @ 13:50pm

Without Johnny Maestro in it the rock and roll
hall of fame becomes irrelevant.

Posted by ed laggenbauer on Saturday, 05.2.15 @ 17:07pm

A pure travesty. inexcusable.politics plus.The man and his music speak for themselves.

Posted by Chris W Haecker on Tuesday, 06.16.15 @ 18:05pm

It is a travesty that Johnny has been ignored all this time. When artists that have no where near the talent get in, Johnny, until his death still packed concert venues around the world. It makes me really wonder if the powers that be actually know what music is all about, it doesn't seem so. However we are actively seeking johnny's admission into the hall and our numbers are growing everyday. If you are a fan and I have to assume by looking this up you are, then join us and do your part.

Posted by Joe Caiola on Sunday, 07.19.15 @ 15:37pm

We're 69 years old now, and every dance we go to the group or single performing always pays tribute to two legends....Dion and Johnny Maestro. I just learned of the amazing injustice that Johnny Maestro is not in the R & R Hall of Fame.


Please make things right for those of us who grew up with rock and roll and still treasure it.

Thank you.

Posted by Bob Gelles on Wednesday, 10.28.15 @ 16:50pm

As a singer, Johnny Maestro's voice is right up there with people like Elvis, Frank Sinatra and Roy Orbison. His songs with the Crests and the Brooklyn Bridge were outstanding. It's a no-brainer to put him in the Hall of Fame.
And maybe I'm a bit behind things, but someone posted that Sedaka and Anka are others not in the Hall? Whoa! Come on Hall of Fame, folks, let's get these errors corrected. Please.

Posted by Rex Kirts on Monday, 02.1.16 @ 21:10pm

Johnny Maestro is to Doo Wop music and post Doo Wop music as what James Brown is to R&B and soul music.Maybe that could clear up the confusion for not inductingJohnny Maestro into the R%R Hall OF FAME.

Posted by william capurso on Tuesday, 06.7.16 @ 02:52am

I do not understand why Johnny Maestro is not already in the rock and roll hall of fame. Of all the ones I see listed I don't understand it.His voice was amazing. He is now passed and what a lasting tribute this would be. Who went to a dance without hearing 16 candles or the worst that could happen ?????? His time to be recognized for the performer he was even at his sickest times in his life and nomination is way over due. Do the right thing...

Posted by Pat H on Monday, 07.17.17 @ 11:24am

It just may be that the Hall of Fame doesn't know just HOW to induct Johnny.

Should they induct him with The Brooklyn Bridge ?

(Hardly likely, because the BB only had 7 charting singles , and ONE major hit.) Should they induct him solo ? That probably wouldn't happen either. (only 3 chart hits alone).
Johnny's best chance for induction would probably be as a member of The CRESTS, where he had his greatest success, charting some 13 times with that group between 1957 and 1963.If they induct him alone, it would be just the latest in a series of unfair snub offenses that HoF has historically committed; pulling people out of successful GROUPS,and inducting them SOLO.
The CRESTS should be inducted ...and Johnny WITH them.
That's the BEST way to get him in.

Posted by Bill G on Tuesday, 07.18.17 @ 14:15pm

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