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Eligible since: 1994 (The 1995 Induction Ceremony)

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Take Me Home, Country Roads (1971)
Rocky Mountain High (1972)
Thank God I'm a Country Boy (1974)

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Will John Denver be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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Dude!!! John Denver!! I love and miss this guy so much! He was the first concert I ever went to on 3rd grade. Clearly, my parents were wannabe hippies.

Love Mr Rocky Mountain High, and good for him for testifying with Dee Snyder in front of congress, but Granola John is so *not* rock and roll...

Posted by Moni3 on Wednesday, 05.9.07 @ 18:31pm

It's about time!!!

Posted by Maureen Krauel on Sunday, 05.27.07 @ 21:02pm

John's most well-known hits may not be strictly rock and roll but he had a profound influence on the music of the 70s. At one point he was the top-selling artist of that decade. He can't be ignored.

Posted by Pamela Beasley on Monday, 05.28.07 @ 00:38am

John Denver gave us beautiful songs and music, he deserves the recognition. He sang and wrote about the most important things in life that we so easily forget to cherish and take for granted: nature, friendship, love, connection and oneness among humans. He was one of the best artists ever.

Posted by Evelyn on Monday, 05.28.07 @ 21:23pm

Athough John Denver didn't do ' rock n roll' per se, he definitely had a major influence in the 70s on the msuic scene and pop culture. His pioneering work with the Cousteau Society and Environmental work and work with the Hunger Project as well as being a citizen ambassador for the UN and an unofficial cultural ambassador to China and Russia before most rock acts made his music globally known and respected. The word "FAR OUT!" has been in our lexicon for the last 30 years.

The variety of music he recorded from his early lps until his grammy winning children's cd All Aboard definitely refelct the enterainer and artist he was and always will be. His influence will live on for generations, whenever you hear Rocky Mountain, Take me Home Country Roads or Fly Away or Thank God I'm a Country Boy or I want to Live.

It's about time he's in the rock and roll hall of fame!

Posted by Liz Seger on Monday, 05.28.07 @ 21:28pm

I was introduced to John's music by my husband (30 years ago). We were actually hoping to go to a concert of John's when we visited the states in 1987 but was not meant to be. 1997 was a bad year, and John's death left a hole that is just unable to be filled by any other musician. He was just so caring about everything. Amen to Liz Seger. It is About Time - that was one of his songs too ;-)

Posted by Christine on Tuesday, 05.29.07 @ 10:52am

John Denver was the biggest influence on music in the 1970s, with his music soaring over the air-waves. He brought such joy to thousands of people, as well as standing up for things he believed in, which much of his music reflected through the years, that he deserves to be recognised and honoured every which way!

Posted by Gloria Donnelly on Tuesday, 05.29.07 @ 14:17pm

Through all his wonderful music, John gave us hope for the future and showed us the way to follow to give a future to our kids! Most of all, every time when I fel sad, his music helps me to feel better. I would like him to get into the rock hall of fame!

Posted by Martina on Wednesday, 05.30.07 @ 01:05am

No one deserves this more than John!!

Posted by Fran kennedy on Wednesday, 05.30.07 @ 01:22am

John is so deserving of this award.He did so much for the world not just musically but environmentally and spiritualy. May God Bless John and help him to win this award. My love to you John. Love Nora

Posted by nora reed on Wednesday, 05.30.07 @ 18:25pm

Yes, yes, yes, John deserves to be in the R&R Hall of Fame - he has been gone 10 years and is sadly missed and no one has filled his niche!

Posted by Marilyn J. Heavner on Monday, 06.4.07 @ 11:52am

His music is like nectar to the soul. After he phased out from his country beginnings, he began to write the most beautiful songs about life, love, lost love, the world, the environment, and hopes and dreams for the future, thru all life's troubles! He experienced the highs and lows in his own life, just as we all do, because fame and fortune didn't shield him from sadness. Three of his most beautiful songs are "On The Wings Of A Dream, The Higher We Fly, and Flying For Me". His music is so important and when you listen to it with your heart, you will slightly begin to know the "person and the message" of a wonderful and talented performer. While I don't consider him "Rock and Roll", he certainly deserves any award that is for a "composer" of such a variety of songs, and the magic voice to perform them with.

Posted by Jean K. on Monday, 06.4.07 @ 13:00pm

His beautiful music and words should be recognized and remembered. He deserves to be inducted into the hall of fame!!!

Posted by sandra Horwell on Monday, 06.4.07 @ 16:08pm

John accomplished SO much good for this planet in his life, that being inducted in to the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame would certainly be appropiate. He donated a great deal of the money he made through his wonderful talent, to the causes he was so involved in as well as other causes to benefit the people of this earth. He should also be put on a stamp.

Posted by Kai Finnegan on Sunday, 06.17.07 @ 16:19pm

John Denver should get the 'Music' Hall of Fame!!!

His music touched my family which includes all ages- and race - black and white. He did all kinds of music, so no one should dare categorize him as a 'rock and roller'.

The song 'fly-away' is how my family got drawn to his music. This may sound odd, but this song reminded me of my mother's alzheimer's --she constantly asks...'where is...'like the words in the song'...

Fortunately the song on the CD I purchased, to explain to my young children about the mind fading... led us to listen to his other music/songs...The rest is history--we were and shall ever be hooked...on John Denver-FOREVER...

Posted by Alfreda Green on Friday, 06.22.07 @ 12:50pm

John Denver should get the 'Music' Hall of Fame!!!

His music touched my family which includes all ages- and race - black and white. He did all kinds of music, so no one should dare categorize him as a 'rock and roller'.

We didn't become a fan of John Denver until last year 2006 of March. I never listen to him when he was alive for some odd reason.

However, the song 'fly-away' is how my family got drawn to his music. This may sound odd, but this song reminded me of my mother's alzheimer's --she constantly asks...'where is...'like the words in the song'...

Fortunately the song on the CD I purchased, to explain to my young children about the mind fading... led us to listen to his other music/songs...

The rest is history--we were and shall ever be hooked...on John Denver-FOREVER...

Posted by Alfreda Green on Friday, 06.22.07 @ 12:54pm

Don't worry, Alfreda, not many people would call John Denver a rock and roller.

Posted by Dezmond on Friday, 06.22.07 @ 14:10pm

"This may sound odd, but this song reminded me of my mother's alzheimer's --she constantly asks...'where is...'like the words in the song."

Ah yes Alfreda... John Denver often puts me in the mood of escalating dementia as well. Good times.

Posted by shawn mc on Friday, 06.22.07 @ 14:29pm

Alfreda, "Fly Away" was always my #1 J.D. song.
The way Olivia sings the background vocs with just the right amount of exasperation in her voice is one of the best performances of her career.

It still makes my blood approach 212 degrees when I think of how the Live Aid/USA For Africa crowd snubbed John by preventing his participation in that project after all he had already done and wanted to do to help humanity's less fortunate.

So now this club of know it all rock elitists needs to make amends and do what is right-honor somebody who might be just a little different but still deserving for his work on and off the court.

Posted by SG on Sunday, 06.24.07 @ 01:34am


Posted by BUD MURAWSKI on Thursday, 06.28.07 @ 04:17am

John was a great singer/songwriter and will be missed dearly by his friends, family and fans worldwide. He wrote some of the best-loved melodies and stood for what he believed in. That's his epitaph. Needless to say, his art was music and his music came from the heart.

Posted by wysha on Tuesday, 07.24.07 @ 18:59pm

John Denver was much more than a great singer/songwriter - he was an actor and environmentalist. His music means so much to me and he should definitely be inducted into the hall of fame. My mum was fortunate enough to go and see him but I wasn't and will never be since he died before I became a fan of him. However, 5 days later, I turned 4 years old. His music helps me through the hardest of times and sets my day.

I have got so many things to do with John Denver but, so far, have only seen one movie in which he plays one of the characts - John McKay. His music and beliefs will definitely live on... in my opinion.

However, I am not just an ordinary fan of him - I have been through very much the same things as him and share some things in common with him - that includes having to wear glasses, plus my loving for country and bluegrass music. RIP John, you're a hero.

Posted by wysha on Thursday, 07.26.07 @ 05:44am

The biggest problem is the "uncool" factor. He was a good singer and songwriter, a unique figure, and hugely popular at one time, but he was never considered very "cool". He was a very mainstream artist during a time when being mainstream hurt your credibility as an artist. As a kid I couldn't stand the sight of him for that very reason, although I've since realized that he actually was a lot better than people gave him credit for.

Posted by ezwriter on Wednesday, 10.3.07 @ 11:39am

Perhaps John Denver deserves to be in the Rock Hall. But his chances would probably be remote at best.

Posted by Joe on Tuesday, 12.25.07 @ 21:32pm

John Denver certainly deserves to be in the R&R Hall of Fame.

Posted by Carol on Saturday, 01.19.08 @ 20:07pm

I think JOHN DENVER should have been inducted already into the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame..He was and has been a big influence on our popular music...He even sang a few Rock N Roll songs.. "Johhny Be Goode" "The Bigger They Are The Harder They Fall" to name some of them... Yes! Yes! Yes! PLEASE consider nominating JOHN into the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame! He certainly DESERVES it!

A PROUD longtime JOHN DENVER Fan.. Mrs. Kim Berry

Posted by Mrs.Kim Berry on Monday, 05.12.08 @ 13:58pm

It's a shame there isn't a POPULAR MUSIC Hall of Fame.Denver was indeed a huge pop star who beget a million generation Xers learning to play 'Country Roads' on their guitars(mostly badly).Denver was a brilliant performer who,once he lost the controlling manager who insisted on a squeaky clean image,evolved into a performer of gentle subtlety and depth.I saw him in concert several times in the eighties and he was amazing,using nothing but 2 acoustic guitars,a piano and his voice(which is MUCH better live than on records) to transfix an audience.But as much as I like him,he isn't Rock and Roll.C'mon,where's the Popular Music Museum,then?

Posted by Lisette on Wednesday, 08.6.08 @ 07:08am

Sorry, I just can't go along with Denver as part of the ROCK'N'ROLL hall of fame.

As much as I like his music, it just isn't in any way rock. If we include him, we'd have to include the Carpenters, Frank Sinatra, Herb Alpert, etc., all of whom I also like.

Maybe there should just be a popular music HOF.

Posted by Mike on Saturday, 12.6.08 @ 08:35am

One of the songs on John Fogerty's forthcoming album "The Blue Ridge Rangers Rides Again" is a cover of John Denver's "Back Home Again."

Posted by Aaron O'Donnell on Monday, 07.20.09 @ 23:00pm

Rock & Roll Jeopardy
Category: If They Collaborated

If John Denver and Donovan wrote a song together, it would be called...

What is "Sunshine Superman On My Shoulders?"

Posted by Aaron O'Donnell on Saturday, 07.25.09 @ 02:28am


Posted by joel from the philippines on Wednesday, 08.4.10 @ 03:09am

the beastie boys and chic are being inducted in in the world can they be inducted before such a talent as john denver?! it's nuts!

Posted by lg on Monday, 12.6.10 @ 23:48pm

While others kids were into Heavy Metal, Disco, and even Punk...I gravitated to John Denver. He will always have a special place in my heart. Upon a recent visit to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, I was distressed to see that he had not yet been inducted. Also distressed that he has not yet been inducted into the Country Music Hall, either. My own children are just beginning their own teenage years and are starting to appreciate the true talent of Mr. Denver, and his messages about the environment, hunger and just plain silliness with the muppets. No one desrves a place in both Halls more than he.

Posted by Margie Walker on Thursday, 08.25.11 @ 03:49am

Yes, thanks. Something beaufitul is always worth knowing. I second your prayer for the place and urge others to pray and act so that solid, traditional Masses (as opposed to the Nervous Disorder Hootenanny Masses) may be celebrated there.I just returned from Hannibal, MO. The principal Church there, though built in '54, is a modernist mess with flouncy windowshades over plain beaded-glass windows and the expectable guitar band and hand waving. Sadly and ironically, a few blocks down the street is the abandonned (like Cordelia in Lear) Romanesque gem of a Church with gorgeous stained glass, Italianate aisles and so on. So, a traditional Church, its altar in place, being used is, in these evil days, something in which we can rejoice.

Posted by Joy on Sunday, 07.15.12 @ 01:35am

Yes I believe John Denver should be inducted since he is more folk rock oriented. He could do all styles of music including straight on rock and roll. He could do blues music. Check out his 1995 "The Wildlife Concert." He does all these musical styles remarkably well in this concert.
Go and listen to the song "No One" from the album "Forever, John" It is a song that to me most definitely represents a rock song.

Posted by CM on Monday, 09.10.12 @ 19:20pm

John Denver left a mark on the popular music scene so many other musical "rock" acts can only try to aspire. He was definitely on the softer side of rock music, but his legacy qualifies him for induction without question. He died way too young, and is missed by his legions of fans all over the world.

Posted by Len Jaffe on Tuesday, 03.26.13 @ 16:25pm

It's an absolute crime that John Denver isn't already in the Hall of Fame. There is no justice when rap artists like Public Enemy and the Beasty Boys are inducted into THE ROCK AND ROLL hall of fame and great rock artists like John, America, KISS, and Jim Croce are not... Absolutely disgraceful...

Posted by Pat on Sunday, 05.19.13 @ 17:10pm

Pat - Learn how to spell the acts you criticize before criticizing them. Also the BEASTIE boys and Public Enemy rocked harder to all the acts you mentioned. FACT

Posted by Gassman on Sunday, 05.19.13 @ 20:37pm

Pat - This is coming from a guy that likes John Denver, KISS and Jim Croce. Yet in all reality, only KISS deserves induction right now.

Posted by Gassman on Sunday, 05.19.13 @ 20:40pm

john denver is truly heinous and i shall freely offer to fight him on the internet or in person i have been training extensively for such an occasion and i shall not shy away if the opportunity presents itself i shall thoroughly discredit himself, his name and his family and then i shall physically defeat him

Posted by gfw on Thursday, 08.28.14 @ 16:26pm

john denver spent so much time walking down country roads that he didnt even train his upper body, all i gotta do is avoid his admittedly powerful leg sweeps and i will surely prevail

Posted by gfw on Sunday, 09.14.14 @ 18:36pm

fly away? too right he will fly away after being hit with my special B O N E B L I T Z E R

Posted by gfw on Tuesday, 09.16.14 @ 19:29pm

scotland will soon be independent and so will john denvers teeth be from his mouth

Posted by gfw on Thursday, 09.18.14 @ 13:27pm

The car is on fire, and there's no driver at the wheel
And the sewers are all muddied with a thousand lonely suicides
And a dark wind blows

The government is corrupt
And we're on so many drugs
With the radio on and the curtains drawn

We're trapped in the belly of this horrible machine
And the machine is bleeding to death

The sun has fallen down
And the billboards are all leering
And the flags are all dead at the top of their poles

It went like this:

The buildings tumbled in on themselves
Mothers clutching babies
Picked through the rubble
And pulled out their hair

The skyline was beautiful on fire
All twisted metal stretching upwards
Everything washed in a thin orange haze

I said, "Kiss me, you're beautiful -
These are truly the last days"

You grabbed my hand
And we fell into it
Like a daydream
Or a fever

We woke up one morning and fell a little further down
For sure it's the valley of death

I open up my wallet
And it's full of john denvers teeth

Posted by gfw on Thursday, 10.2.14 @ 15:24pm

John Denver. There's so much good things to say about him. John Denver was one of Americas first true singer/songwriter that captivated Amercia. Many people fell in love with John Denvers kind and appealing personality. Music needed an easy going, pleasant songwriter whose music touched the lives of many people. His voice in "Annie's Song" is touching, heartfelt, still resonated today. When ever I hear a John Denver song I remember all the good times in the 1970's and John Denver was a big part of that.

His guitar playing is remarkable, and he was one of the greatest talents in music. What a voice.
Yes in my opinion like the Everly Brothers, Simon and Garfunkel, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, John Denver represents all that amazing and creative in a singer song writer. His gift of music will never be forgotten. America loves John Denver. I think that many Americans secretly have John Denver song that they sing to lift their spirits.

He is a treasure, that I can't imagine people ever letting go of him. Even though he is gone.

I feel that the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame should induct him because like the Everyly Brother he embodies those greatest aspects of songwriting, like Springstein. Their voice, his voice is true, honest, and is one of the most uplifting experiences in human experience.

All of those very gifted artists were talented guitarist who could express music on the guitar in ways that touched lives. Paul Simon in my heart of hearts secretly liked John Denvers . James Taylor, even the Eagles. They all have a gift for outstanding contributions in music on acoustic guitar and lead vocals.

John Denver should be inducted retroactice. He is amazing. And will always be loved by Americans.

Posted by Brian Wozniak on Sunday, 10.5.14 @ 18:26pm

i have recently been informed by reliable sources that john denver is in fact deceased.

apologies to both his family and the fighting community in general, it was foolish and disrespectful of me to challenge a dead man.

Posted by gfw on Sunday, 10.19.14 @ 10:25am

I think John Denver I think singer and songwriter. The RRHOF loves these singer/songwriters so I'm surprised John Denver hasn't been inducted. John Denver music had a majestic and soaring quality sorely lacking in today's music. People forget how big John Denver was in the 70's and early 80's. He was everywhere TV shows, concerts, movies. Barely remember some of 70's because I was born in mid 70's but John Denver stood out. They used to play Thank God I'm A Country Boy and Take Me Home Country Road to death on radio and people in the neighborhood would play the records. Of the great 70's singer/songwriters like James Taylor, Cat Stevens etc, John Denver was right with these inducted legends. He's deserving RRHOF. KING

Posted by KING on Thursday, 06.4.15 @ 15:45pm

NASA has a tradition of serenading space crews. Songs would play at special moments and as wake up calls.

The command module of Apollo 17 was called America. For their first wake up call after landing on the moon, NASA chose the John Denver cover of Steve Goodman's City of New Orleans. The chorus goes "Good morning America, how are you?".

I have seen it said said that this was the first song played on the moon. From what I can find of what NASA has released it looks like this is true.

Posted by Zuzu on Tuesday, 11.10.15 @ 20:04pm

Mr Denver is a hall of famer without a doubt. if we put someone doing rap in. why not John Denver. Also Gordon Lightfoot .

Posted by frank on Sunday, 02.7.16 @ 00:43am

John Denver - Annie's Song (You Fill Up My Senses) 1979

Posted by Roy on Monday, 03.21.16 @ 22:00pm

This guy (John Denver) was a musical genius.The hell with country or rock and roll. Call it a new kind of music. He never was recognized for his talent. Guess no one is really listening to real talent anymore.He should be inducted in both.better than Cash and others. What a shame to his name and his great music.

Posted by dfastone on Monday, 04.25.16 @ 07:33am

John Denver was one of the biggest selling artists of the 1970's. His music has been heard and appreciated all over the world. He hosted numerous awards shows, multiple TV specials, and his music has been included in 100's of motion picture sound tracks. His humanitarian efforts spread throughout the world. His music was so unique that it crossed over many genres, including rock and roll, pop, country and everything in between.

John Denver was a rare legend in music and bettered our world with his good deeds. If anybody should be included in the rock and roll hall of fame, John Denver should be at the too of the list.

Posted by Geoff on Tuesday, 05.30.17 @ 12:42pm

It is LONG overdue.

Posted by Donald DeCapot on Sunday, 06.11.17 @ 14:25pm

Spent this past weekend in Cleveland first stop the R n R Hall of fame.had a great time... but after a visiting Elvis I went looking for John Denver . I worked with. Both artist and many of the others.,. But John Denver should be in all Music Hall of Fames...He was one of the best ... And is missed . His music. Will live on forever....

Posted by Richard simpson on Sunday, 10.1.17 @ 18:35pm

He's good, but he's in no way rock 'n' roll. Not that's ever stopped the hall before.

Posted by Michael McNeely on Tuesday, 10.3.17 @ 15:49pm

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