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Eligible in: 2019 (The 2020 Induction Ceremony)

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The Middle (2001)

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Will Jimmy Eat World be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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with 6 full legnth albums released in the last 13 years.. and all of them being strong in thier own way.. if JEW keeps up the career this way, they could very well be inducted.. just have to see where it goes.

Posted by kris10 on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 11:53am

JEW sucks

Posted by Deeds on Saturday, 09.27.08 @ 15:55pm

They've already influenced Secondhand Serenade.


Imeem also has the following to say about Jimmy Eat World:

"Once a trailblazing name in the mid-'90s emocore scene, Jimmy Eat World steadily rose to national prominence by embracing a blend of alternative rock and power pop that targeted the heart as well as the head. While the band's influence widened considerably with 1999's Clarity -- an album that has since emerged as a landmark of the emo genre -- it was the band's self-produced follow-up (specifically the infectious single "The Middle") that crowned them as major figures in commercial rock. The emo label proved difficult to shake throughout the 2000s, even when subsequent albums Futures and Chase This Light did little to evoke the hard-edged sensitivity of Clarity, but Jimmy Eat World nevertheless remained a league above the generation of emocore torch-bearers they'd helped influence."

It's not a matter of personal preference. The Rock Hall is, or at least is supposed to be, about the bands that most strongly impacted rock and roll. As it already looks like Jimmy Eat World is building a significant influence, objectively they have to go in.

Posted by Ray on Monday, 02.16.09 @ 13:22pm

jimmy Eat world Influenced a huge Range of artists and Created A Style of alternative rock that has Infected the nation and even the world. the world woulda never been the same without them. I Will Look forward to seeing them go in.

Posted by Ray on Friday, 03.5.10 @ 21:23pm

hell yeah....but not this soon.....maybe a long long long time from now

Posted by LED on Tuesday, 05.18.10 @ 23:33pm

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