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Eligible since: 2015 (The 2016 Induction Ceremony)

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Will Insane Clown Posse be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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I thought they were a joke band? Why don't we just induct stand up comedians?

Posted by Klelel on Friday, 11.7.08 @ 16:50pm

This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard!! The "group" consists of 2 idiots with the lame names of Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope. They're into the whole "evil clown" crap and dress up as psycopathetic clowns who have been criticized for there violence themed songs. If this stupid duo belongs anywhere. It's in jail!!

Posted by Blueby on Friday, 11.7.08 @ 16:57pm

It's just a matter of time before we have another idiot like St. Jimmy come and tell us how great Insane Clown Posse are. St. Jimmy called Charles Manson "Uncle Charlie" maybe this new dumbass will call himself "St. Jamie" and call Jack the Ripper "Uncle Jacky!!"

Posted by Mr. Octagon on Friday, 11.7.08 @ 17:02pm

Mr. Octagon...I've actually found St. Jimmy very knowledgable in rock music and interesting to talk to. He has his opinions like everyone else, and just so happens to have very strong opinions about Coven. My only viewpoint of Coven is a severe lack of exposure to them, and can only base them on "One Tin Soldier"...a song I got only too sick of because of over-exposure. My initial exposure to the music we call "metal" comes from a whole different time & place...not saying it's the "definitive" answer to where "metal" came from, but it mine. I don't think calling him an "idiot" is appropriate, because he seems to be anything but. A little over zealous on some things, but that's okay too. Who isn't???

As far as the ICP goes, it just shows that just about anyone can get a recording contract anymore. If there's a market for something...even if it's a bundled up pile of dog crap...record companies will surely stand in line to sell it. That's what happened when bean-counters started controlling record companies...artists weren't afforded the time to be "creative".

Posted by Gitarzan on Saturday, 11.8.08 @ 11:26am

I see. I haven't been paying attention to Jimmy's latest posts.

Posted by Mr. Octagon on Saturday, 11.8.08 @ 13:36pm

On the Howard Stern Show in 1999, Shaggy 2 Dope asked Sharon Osbourne to "buff my pickle" she declined.

Not only are ICP the definition of moronic crap, they had contact with Howard Stern and Sharon Osbourne. They might as well kill themselves and go to Hell now.

Posted by Alc on Saturday, 11.8.08 @ 13:51pm

"Insane" is so appropriate

Posted by Alc on Saturday, 11.8.08 @ 13:53pm

ICP can go to Hell and take their stupid "Dark Carnival/Apocalypse" bullshit with them

Posted by Grim Reepur on Saturday, 11.8.08 @ 14:11pm

Mr. Octagon...that's okay, I'm sure my initial posts about Coven hastened him to think I was an idiot...LOL!!!! It's all subgective, and everyone has their own beliefs and opinions. With me, if I know something to be a fact, I will most assuredly list where I got my information, otherwise it's just my opinion. I guess the first I'd heard anything with a harder edge was being called "Acid Rock", and Iron Butterfly, Blue Cheer, etc... were among those I remember.

As for ICP, just not a good idea at all...all blow and no show if you ask me. It's really beyond me how someone could actually spend money on that garbage.

Posted by Gitarzan on Saturday, 11.8.08 @ 15:57pm







Posted by ME on Wednesday, 11.12.08 @ 14:19pm

For f*cks sake I just saw a "yes" vote for these idiots. Are you people all morons??!!

Posted by Perry on Tuesday, 12.23.08 @ 16:39pm

The fact that ICP are being constantly taken as a joke is precisely why these guys deserve this honour, they have battled from the very beginning against record labels who couldn't care less, and in the end have gained an enormous audience around the world due to their own hard work and dedication. They have recorded more material than you can imagine.. They have toured with nothing but the shirts on their backs, and the earnings from their last show to get to the next town. They are proof that you can do anything you set your heart to with a lot of hard work. Even when faced with adversaries such as you haters on here, most of which have never even given the music a chance, and are just judging on image and appearance. Their music isn't about intellectual stimulation or other pretentious crap like that, its about making people laugh, and having fun. Anyone on here who has listened to (not just heard bits of) a whole album please give me some solid evidence as to how these guys are not great at their craft. Id love to hear it.

Posted by CJ on Wednesday, 01.28.09 @ 23:16pm

ICP? What did they do? Just start a rabid army of Juggalos and scary album covers? The Amazing Jeckel Brothers scares me.

Posted by Ryan on Sunday, 02.22.09 @ 08:07am

Well, this has been a rotten, utterly sleepless night. I take up residence on ICP's page knowing all too well that I never expected to find myself here. Right now though, this fits. I am both insane & a clown to be up at this hour of the night writing, but it would take a posse of counted sheep to put me back to sleep.

There's no way on Earth I could function at all tomorrow. Even as I wrote that I recognized that this is tomorrow. This sucks.

Posted by Cheesecrop on Thursday, 03.26.09 @ 03:47am

u know what insane clown posse is one of the best bands in tthe world and ur just jelous u dont have a talent like they do

Posted by juggaloshaggy on Thursday, 04.9.09 @ 12:01pm

Oh, it's so easy saying theyre morons and everybody without talent can get a record deal these days... Well, I guess YOU didnt! Cause then you wouldnt be crying about two people doing sh*t instead of talking sh*t on the net.
If you dont get ICP, its your loss! Dont get your panties in a knot just cause some of us actually gets it. That just means were smarter and more openminded than you.

And by the way, f*ck the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They dont even need it. Theyre already legends in every juggalos heart, and thats all that matters to them and us.
Ill wrap this up with a quote:
"If you dont like me, you can f*ck off! Carnival aint for everyone!"

Posted by MikeFocks on Tuesday, 04.21.09 @ 06:32am

Were you even around when they didn't just hand out recording contracts to "anyone"? Nowadays, it doesn't take a lot of capital to record and mass produce your own music...record companies spend way more time buying up masters than nurturing talent these days. After that they'll sell it to anyone (usually dumb enough) who's willing to buy it. It's a whole different "ballgame" now.

30 years ago, as far as the recoeding industry goes, ICP couldn't get arrested...

Posted by Gitarzan on Tuesday, 04.21.09 @ 07:33am

"If you dont get ICP, its your loss!"

It may be my loss, but what if I don't care?

Posted by Keebord on Tuesday, 04.21.09 @ 15:36pm

As moronic as the hall has been lately, these idiots will probably get in.

Posted by Mike on Saturday, 05.2.09 @ 13:56pm

"It may be my loss, but what if I don't care?"

I guess then you would be a complete moron, wasting your time writing about it.

Posted by MikeFocks on Friday, 05.22.09 @ 13:52pm

What exactly does an Insane Clown Posse look like?

Posted by Bingo on Friday, 06.19.09 @ 23:09pm

Like painted freaks.

Oh yes, it's not just Kiss that are painted freaks

Posted by Joker on Friday, 06.19.09 @ 23:11pm

First of all, ICP isn't a rock band, so I don't know why anyone would think they'd be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Second, whether you like their music or not, you have to admit that they are marketing geniuses! Have you seen their merchandise page online?, along with their tours, rake in so much money! They make enough money to not even need major label support because their promotion and marketing skills are amazing, given how "hated" they are.

ICP might not be the most talented group, but they're very entertaining and they go out of their way for their fans. Just like any other band, of course they're doing it for money. However, unlike other bands, ICP and Psychopathic Records fully caters to their fans. Merchandise out the ass, constant touring, wrestling promotions, and even a yearly Gathering of the Juggalos for the fans! I've never seen any other underground band garner as much support as ICP gets from their fans.

ICP may not deserve to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, but they deserve recognition for their contribution to underground music and for their amazing marketing skills and ability to make money even when not putting records out!

Posted by marlin on Thursday, 07.23.09 @ 15:24pm

Icp sucks

Posted by tater on Thursday, 08.13.09 @ 14:22pm

"It may be my loss, but what if I don't care?"

I guess then you would be a complete moron, wasting your time writing about it.

Posted by MikeFocks on Friday, 05.22.09 @ 13:52pm

How does that even make sense? After all, coming from someone who calls himself "MikeFocks"

Posted by Keebord on Sunday, 09.20.09 @ 20:38pm

Okay, I'm a big fan of their music, but it's obvious that ICP will never get into the hall of fame. I did find what CJ and Marlin had to say to be fairly good defense though.

Posted by J. Lewis on Saturday, 11.7.09 @ 14:13pm

The insane clown posse has massed legions of fans, several gold records, and an entire line of merchedise surpassed only by K.I.S.S. They have been going strong for more than a decade with absolutely no radio or video play. From the underground, they arose and have stayed on the top of the HORRORCORE scene for years. Juggalos are here now, and we are going to show you how many of us there are. MMFWCL, byatches.

Posted by Payaso on Sunday, 11.29.09 @ 14:29pm

Ya know your right...ICP is not your average human being and obviously not what your "TYPE" would listen to or even try and understand so lets just sit back and bash em cuz we dont like em...i dont sit around and bash the selfish critics and reporters that just say something retarded and unresearched just to put a little more green in their wallet just cuz i dont like them c'mon if you would look just a little bit outside of your narrow tryin to make a buck views you would see 2 men that took something your kind would absolutly despise and turned around and made more money then you will ever even see. Thats got to hurt a little bit when you lay down at night...not only did they take your money away with your own nightmare but those kids that you beat on and downtalked because they were a little different than your bosses kids now have joined together under these two guys and found family that you never gave them. All im saying is step out of your narrow mindset for a second and look a little deeper for a change. o yea and for the record if your hating that means your listening and you better watch out because we are!!!

Posted by clown love on Sunday, 11.29.09 @ 18:28pm

I personally don't thin that ICP should be in the rock "N" roll hall of fame.
But that's not saying that ICP aren't legends.
They have done so much more than any other artists I've herd of.
I'm not going to explain too much because this thread is pretty much pointless but ICP do have Their OWN record label they do their OWN promotion anything they want is put on record because they don't have lame ass labels telling them what's appropriate or not.
They OWN their a movie/video studio they OWN a wrestling federation.
and that's just the icing on the cake

Posted by Nitemair on Sunday, 11.29.09 @ 22:01pm

And I know My grammar Was a little off.

Posted by Nitemair on Sunday, 11.29.09 @ 22:03pm

Love them or hate em, they may actually be appropriate for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Rap artists seem to get inducted now and I'd say they have a fair chance as well.

Although to many they are moronic, they have built a large music empire on their own, and personally, I would say they deserve it.

There are tons of bands that have no place in this fame, but if those are in it, then ICP by far deserves it.

They have a big impact on the music industry, a group who has fans that die for them and are drawn together through music. If you think that even if they are retarded, untalented, and just plain annoying, they deserve it whether you like it or not, and I for one can see that no matter what anyone else says.

Posted by Chains on Sunday, 11.29.09 @ 22:13pm

yeah they should. Insane Clown Posse juggalos and juggalettes whoop whoop

Posted by psychotink on Sunday, 11.29.09 @ 22:15pm

YAY! ICP are the shit and deserve to be recognized! You people only hate ICP because you are most likely failed musicians so hahahahahahahahahahahaha

Posted by Bill on Sunday, 11.29.09 @ 22:19pm

The Insane Clown Posse have done more in thier carrer than anybody elese in the industry, They started a record label, a wrestling company (JCW), a 4 day festitvil (The gathering of the juggalos) might I add the gathering's has been goin on for 10 years now, and the most imporant part of it all is the juggalos, we are worldwide you cant go anywere without seeing a juggalo/juggalette. ICP should be #1 on that list.

Much clown love juggalos keep our family runnin!

Posted by Juggalo on Sunday, 11.29.09 @ 23:25pm

Ya know people can hate all they want but in reality icp has 2 platnium records(The Great Milenko, and amazing jeckel brothers) 2 platnium Dvds (shockumentary, and big money hustlas)3 gold records(Riddlebox, Forgotten Freshnes,and ringmaster) and 1 gold movie(Bootlegged in La). plus their last cd bang pow boom peaked at #4 on the bill board 200 and their albums are almost always #1 on the independant charts. here is a list of just some of the people in the rock hall that have sold less. The Drifters, Dion, Hank Ballard, the platters, the grateful dead, frank zappa, buffalo springfiled, the ramones, the o'jays, sex pistols, Patti Smith theres a lot more i didnt list. Plus ICP had this success with almost no radio play its impressive to say the least.

Posted by Ray on Sunday, 11.29.09 @ 23:35pm

I think ICP is great if you have ever seen one of their live shows you will see why they belong mentioned amongst the greats, however due to lack of mainstream love this will never happen oh well they've become rich and accumulated alot of fans along the way which is probably better than alot of the people in the hall have done for themselves.

Posted by legendary on Monday, 11.30.09 @ 00:05am

I am willing to bet that everybody talking shit about ICP has never listened to them.

Posted by cowabunga on Monday, 11.30.09 @ 04:22am

Ok, this hype over this 'musical' 'group' needs to end NOW.

All of you 'juggalos' or whatever you call yourselves, could you please kindly answer what has your great band done for rock'n'roll?

Posted by Liam on Monday, 11.30.09 @ 04:42am

What better of a story r they Icp two poor kids from Detroit that nobody ever cared about nobody ever gave a chance an look at them now millionaires all by hard work self promotion spending there own money not record labels money cuz there on there own psychopathic my vote is yes the deserve this more than anyone else whoop whoop
Munky Nuttz

Posted by Joe on Monday, 11.30.09 @ 06:04am

I agree with whoever said their not going to be inducted into the ROCK & ROLL hall of fame, because they are not rock and roll. Nor do I think they would accept, I don't think their up to that status YET but I do enjoy the music and respect the lifestyle and did vote yes because it still would be awesome to see them in there

Posted by Twiztid Juggalo King on Monday, 11.30.09 @ 07:40am

I can answer the question of what have they done for rock n roll sir or the music industry in general Liam. The promoting aspect the way to build a fan base similar to kiss and the greatful dead yes but with out radio and now video play they hve also done itin the age of downloading toop it off they have survived on their own record lable for a number of years now. if you buid a fan base to rival the kiss army and the dead heads in this day and age you have to be doing something right. A lot of major record lables are now taking note to what icp is doing along with major publication read this months spin for example.

Posted by Destroyer X on Monday, 11.30.09 @ 08:06am

they Also get hated on by the same publications let me clear that up but i refering to the refrence about Icps marketing.

Posted by Destroyer X on Monday, 11.30.09 @ 08:12am

Everyone that thinks icp is a joke is IGNORANT. icp sells more albums than your favorite artist and sells more merchandise than all your favorite bands combined. not to mention their recrod label is constantly putting out albums and constanly touring, keeping all of theirs fans completlely satisfied. I attendent the 4 day The Gatheing of the Juggalos music festival and they have more love for their fans than anyone, plus they got ICE CUBEto show up this year not to mention the 100s of other great groups and bands like Tehc n9ne, GWAR, well i could name them all day. VOTE YES OR YOU ARE A FOOL. icp will still be doing their best in 2017! MCL!

Posted by DerekGatz on Monday, 11.30.09 @ 09:21am

plus they have had artist on their albums such as Snoop Dogg. Bone Thugs n Harmony, Slash from Guns and Roses, Mack 10, Ice T, Kid Rock, Esham, Tech n9ne....
and they do all this with 0 radio play or help from MTV, they dont need it.

Posted by DerekGatz on Monday, 11.30.09 @ 09:25am

Sharron Osborne owes icp $50,000 for a bet, they want her to donate it to charity but she wont. on howard stern she said that icps new album would not sell more albums than Ozzys new album and they did by a landslide.
Do your research people before you post and make a fool outta yourself.

Posted by DerekGatz on Monday, 11.30.09 @ 09:35am

What's with all the love for ICP today? I didn't know this many trailer parks had internet access!

Posted by Bnonymous on Monday, 11.30.09 @ 09:56am

Like a plague of locusts, a group of sharks on a feeding frenzy or a horde of vampires in a bloodbath, the Insane Clown Posse worshippers have arisen from 20 centuries of hibernation to release unspeakable terror upon the mortals of the planet. This must be all thinks to Lilith, exacting her vengeance on the innocents simply due to the fact a number of people slandered her beloved band Coven on a online website called future rock legends.

Posted by Keebord on Monday, 11.30.09 @ 11:03am

And by "thinks" I mean "thanks." The power of the Cult of the Milkshake and the protection of the Great Buddha have rendered me immune to the dark forces of black magic despite slight hiccoughing.

Posted by Keebord on Monday, 11.30.09 @ 11:05am

ICP are entertainment geniuses. Say what you will but for more than fifteen years they've been selling out shows nationwide. They have come against insurmountable odds and have beaten them all. They have achieved more in their life than anyone on this site who has nothing but hate for them. Should they be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame? No. Mainstream doesn't deserve the honor of having them their.

Posted by Mandymc77 on Monday, 11.30.09 @ 11:22am

I have vague, slightly-suppressed childhood memories of listening to a bit of ICP back when they were new and I was a kid and I didn't know any better.

What can I say? When I was a child, I played with childish things. By the time I was about 13 or so, I was already putting that particular chilish thing behind me and moving on to real music.

Come to think of it, this is about the same age when I learned rudimentary grammar like subject/verb agreement. Hmmm...

Posted by King on Monday, 11.30.09 @ 11:57am

AAAHAHAHA! I love it when the Insane Clown Posse are given some type of attention. It is hilarious to me to read the posts hastily written by the haters. I love how you guys think you're just automatically better than other people because you don't listen to Insane Clown Posse. You must be so much greater than me boo hoo! Dudes, it's MUSIC that's the great thing, you either like it or you don't. But the great thing about ICP is, no matter how much you guys hate them, they won't go away. Gitarzan went on to say, "As far as the ICP goes, it just shows that just about anyone can get a recording contract anymore." but they funny thing about your statement, Gitarzan, is that ICP aren't on a record label. They started their OWN record label and pull $10 mil a year. That's pretty impressive for an independent record company. So hate all you want, it only entertains us juggalos because ICP has lasted for more than 15 years and they show no signs of stopping! Much Clown Love!

Posted by JuggaloChad on Monday, 11.30.09 @ 14:20pm

hahaha haters r funny. I don't think half of them ever heard ICP before haha.... mcl juggalos

Posted by supersize on Monday, 11.30.09 @ 15:47pm

All these people talking shit on ICP don't know a damn thing. If you're going to talk shit, at least find someone who knows what they are talking about to do it. Idiots.

Posted by TwztdReality on Monday, 11.30.09 @ 16:06pm

Me being a huge fan icp, if you actually get into some of the music, you here a lot of rock elements in their music. They don't even get one bit of props for their music career. The only reason that they are where they are today is because they worked at it every single day. Even not getting that much love in the beginning they never quit.
They were one of the first bands that started the whole face paint game in the first place. Listen to Twiztid's newest album W.I.C.K.E.D. and tell me that psychopathics artist's don't know anything about rock
MMFWCL Juggalo for life WHOOP WHOOP!!

Posted by Hunter on Monday, 11.30.09 @ 16:16pm

Keeboard, comparatively speaking though, the Insane Clown Posse's Posse (ICPP) are actually speaking intelligently. This isn't too bad to read/follow along with. I'm not a fan of ICP myself, but this is at least a good attempt for reasonable argument. This is what we need more of.

Posted by Philip on Monday, 11.30.09 @ 17:20pm

They suck. They are a disgrace to hip-hop. Don't even try to put them on here. The only rap artists that deserve to be inducted GMF and Furious 5 (already in), Public Enemy (already in), and maybe Ice T and Public Enemy. ENOUGH

Posted by Grandmaster Flash on Monday, 11.30.09 @ 17:51pm

Uh, Public Enemy isn't in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame...

Posted by Gitarzan on Monday, 11.30.09 @ 18:04pm

If ICP was crap and they sucked, they wouldn't have a multi-dollar million record label PSYCHOPATHIC!

We got the millions of Juggalos World Wide. Nothing will stop us. ICP has been goin' 20 years, everything haters say will be ignored because all of you are ignorant douche bags that don't know real music.

Posted by Solid on Monday, 11.30.09 @ 18:06pm

You people are just mad that the mothafukin I.C.P has a chance to get into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!?! Well guess what?!? If your guys stupid rockers music wasnt starting to suck (Like it allways has. Who wants to listen to that cry baby shit) we wouldnt have to get in their and show you guys whats up. Cuzz guess what when YALL was lil kids, your parents hated your music. DID YOU STILL LISTEN TO IT? Well then welcome to the new generation. PUNKS MMFWCL

Posted by Spooky.D on Monday, 11.30.09 @ 19:30pm

"Keeboard, comparatively speaking though, the Insane Clown Posse's Posse (ICPP) are actually speaking intelligently."

Philip, it's been a long day and as a result my senses aren't the sharpest. I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not? Either way, it's your opinion but I don't think calling somebody who disagrees with you an "idiot," "ignorant douche bags" and "haters" (my least favorite word of all time) constitutes being intelligent. Anyways, to all the jugheads or whatever you call yourselves, have fun worshipping this "act."

Posted by Keebord on Monday, 11.30.09 @ 20:46pm

I was being serious, but in response to them calling people idiots and things like that... well, I do it too. You gotta kinda read between the lines... but also, I'm speaking in comparison to the Madge Badge-ers, the Steve Perryites, the Coven covn, BSP, compared to them... the ICPP are not too bad to deal with.

Posted by Philip on Monday, 11.30.09 @ 21:00pm

ICP has accomplished more than most of you couldnt even imagine. And they did it without selling out or getting any help from anyone, no record deal, no radio, no mtv. They have the most decicated fanbase in the world. THEY ARE THE SHIT!!!

Posted by Killuh on Monday, 11.30.09 @ 21:53pm

I have a feeling someone on here just keeps changing their handle, otherwise why the bid surge in postings on this "group"? Oh, and by the way...they're AWFUL!!!!

Posted by Gitarzan on Monday, 11.30.09 @ 22:02pm

"bid" should be "big"...

Posted by Gitarzan on Monday, 11.30.09 @ 22:03pm

Otherwise, we have someone like "Sybil" commenting over & over about ICP... Lucky all of their personalities like these guys!!!

Posted by Gitarzan on Monday, 11.30.09 @ 22:06pm

there is not many artist that came out way back in 1990 and are still as relevant as icp. and NONE that i know of that have done it independently. so give them a break at least they are doing their own thing and not just doing the same old boring crap that almost everyone else does. and i bet that all of these people who are hating probably heard icp back in 1997 when they first got big and are basing their opinions on how they sounded then. none of you realize how much their music has grown and improved. thats like saying ice cubes latest album sound exactly like his first. its ridiculous. listen to one of their last couple of albums like the tempest or bang pow boom and then make a decision on weather they are talentless idiots or maybe they have matured into something truly unique. and because of this i think they deserve the recognition.

Posted by adam on Tuesday, 12.1.09 @ 09:35am

Insane Clown Posse has earned two platinum and three gold albums. They had sold 6.5 million units in the United States and Canada by April 2007, which says nothing of recent albums sales or the international market.

Not only are they constantly on tour, but they also have an annual music festival which showcases dozen of acts (both mainstream and underground) and attracts thousands of attendees.

They have a successful record label. They have appeared in film and television. While I can only speculate of how much merchandise they sell, it is available both online and at any number of stores, including national chains such as Hot Topic.

I think that makes a strong case for them to be considered.

Posted by LV on Tuesday, 12.1.09 @ 11:46am

LV, that was the most lucid, insightful, and informative post yet to extol the virtues of ICP. Thank you.

If only your fellow ICP supporters were capable of this level of rational discourse, then maybe there could be an interesting discussion on the topic.

But ultimately, though, the answer is still no. Being a successful indy act isn't anything to be ashamed of, but it doesn't warrant induction, either.

Posted by B-nonimous on Tuesday, 12.1.09 @ 12:49pm

I would like to know who Keebord's and Gitarzan's all time favourite artist is?

I'd also like to say, while ICP is my favourite music group, I don't think they should be inducted into this so called "Hall of Fame" because they are not a part of your spoon-fed, mainstream, garbage dump of an industry where true out of the box creativity is shunned and ignored for the likes of Aerosmith or Snow Patrol, The Killers, My Chemical Romance or Fall Out Boy! I could go on and on about how lame Rock N Roll is right now and how disappointed I am with that, but I won't...

I personally hold ICP up in high regard with the likes of my other favourite artists like Nine Inch Nails, Prozak, Rage Against The Machine, Tech N9ne, System of a Down, Kottonmouth Kings and Tool etc...

These groups have important messages they want to get out to the world just like ICP. To write them off as some lame joke shows that you have no idea what you are talking about!

Posted by Radam on Tuesday, 12.1.09 @ 16:18pm

Thanks for your comment, Philip.

This kind of fan hysteria happens on this site once every couple of full moons. Not that long again it was Madonna. Before that it was Coven. WAY back before Coven it was Senses Fail. In a way, these fans really don't do anything other than make the artist look bad.

Posted by Keebord on Tuesday, 12.1.09 @ 16:20pm

In fact, here's my theory as to wear these guys come from. Somewhere in the online community, there is a ICP fan club of some kind. The admin of this fan club told all his members to go to "future rock legends" and vote yes for ICP in addition to leaving a comment

Posted by Keebord on Tuesday, 12.1.09 @ 16:23pm

^I'm still waiting for you to answer my question bitch boy!

Posted by Radam on Tuesday, 12.1.09 @ 16:31pm

You got some pair of balls putting ICP in the same category as NIN. Now stop that.

You want to represent your generations bands - excellent. But you lose creditability when you state sh*t like this.

And do tell me, what is ICP's message? I love message rock - I grew up with it. What was that guys name again - oh yeah - right - Dylan

Posted by Dameon on Tuesday, 12.1.09 @ 17:54pm

Radam...Since you've chosen to resort to name-calling, I'll consider your input irrelevent and therefore a waste of time and effort. The next time you'd like to indulge in an "intelligent" conversation about music, and you'd like to know why I think they're "awful"...try using a little thing called "tact"!

Posted by Gitarzan on Tuesday, 12.1.09 @ 17:58pm

Wow i can't believe how gullible all of you "rock" fags are. get a life and stop bitchin about music you don't like.

Posted by blazeya on Tuesday, 12.1.09 @ 18:46pm

Keep on hating...ICP has done more with their lives than most of you losers. This shit is made for Juggalos, not for all of you bitches that don't know anything outside of the mainstream. Whoop whoop to the fam'!! MMFCL!

Posted by Freekshow on Tuesday, 12.1.09 @ 19:06pm

Great...why don't you all go to an ICP website and sing their praises??? Geez, you're as bad as Madonna and New Kids On The Block fans...completely devoid of any semblance of class...

Posted by Gitarzan on Tuesday, 12.1.09 @ 19:19pm

LOL your attemps at trying to take the higher ground just because I got sick of waiting for Keebord to answer a simple question is funny to me.

Plus you both avoided my question completely.

You cleary have nothing intelligent to say at all!


Posted by Radam on Wednesday, 12.2.09 @ 06:59am

I'll actually answer your question before I go.

ICP's message is a message of free open minded thinking, they point out what they feel are the real evils in life and not what our society or organised religions tell us are evil.

They also ask you to reflect on your own life in many different ways and ask you to consider hypothetical ideas like "when you die if all your sins were wiped and spun into your own sin monster, do you think you could defeat your own monster?"

They also put out great positive messages of peace and love, no racial hate, we are all flesh and blood, they encourage Juggalo’s to enjoy life and live out their dreams and hope that there is a Shangri-La in the afterlife that we can all enjoy.

I could go on and on, but I think I’ve said enough.
Now you could at least answer my original question! LOL

Posted by Radam on Wednesday, 12.2.09 @ 07:13am

Radam, what was your initial question? I must have missed it somewhere between all the insults and name calling

Posted by Keebord on Wednesday, 12.2.09 @ 11:07am

I posted that the same time you posted your post...what a mess

Posted by Keebord on Wednesday, 12.2.09 @ 11:08am're leaving??? Really??? You promise????...

Posted by Gitarzan on Wednesday, 12.2.09 @ 11:09am

"ICP's message is a message of free open minded thinking, they point out what they feel are the real evils in life and not what our society or organised religions tell us are evil."

And what exactly would that constitute? I guarentee it's influenced by a religious dictum of some kind

Posted by The Drummer on Wednesday, 12.2.09 @ 11:10am

Hey Radam, I see you asked me who my favorite artist is. Unfortunately for you I don't have a single answer. You see, being exposed to so much different music I have developed a taste for more than just the pre-pubescent notion of a "favorite" something (color, band, car, etc). If you wish to expand your musical horizons beyond ICP, I suggest you take a look at the 800+ posts I have on this website. Maybe that'll give you an idea as to what kind of music I enjoy.

Have yourself a good day and in future please refrain from mindless insults, they really don't help if you want other people to take you seriously.

Posted by Keebord on Wednesday, 12.2.09 @ 11:15am

"But ultimately, though, the answer is still no. Being a successful indy act isn't anything to be ashamed of, but it doesn't warrant induction, either."

I agree that being a successful independent act should not serve as the sole qualification in an induction. What exactly would someone have to accomplish, in your opinion, to be considered worthy of consideration?

Posted by LV on Wednesday, 12.2.09 @ 13:38pm

Keebord get off ya high horse.

I'm sure my music tastes are just as broad as yours.

I'll happily admit that ICP is my favourite, I don't care if you think having a favourite anything is lame. Maybe you are just one of those people who are afraid to actually say that you like something, you'd rather just hate to make yourself feel better.

Let's have a look through my music folder on this laptop and I'll fill you in on some more of my favourite artists.

Infected Mushroom, GMS, The Presets, Black Eyed Peas, Led Zepplin, 2 Live Crew, All That Remains, Bloodhound Gang, Children of Bodom, Combichrist, Corporate Avenger, Daft Punk, Deadmau5, Devo, Dope, Dragonforce, Dream Theater, Esham, Foo Fighters, (hed) P.E., Killswicth Engage, Korn, Kottonmouth Kings, Krizz Kaliko, Kyuss, La Coka Nostra, Lionel Richie, Machine Head, Marilyn Manson, MC Hammer, Men At Work, Micheal Jackson, Mr Bungle, Murderdolls, Nine Inch Nails, Phil Collins, Pink Floyd, The Prodigy, Project Deadman, Prozak, Queens of the Stone Age, Radiohead, Rammstein, RATM, RHCP, Rob Zombie, Serj Tankian, Slipknot, Soilwork, Spandau Ballet, Tech N9ne, Tism, Tool, U2, Ugly Kid Joe, V-Ice, V.A.S.T. & Weird Al Yankovic to just name a few.

If that's not a list broad music taste, show me yours mate!

They are all some of my favourite artists and it doesn't matter if you think that is lame because I like it that's all that matters.

My point is I like ICP more than all of them because they are more entertaining to me in every sense of the word in every aspect of the music industry, from the stage show to the songs, to the merch, to the wrestling shows, the culture, everything.

If you had heard every song ICP has been a part of, there is no way you would have this opinion of them and that's the bottom line.
Their music crosses nearly every genre of music so much so it's become a genre of it's own!
Mike E Clark their music producer is one of if not the most talented guy in the music industry today!

Go do some research before you bash something you obviously have no idea about!

Posted by Radam on Wednesday, 12.2.09 @ 16:48pm

Well, you don't seem to talk about any of those other artists when you post comments. I've been a guitarist for over 40 years, and I think having a "favorite" would've greatly impeded my development as a player. By the look of your list, it's really not so diverse, and if ICP is your favorite, then you need to get out more...

Posted by Gitarzan on Wednesday, 12.2.09 @ 17:05pm

The (alleged) criteria for induction;
-Perpetuation of the artform (which makes no sense because if you play it, you're perpetuating it.)

Posted by Gitarzan on Wednesday, 12.2.09 @ 17:08pm

Go do some research before you bash something you obviously have no idea about!

Posted by Radam on Wednesday, 12.2.09 @ 16:48pm

What exactly are you referring to? Research on ICP? I've heard enough of ICPs music (believe it or not) to know that they don't interest me. You can fawn over ICP all you like but keep in mind 1) the criteria for induction, 2) the fact that nobody wants to read insulting comments (actually you probably have the most educated voice over the all the other fans who've been posting here recently) and 3) this site is meant to discuss serious potential for the rock & roll hall of fame, not who much you love the artist! If you want to talk about how much you love ICP tell it to someone who cares.

Finally, can you tell me who ICP influenced, how they were innovative and how they have developed/perpetuated rock and roll? (A neutral point of view please)

Posted by Keebord on Wednesday, 12.2.09 @ 17:22pm

replace "who" with "how"

Posted by Keebord on Wednesday, 12.2.09 @ 17:23pm

Keebord...if you want to consider the term "bitch boy" as "educated"...

Posted by Gitarzan on Wednesday, 12.2.09 @ 17:54pm

I already said I don't think ICP should be inducted into this Hall of Fame.

ICP have influenced a hell of a lot artists for example (hed) P.E. in the music industry, from grass roots promoting techniques a lot of which were quite innovative, to stage show ideas, to merchandising etc.

They were one of the first groups if not the first to have their own website.

One of the first artists to release an album on DVD with 5.1 surround sound.

The first rap group from Detroit to go platinum!

But like I said before their music crosses and combines many different genres. For example on their latest album it is full of classic 60's guitar riffs mixed with horrorcore rap and hip hop beats and has a unique sound whether you like it or not. They even have a track on there consisting mostly of banjo strumming. Their latest album "Bang Pow Boom" is pure experimental innovation in my opinion.

But even if you still can't appreciate their music, I'm sure you could at least appreciate what they have created for themselves out of nothing with next to no radio or TV play.

Oh and Gitarzan, nice name by the way I've been a big fan of Ray Stevens since I was a kid.
You say you've been a guitarist for 40 years? Tell me what bands have you been a part of that have come even close to achieving what ICP has done?

Maybe that is why you are so bitter.

Oh and I would happily talk about any of the other artists I have mentioned, if you asked me about them. But you guys just seem to want to bag out ICP for the sake of it...

Posted by Radam on Wednesday, 12.2.09 @ 18:30pm

On the contrary, I'm very satisfied with what I've done with my bitterness or regrets whatsoever. Of course, during my playing heyday a recording contract was the "holy grail"...something that wasn't just given to anybody. Nowadays, there's just too many really good musicians out there willing to sing and play their instruments and make really good music to pay any mind at all to these "clowns".

Posted by Gitarzan on Wednesday, 12.2.09 @ 18:56pm

It's also not my intent to "bag" on anyone. From my vantage point, I just don't get the attraction at all. Of course, I know there's a whole lot of (not necessarily you) "I listen to this because my "boyz" listen to it and I want to be cool (even though I'd rather listen to something else")". Peer pressure dictates what is listened to, especially nowadays with all of the medium outlets.

There's also the fact that, with very few exceptions, I think rap/hip-hop is the biggest regression in the history of popular music...mostly because of the way it's contrived. It's talking...period. The backbeat either sounds like someone beating on a tin can or it's someone else's work altogether...there's not a lot of originality. As far as lyrics, who cares what they have to say? I very rarely pay attention to lyrics. In the 60's, I got a snoot full of everyone "voicing their opinions" through music. There's a lot of music that I like that I probably couldn't tell you what the song's long as the music is good, I don't care.

Posted by Gitarzan on Wednesday, 12.2.09 @ 19:08pm

LMAO excuses, excuses my friend that's all I'm hearing from you. I wonder if you even realise how pathetic you sound to anyone who would read this! Seriously stop wasting my time if you have nothing intelligent to say...

Posted by Radam on Wednesday, 12.2.09 @ 19:12pm

Excuses, what the HELL are you talking about??? Looks like "opinions" (which I could care less if you like mine or not) to me. You're the one with the "elitist" attitude toward these bums without any real substance.

This stuff just goes to show that if you package "crap" there's always going to be someone DUMB enough to buy it! In the music world, ICP is just another case of "The Emperor's New Clothes"...

Posted by Gitarzan on Wednesday, 12.2.09 @ 19:18pm

Oh yeah if it's so easy why haven't you done it? Because it sounds to me like your saying your music wouldn't be crap and actually something worthwhile, wouldn't that mean you'd be even more successful? LOL

Posted by Radam on Wednesday, 12.2.09 @ 19:29pm

Go back and read the last paragraph of my last post. Furthermore, since you know absolutely nothing of my musical accomplishments, or what I'm involved with recently, maybe you should refrain from sophmoric comments. Being successful at music doesn't always involve "making loads of money".

Now, you ask why I haven't "done it"...let me put it in layman's terms;

"If someone wants to get rid of garbage, they probably won't do so by creating MORE garbage..."

Posted by Gitarzan on Wednesday, 12.2.09 @ 19:39pm

I'm fairly certain that if you were to attempt to have a rational and learned conversation with a few of the people who frequent this site, you'd probably be, in a word...lost.

Posted by Gitarzan on Wednesday, 12.2.09 @ 19:42pm

Well I guess this shows I'm more interested in the artform of entertainment than music.

I understand all that you have said buddy, so I guess we'll just agree to disagree.

Posted by Radam on Wednesday, 12.2.09 @ 19:53pm

You see, people like Keebord, Philip, Dameon, Dude Man, etc... may not agree with my stance on a certain artist or genre, but they at least understand that it's my point of view, and I try to return the same sort of respect in kind. They all give their "opinions" not expecting anyone to do more than take or leave what they have to say. None of them try to preach or shove something down anyone's throat that they don't like.

Ah, yes...I'm also certain that none of them have referred to an individual they know nothing about as "bitch boy", or any other juvenile jargon...

Posted by Gitarzan on Wednesday, 12.2.09 @ 19:53pm

Radam...good choice of words. There's more than likely things concerning music we DO agree on...who knows...???

Posted by Gitarzan on Wednesday, 12.2.09 @ 19:55pm

Best of luck to you and enjoy the rest of your evening...

Posted by Gitarzan on Wednesday, 12.2.09 @ 19:56pm

Yeah I understand name calling doesn't get you anywhere, you guys just hit a nerve with me and I thought I'd return the favour.

I'm sure there is plenty we could agree on.


Posted by Radam on Wednesday, 12.2.09 @ 20:11pm

I think Radam made a good point too... the difference is artform of entertainment vs. that of music. The HoF, generally speaking, focuses on artform of music (though they did still induct Madonna). Though, I think the two do go together to SOME degree... the website and DVD bit I would say don't matter at all for the HoF.... however, the value of entertainment is part of how a band reaches out and influences future musicians, so there's still something to be said for the value of entertainment, but only if it manifests itself as influence and perpetuation.

Posted by Philip on Wednesday, 12.2.09 @ 21:55pm

I posted that the same time you posted your post...what a mess

Posted by Keebord on Wednesday, 12.2.09 at 11:08am
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------'re leaving??? Really??? You promise????...

Posted by Gitarzan on Wednesday, 12.2.09 at 11:09am
"ICP's message is a message of free open minded thinking, they point out what they feel are the real evils in life and not what our society or organised religions tell us are evil."

And what exactly would that constitute? I guarentee it's influenced by a religious dictum of some kind

Posted by The Drummer on Wednesday, 12.2.09 at 11:10am


Interesting how "Keebord," "Gitarzan," and "The Drummer" all showed up at virtually the same minute, isn't it??

Are the three of you all in the same "band," so to speak???

Posted by interviewer on Wednesday, 12.2.09 @ 23:09pm

Interesting how "Keebord," "Gitarzan," and "The Drummer" all showed up at virtually the same minute, isn't it??

Are the three of you all in the same "band," so to speak???

Posted by interviewer on Wednesday, 12.2.09 @ 23:09pm

I don't know if they're all in the same band, but I if they are, I want in lol

Posted by Bassmaster on Thursday, 12.3.09 @ 06:01am

Looks like this Insane Clown Posse insanity has died down. About time!!

Posted by Keebord on Saturday, 12.5.09 @ 19:03pm

grateful dead and kiss are very similar in terms of impact. Sex Pistols and The Ramones are similar in terms of not being talented in the more traditional sense. ICP did alot of trailblazing themselves though, and if you don't see that it's only because you won't allow yourself to see it. They should definitely be in it.

Posted by sirdouche on Thursday, 12.10.09 @ 04:57am

Cheesers...for missed excitement, see: Insane Clown Posse...of course, I had to be right in the middle of it...LOL!!!!

Posted by Gitarzan on Thursday, 12.10.09 @ 06:30am

Look's like I missed the throwdown of the year!

Radam & the site went at it pretty good...

o.k. so I have to ask right off if there's a translator in the house... I'm not quite sure I could ever be as down as I wanna be w/ICP...

whoot, whoot...

Though the idea of being surrounded by horde's of bouncing Juggalettes does lend itself well to a mental picture...


Posted by Cheesecrop on Thursday, 12.10.09 @ 06:52am




Posted by BRENOX BRAZIL on Wednesday, 02.10.10 @ 14:42pm


Posted by BRENOX BRAZIL on Wednesday, 02.10.10 @ 14:42pm

Really? I thought God was Morgan Freeman. Just ask Jim Carrey

Posted by Milestones on Wednesday, 02.10.10 @ 17:53pm

i dont get why theyre getting inducted to the "rock n role" hall of fame and when everybody says theyre "rock n roll" artist....theyre not rock n roll theyre horrorcore rap

Posted by twiztidjuggalo on Tuesday, 02.23.10 @ 19:43pm

You can post your hate for the band as much as you want. You can bash them and critisize but if you take a look at the votes you will see ICP isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Don't stop change embrace it or bicth about it i don't care. Do you really think ICP comes to this website crying about what you think? No and you know why? Because they got a million fans telling them how awesome they are.... SO SUCK IT BITCHES

Posted by BL@Friday, 02.26.10 @ 08:24am


Posted by BL@

Don't mind if I do!!!

Posted by Joker on Friday, 02.26.10 @ 19:06pm

Nice one jokester, here's my take on BL@'s comment:

"You can post your hate for the band as much as you want. You can bash them and critisize"

Don't mind if I do!!!

Posted by Milestones on Friday, 02.26.10 @ 19:08pm

Your more than welcome to, Milestones. But calling them a "band" gives them more credit than they deserve!!!

Posted by Keebord on Friday, 02.26.10 @ 19:10pm

Correction: "You're"

Posted by Keebord on Friday, 02.26.10 @ 19:10pm

The amount of money, fans and controversy alone put icp in an amazing possition for such a nomination, but lets not forget the bussiness.. You say they are a joke, but the jokes on you because these smart ass motha f...... Have nation wide changed the way we look at hip hop, rock, and metal... These guys not only have a huge world wide famous band but they also run and manage wrestling matches, and rent out appartments sell merch... And rock our shit of the block wit their crazy wild shows. These guys have changed the worlds view and opinion on family..."just because you blood doesnt mean you have to love" these guys are a bunch of smart asses who love music, but they also hit the real shit people could relate to.. LOOK!... They started their own record label that has twiztid on, another widely popular duo...these guys deserve some recognition and credit becasue they are amazing and brilliant and you dumb ass haters dont know shit until you listen to all their music or go to a show! Right on icp! I'll vote for ya boys!

Posted by ashleigh deckard on Friday, 04.2.10 @ 08:33am

The Insane Clown Posse is the best...the people who bad mouth them just do not understand them....MUCH CLOWN LOVE TO ALL JUGGALOS!!!!! ALL HATERS KEEP ON HATIN' WE THRIVE ON IT!!!!

Posted by Mr. Wicked 17 on Thursday, 05.6.10 @ 17:57pm


Posted by Mr. Wicked 17 on Thursday, 05.6.10 @ 17:57pm

Well could you please thrive at the ICP official fan page rather than posting your unneccessary comments on a site dedicated to Rock & Roll discussion. Thanks

Posted by Stefan on Friday, 05.7.10 @ 06:19am

U guys can say all u want about ICP but do u really know wats its all about? They have a true meaning to the music they create. Listen to it sometime and really LISTEN to the lyrics. I have been with the clown love for some time and if u guys dont understand them dont diss them. Find out what they are about! People disagree with wat they dont understand and from wat i seen. Its u guys.

Clown Ninja from Champagin, Illionis
"Pavilion Foundation School"
dis ICP and their homies all u want.
If we didnt have haters we would be our selves!MMFCL.

Posted by Wicked_Clown_Lover_4-LIFE on Thursday, 05.20.10 @ 10:09am

I need a b*tch in a cheap hotel
So I don't know which one to blame for the smell
I need a bitch, that doesnt't care
She like to finger f*ck her booty in the mirror
Cherry pie, my cherry pie
Cherry pie with lemon jell-o cherry pie

Yeah, that's real deep stuff there. Real "true meaning." You must be very proud.

Posted by Ralph on Thursday, 05.20.10 @ 10:31am

Those I.C.P. T-shirts kick ass!!! Real beasty...

Posted by Joe-Skee on Thursday, 05.20.10 @ 12:32pm

Wow, 70% actually think they will get inducted...after that magnets song...the only hall of fame they will be inducted in is the hall of jokes.

Posted by maplejet on Monday, 07.12.10 @ 20:19pm

hahaha, these guys and their fans are both jokes

Posted by Dan on Sunday, 08.1.10 @ 18:49pm

man the haters just dont get it the music is not about killin stabin yes we are crazy yes we like to joke but the songs have meaning and if you dont see it you are blind. as for miracles man thats a truly great song with a powerful message. now learn it.


Posted by brokenwingz17 on Tuesday, 08.24.10 @ 08:44am

It would take a real "Miracle" to get these guys in.

Posted by GFW on Saturday, 09.25.10 @ 14:22pm

Wow, I found myself reading through this entire thread and I have to say, apart from a few attempts at intelligent discussion these ICP fans or "juggalos" just seem to be able to make themselves look like idiots.

If the best defence you can come up with for your cherished act is that their naysayers are "failed musicians," "jealous of ICP," "pathetic" and "bitches," it makes you wonder!! People who go about name calling and looking for trouble usually get more than they asked for. These juggalos (not all of them but most of them) seem to suffer from a severe case of "all blow and no show."

I think Gitarzan said it best, if ICP wouldn't be making money with their show do you think they would be doing it?

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Saturday, 04.16.11 @ 06:15am

I find it funny how 2 clown freaks have 5 Gold records, 2 Platinum records (First Rap artist to get a platinum record from Detroit at that) , their own record label, their own wrestling promotion, make their own movies, and merch, as well as have there their music festival all with no support of MTV or Radio yet still get no respect. They are a lot smarter then most people will ever give them credit for but it's all good this is for the Juggalos just cause you don't get it or like it doesn't mean that they are stupid or lame or what ever you want say. They built their own empire just like how KISS and every other great band of their time has done. Their for ICP should be allowed in the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame.

Posted by Joey C on Thursday, 04.5.12 @ 20:28pm

too bad their music is awful.

Posted by GFW on Friday, 04.6.12 @ 09:19am

ICP is a great band they have change music and has broght for many new band. just because it dose not follow your perfict lives and is different dose not mean crap. u judge band by how they change the world. if you quit listening to the words u hear firt and listen to the word alot of there song talk about issue that u are just to dumb to realize.

Posted by jacob on Thursday, 04.4.13 @ 11:32am

Just because someone dosen't like Insane Clown Posse gives you no right to call them a hater. If you like them then that's fine, but it's not every one's cup of tea. Now, I like some rap, but Insane Clown Posse doses nothing for me. Rappers like Tupac and Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five are way better in my opinion.

Posted by Andrew on Sunday, 07.14.13 @ 00:37am

They released an EP in 1990. Therefore they've been eligible since last year.

Posted by Anonymous on Wednesday, 04.6.16 @ 14:42pm

Thank you, Anonymous.. Updated.

Posted by FRL on Wednesday, 04.6.16 @ 14:52pm

Only if Weird Al gets in first

Posted by Anonymous on Wednesday, 04.6.16 @ 15:09pm

if icp don't get in then kiss shouldn't either.

Posted by scott on Sunday, 10.23.16 @ 15:37pm

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