Grand Funk Railroad

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Eligible since: 1994 (The 1995 Induction Ceremony)

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Closer to Home/I'm Your Captain (1970)
We're An American Band (1973)
Some Kind Of Wonderful (1974)
The Loco-Motion (1974)

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Will Grand Funk Railroad be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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Grand Funk Railroad without a doubt was the biggest band in the USA from 1970-1971. People waited overnight for tickets, and some people got crushed in the process. They sold out Shea Stadium and Madison Square Garden. They were at all the rock festivals and everybody bought their LPs. They had chart success with "We're An American Band" and "Closer To Home." However, despite all that, the critics gave the Funks one hell of a bad review. The criticism was harsh to say the least. Even today, when critics review Grand Funk, it's rarely good. And they are so far away from their prime now. I personally love the band, especially from 1969 to 1971. However, I think the curse of the critics has kept on going even today, and will prevent them from getting the nod by the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.

Posted by Barry on Tuesday, 02.20.07 @ 16:34pm

Granted, GFR got slammed on a regular basis by ignorant critics. Granted, they are past their prime, but this is not the point here. The point is, they deserve a place in the HOF, because they influenced a lot of bands, whether 3 or 4 piece, they sold over 25 million records, they sold out Shea Stadium faster than the Beatles, a record that, incidentally, still stands to this day. In my opinion, the late Terry Knight, their former manager, is one of the main reasons they are not there already. He rarely ever let the press get close to them, a fact that still must anger some people at Rolling Stone, whose publisher, Jann Wenner, wields tight-fisted control of the RRHOF. I fear that, unless Grand Funk somehow acquires a strong, influential voice on the nominating committee, it may be quite some time before they ever get there, because the whole process is a sad joke.

Posted by Steve on Thursday, 03.22.07 @ 13:23pm

Another great act of the early 70's. They are part of the musical history. Their entry would be normal

Posted by roméo on Sunday, 05.27.07 @ 10:20am

The fact that GFR hasn't been inducted speaks volumes as to who is at the helm. It's not the RRHOF - it's the RRHO SHAME. GFR was one of the most influencial garage bands and if you LOOK AT WHAT THE PEOPLE THOUGHT OF GFR.... They would have been in when first were eligible. GFR Rocks always!

Posted by Mary on Friday, 10.5.07 @ 08:02am


Posted by Steve Smith on Sunday, 11.25.07 @ 10:13am

They sucked. No two ways about it. They sucked. They appeal to mindless, white trash meth-heads.

Posted by N. Joy on Sunday, 12.9.07 @ 19:36pm

Couldn't the same description be applied to most of what is known as "grunge?"

Aren't bands like Pearl Jam and Collective Soul just imitating these 70's acts like BTO and GFR?

Posted by interviewer on Sunday, 12.9.07 @ 19:58pm

No entiendo porque hasta la fecha GFR no esta en el salon de fama del rock, ya es hora que consideren al mejor grupo de rock de toda la historia

Posted by JAVIER BARBOSA on Saturday, 12.15.07 @ 12:00pm

given the criteria of perpetual effect/influence...I would say they are a candidate. Captain/Closer to Home has a profound influence on returning vets, and the music is homegrown, stripped down, from regular guys. Yeah, I know Mark, and he is approachable today as he was in '71, as he was in '65.

The problem was that GFR is an American Band from a Anti-American era

Posted by Frag on Monday, 12.17.07 @ 14:49pm

Same arguement as The Scorpions, Yes they deserve consideration, but No, so many other artists stand before them.

Posted by JasonP on Thursday, 02.28.08 @ 08:37am

After seeing a few hundred great bands in my life time, no one ever came close to having the charisma/stage presence/talent or the ability to excite a crowd like Mark, Don and Mel. The critics hated them and they still rose above all that abuse because they were for the people, something the Hall of Shame does not seem to be about. Some of those groups that have been inducted should not have been inducted as agreed upon by thousands...........the first American band to have 10 platinum albumns in a row should for snot sake be in the hall.......what is wrong with you people?????!!!!!!

Posted by Allan W. Crummett on Friday, 03.7.08 @ 19:36pm

Grand Funk Railroad loved by the fans,hated by the critics. Critics don't buy albums. Critics don't stand in line for hours to buy a ticket. Is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for critics of Rock and Roll? I thought maybe I a fan with countless others should have a say. Grand Funk, you are in my hall of fame.Closer to Home/I'm Your Captain is amasterpeice and will be played untill time ends, and even after.Yes, they should be there.

Posted by Daniel Davila on Monday, 03.10.08 @ 09:09am

To: Mr. Jimmy Iovine
Please talk to your comrades on this (so called rock&roll hall of shame) and vote for Grand Funk Railroad. They are long overdue...

Posted by Mr. Jan L. Schroder on Monday, 03.10.08 @ 18:05pm

I am in agreement with most here GRF in their original lineup rocked and sold mucho albums as well as being one of the best live acts you could see back then...heck Even as late as '98 they were back together for a couple years touring and were even tighter than I remembered in the '70's. The '98 show here in NY was something of a religious experience and half the crowd didn't even remember them till they heard the songs. But now Mark Farner who still has it, is performing on his own and GFR is now a rehash consisting of former guitarists/singers in other headline bands filling Farner's spot. Though ya gotta love Don brewer and Mel Schacher the two remaining members, Without Mark ya dont have GFR ya got a band by that name doing covers of GFR!!!. But they should most definitely be inducted in to the Hall .

Posted by Chas Bruno on Tuesday, 03.11.08 @ 08:46am

Can't belive they are not in yet.I'm injoying Live Album on CD wright now!Grand Funk is one of the few rock bands i still listen to all the time.Their music is so powerfull!They can shake your very soul.Yes vote them in PLEASE.

Posted by E Weekly on Sunday, 03.30.08 @ 14:58pm

As a person that's seen over 235 concerts, I must wholeheartedly recommend Grand Funk Railroad's induction to the Hall of Fame. I've seen groups that have been inducted that treated audiences poorly,didn't show up on time, or just wouldn't come out and play the concert because they were having fun "back stage". In seeing Grand Funk eleven times, they always played an extraordinary show. They even came back to my home town to play an extra show that was cancelled. Live shows were the forte of GFR. People rushed the stage all the time when they played in 1969-71.Ten Platinum albums can't be wrong."Live" Album went gold before it's release. This group made it without videos,MTV and lots of advertising. It's high time to induct Grand Funk Railroad into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Mark Glew

Posted by Mark Glew on Wednesday, 05.14.08 @ 23:10pm

Flint's Finest...

Posted by Joe-Skee on Friday, 05.16.08 @ 11:42am

I saw Grand Funk Railroad twice, on their 74 and 75 tours. An incredibly talented and gifted group of musicians. Mark is very charismatic, and together the band was powerful. I had seen alot of bands before and after but none like GFR. Was there ever a band with that kind of showmanship? There must be somebody in this R&R Hall of Fame that has a grudge against GFR?

Posted by TA on Saturday, 05.24.08 @ 18:32pm

A lot of bands and individuals claim Grand Funk Railroad as a major influence for thier Rock and Roll success.Eddie Van Halen,and Ted Nugent, to name a couple. If you ever wanted a template or a role model on how to be a Rock and Roll star or success, it would be GFR.Grand Funk always played with the utmost respect for thier fans. It was so difficult to get front row seats at a GFR concert,because people knew that Mark, Don and Mel would play their hearts out every time! A Grand Funk concert would start with Mark Farner vaulting into the air with acrobatic grace about 4'-5' high. The whole crowd at the show,front and back would rush the stage at full speed. They kept playing with more and more intensity and energy, while the fans stood for the remainder of the show. Mark played guitar, harmonica, organ and sometimes drums. He galloped, strutted, ran and skipped all through the concert.He can play lead while running back and forth on stage;sometimes charging backwards!!!!!!!!into the drum kit.It's really hard to find footage of these absolutely incredible, wild, crazy, exuberant, concerts,but it actually happened that way. I have not seen anyone that could exite a crowd like Grand Funk. They were always ready to play; ended songs in unison;played a good set list;played songs you could recognize instead of extra long extended jams;played with good intonation and effects; good sound with definition in concert.GFR influenced many generations with their music. To be 'On Time', it's imperative to induct Grand Funk Railroad into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. Mark

Posted by Mark Glew on Saturday, 05.31.08 @ 22:12pm

Loved their songs back in the 70s. Recently bought their GHs album & had forgotten some great songs that they did.

I think they are worthy of induction.

Posted by Paul in KY on Thursday, 07.10.08 @ 12:59pm

Let GFR in!!

Posted by SED on Friday, 09.19.08 @ 19:27pm

say what? They were huge in their day, and put on a great show. They were truly a great "American Band."

Posted by TimO on Tuesday, 09.23.08 @ 15:05pm

I was one of the lucky ones that attended the Shea Stadium show. A sight that I have and will not ever forget for the rest of my days. Humble Pie opened the show. When they finished, shortly after, two police bikes, followed by three black limo's and two more bikes pulled up to the stage, and Mark, Don & Mel exited the limo's and rushed up to the stage... The place just exploded, That concert was the most amazing show that I have ever witnessed live.... And to find out that they aren't in the hall is beyond belief. I thought they were all ready in the hall. This just goes to show you how unfair the voting system that is in place is. Madonna get's in and GFR isn't even mentioned? Enough Said!

Posted by Wm. J. Gallagher on Tuesday, 09.23.08 @ 19:00pm

Don Brewer on drums was named by fellow drummers (in 2005?) to be one of three most influential drummers of all time. The list includes Bonham and Ringo and Brewer. Mel Schacher, bassist, is certainly one of the first power bass players, in the realm of Jack Bruce, influencing other bottom players around the world. Mark Farner electrified the stage with power vocals and ripping guitar riffs.

Posted by kim on Wednesday, 09.24.08 @ 06:32am

just another example of the RRHOF ignorance. Howlong did it take for lynard skynard to be inducted? But run dmc!!! Give me a f**kn break.

Posted by zac on Wednesday, 09.24.08 @ 11:57am

"just another example of the RRHOF ignorance. Howlong did it take for lynard skynard to be inducted? But run dmc!!! Give me a f**kn break."
Posted by zac on Wednesday, 09.24.08 @ 11:57am

Considering they broke attendence records early on,popularity,sales,influence
no doubt they should be in TRRHOF.

As for Run DMC it's a "sticky" one.
Now I'm not a fan of their's,but they did help introduce the whole rap/rock genre on a LARGE scale so they deserve the nod.
BUT,I believe it should be in another catagory.

Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 09.24.08 @ 12:07pm

Mark Farner :"Grand Funk Isn't In The RRHOF because we haven't obtained the brown ring around the mouth from kissing somebody's hind end".

In a brand new exclusive interview conducted by Nightwatcher's House Of Rock with rock legend Mark Farner, the ex Grand Funk Railroad frontman discusses his latest album, 'For The People', his days in Grand Funk, the possibilities of a reunion of the original band, the chances of the band being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame and much more. A short excerpt from the interview follows below :

NHOR : What do you feel at this point are the chances of Grand Funk Railroad ever getting into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame? Why do you think the band isn't in there already?

MF : I think it's political. I think it's because we haven't obtained the brown ring around the mouth from kissing somebody's hind end. That's not who I am. I'm not going to bow to that god. It's only important to me at all for the fans, for the sake of the fans. From that viewpoint, yes. Because it is something which is supposed to be representative, but it's the same thing as where the Congress of the United States is supposed to be representative of us by coining and controlling the money. But that ain't happening either.

To read the whole interview go to this location :

Posted by TheRocker on Thursday, 01.1.09 @ 18:58pm

No. It's 70s meathead rock. They're to that decade what Nickelback is to this one.

Why is this band called Grand Funk Railroad? What do they have to do with funk music?

Posted by Elastic Man on Tuesday, 01.6.09 @ 04:23am

It is like everything else in the great USA.
There really isn't anymore to say. GFR undoubtly belongs in the Hall of Fame.
Tell me, how did a band like the Clash get in before GRAND FUNK RAILROAD?
Mark, Don & Mel sounded like no other band in the US, Great Britain or any other place in this world. They were a very dynamic, hard working, hard driven band that definately deservers the recognition as one of the best if not the best rock band ever.

Posted by Joe on Saturday, 01.31.09 @ 20:35pm

Until Grand Funk is in the RRHOF, it has no legitimacy. Grand Funk Railroad sold millions of albums in the era from 1969-1976 without any real airplay or MTV or VH1.They are by most accounts,and definitely by any fans who saw them,the best live band ever,great energy-filled shows with fantastic musicianship and showmanship.Their songs,written mostly by Mark Farner,were the thoughts and feelings of middle=class America so hence they became known as The People's Band.Songs about love,caring,relationships,peace,theenvironment,crooke politicians,anti-war,country living,etc. Mark's song CLOSER TO HOME was recently voted the official song of the Vietnam Vets Assoc. Their music was heavy,soulful,hard-rocking,always loud,and always great.The early songs like INTO THE SUN,HEARTBREAKER,CAN'T BE TOO LONG,PARANOID,INSIDE LOOKING OUT,CLOSER TO HOME,AIMLESS LADY, PEOPLE LET'S STOP THE WAR,I COME TUMBLING,ROCK AND ROLL SOUL, IN NEED,and SIN'S A GOOD MAN'S BROTHER are their finest work,not the more pop-oriented radio hits they did later.

Posted by Larry on Monday, 02.2.09 @ 21:26pm

ntil Grand Funk is in the RRHOF, it has no legitimacy. Grand Funk Railroad sold millions of albums in the era from 1969-1976 without any real airplay or MTV or VH1.They are by most accounts,and definitely by any fans who saw them,the best live band ever,great energy-filled shows with fantastic musicianship and showmanship.T
Posted by Larry on Monday, 02.2.09 @ 21:26pm

I must say they were kinda the first with that type of sound!!
but they had plenty of "AIR PLAY" in their day...
I hope they get in!

Posted by mrxyz on Monday, 02.2.09 @ 21:41pm

I think a NEW Hall of Fame shouuld be started to replace the Hall of "Shame" that currentsly exists. It should aptly be called The HARD Rock Hall of Fame & GFR should have a place in the top 5 no less.

Posted by Rog on Tuesday, 02.3.09 @ 12:44pm

great song lyrics for the blue collar working man, the environmentally grounded "concerned for the planet" earthpeople, and the veterans that stood up for patriotism even when the war was absolutely WRONG-just to name a few... the raw energy music led the way for the "hardrockers" that followed...I was there in the very beginning with Mark and Grand Funk deserves much more recognition than they have gotten...tell Keith Moon(may he rest in peace)that Brewer was not a dynamite drummer as he watched from the front row as the" Brew " rumbled through a drum solo on one of their European tours...and as Mark went through his riffs in front of Peter Frampton and Mel was doing his power bass as Jack Bruce watched...they should have been in on the first wave for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GFRR rocked!!!

Posted by Rod Raymond on Tuesday, 02.3.09 @ 14:10pm

The only person who knows every member of Grand Funk Railroad is Homer Simpson.

Posted by Mike on Wednesday, 02.4.09 @ 14:22pm

I bought Closer To Home when I was 14. Listening to that record was a life changing experience. It was like the doors blew open, and the light came flowing in like I'd never seen before. My eyes were open to the world in a brave new way. I had Don Brewer like hair, and it didn't take long before my nickname at school was "Grank Funk." I know I'm not the only one. Grand Funk Railroad touched millions of fans in a very profound way. I'm now 53, and still listen to GFR. It's time for the RRHOF to stop sitting on their hands and induct Grand Funk Railroad now!

Posted by Chuck on Monday, 02.23.09 @ 10:09am

Forget the politics, forget all the bad mouthing critics, who were jealous that the fans discovered a great band before them.
GFR were GREAT, made GREAT albums, played GREAT live shows. After 40 years they deserve to be there when toy think of some of those already there who didn't do a tenth of what GFR did.
As Mark says, it's for the fans, and GFR were always about the fans, which is more than can be said for others in thr hall

Posted by Gee Davies on Tuesday, 03.3.09 @ 05:10am

Don was 6 years older than me. He graduated from the same high school, and in the same year as my sister. I can remember seeing the beginnings of GFR: The Jazzmasters, Terry Night and the Pack ,the Pack, etc. At my high school, and at grocery stores. Heck, I was hoping my sister were have his child I was so into them as a kid. I wanted to be his drum tech so bad. GFR not being in the RRHOF is a complete jokes. Great albums, great band live, multiplatinum seller, a band for the people, and isn't that what its all about anyway, the people? Not some smug ass critic. Mark Farner is one of the greatest singers in R & R history. To be a lead singer and lead guitarist in a power trio, is pretty darn hard to do. What's interesting about the Funk is actually there biggest commercial hits were sung by Don. Mel is a kick-arse bassist, and a really great guy. If anyone of the guys has a bit of an ego, its Mark. Think about it, why is he solo, while the rest of the core guys are still together. Let's not forget the fourth Flintoid to join the band, Craig Frost. He has had one heck of a career. First Grank Funk, then keyboardist for Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band. Don played some drums with Bob Seger as well. But what is really impressive about many of Grand Funk's songs are the lyrics. Pre- We Are An American Band. Spiritual, war protests, etc. It wasn't all have a good time stuff. To top it off, all members of the band are still going strong, each and every year. After 40 years, how many other groups still have that relevance, and commitment. Like I said, GFR was and is a people band. Rock and Roll is all about people's experiences. Others may deserve to get in for one reason or another. But I can think of no other band that should get in because it represeents the core of rock and roll, the people who play and enjoy it, than GFR!

Posted by LARS on Friday, 04.3.09 @ 20:58pm

Another great band who have tons of good material besides the obvious mainstream hits. Hope they get in someday.

Posted by Keebord on Wednesday, 06.17.09 @ 10:36am

Grand Funk Railroad was great rock band. Great writing and great cover songs as while. And they do have influence becaused they have been covered many times. "We're an American Band", "I'm Your Captain(Closer to Home)", "The Loco-Motion"(Little Eva cover), and "Some Kind of Wonderful"(Soul Brothers Six cover) are still awesome songs. These guys should have been inducted by now.

Posted by Dude Man on Wednesday, 06.17.09 @ 11:08am

They should be inducted. What does the Hall of Fame mean?
Prince is there. So is Patti Smith. So are the Pretenders. The Police and the Talking Heads. Grand Funk is at least on the same level as the Clash, Lovin Spoonful or the Animals. WTF over?

"Half the people are, never knowing and, never caring and never showing, their ...
... love for sisters, as well as brothers. lets, teach our children to, love each other."

Posted by Outlook on Friday, 07.3.09 @ 02:20am

Folks it's simple. Jan Wenner runs the R&R HOF. He is a far left liberal. Mark Farner is a conservative born again christian who doesn't back down from his views and could give a crap if he is in the HOF. If you are not a liberal, you will never get into the HOF. I mean come on, LL Cool J and Donna Summer are nominated this year!

Posted by Johnny on Wednesday, 10.14.09 @ 08:40am

"If you are not a liberal, you will never get into the HOF"-Johnny

Johnny Ramone got inducted.

Posted by Dude Man on Wednesday, 10.14.09 @ 12:58pm

As did Mike Love with the Beach Boys.

Pretty sure Elvis Presley was on the conservative side too.

Posted by Philip on Wednesday, 10.14.09 @ 14:11pm

^^^ My 1000th post, I do believe.


Posted by Philip on Wednesday, 10.14.09 @ 14:19pm

Duly noted, Phil - you da Man!

Posted by Telarock on Wednesday, 10.14.09 @ 14:40pm

Uhmm, I meant, Philip! And Philip, you are indeed one of the best commentaters. (as opposed to common tater)

Posted by Telarock on Wednesday, 10.14.09 @ 14:43pm

Thank you, thank you. So many people to thank, too. First, I'd like to thank myself. I couldn't have done it without me. lol

And contrary to popular belief, Gitarzan, I DID get something for it! Lilith sent me an eCard. On the "outside", it said, "Congratulations on your 1000th post!" And "inside", it said, "You're now officially a Post Whore. Way to have no life, loser."

She's sweet on me after all. lol

Posted by Philip on Wednesday, 10.14.09 @ 14:54pm

"Post Whore?" (haha) Philip, you really should thank mrxyz while yor at it ... at least a couple 100 of your posts were to refute things he wrote. C'mon mrxyz, lets hear from you!

Posted by Telarock on Wednesday, 10.14.09 @ 15:02pm

She's sweet on me after all. lol

Posted by Philip on Wednesday, 10.14.09 @ 14:54pm
Methinks I sense a romance on this site?

Of course, that could be a set-up to offer you as a sacrifice. You could end up like the cop in "The Wicker Man".

btw, Telarock, you mentioned common tater's earlier. If you're in charge of voting, I'd like to nominate myself for official site Tater-Tot.

Posted by Cheesecrop on Wednesday, 10.14.09 @ 16:34pm

Hey...!!!! The only thing she did for (to) me was call me a "disgruntled musician" that was completely devoid of my man-parts!!!

I want a recount...!!!!

Posted by Gitarzan on Wednesday, 10.14.09 @ 17:23pm

Cheese...Even though the Rockies lost, that was really a fun, competitive series...I hope they sweep the Dodgies!!!

As it turns out, the Broncos are surprising everyone more than the Rockies did, so the fun's not over around here yet...!!!

Posted by Gitarzan on Wednesday, 10.14.09 @ 17:36pm

By the way...what is this (\m/)? Is it the sign of the "camel toe" or something...????

Posted by Gitarzan on Wednesday, 10.14.09 @ 19:12pm

It's supposed to be the devil horns that Dio made popular.
\ is one finger up, m is the two knuckles up, and / is the other finger.

Posted by Steve Z on Wednesday, 10.14.09 @ 21:31pm

By the way, congrats Philip and GFR all the way!

that is all.

Posted by Steve Z on Wednesday, 10.14.09 @ 21:34pm

By the way, congrats Philip and GFR all the way!

that is all.

Posted by Steve Z on Wednesday, 10.14.09 @ 21:34pm

Gitar - Phils-Rocks Series was nuts! One favor to ask...

Can we borrow Carlos Gonzales for the next 14 potential games?! We'd plow over the Yanks, Dodgers, or Angels if we had Gonzales here.

You're lucky regarding the Broncos. I have faith in the Eagles, but I still can't shake the feeling something will cause the Birds to fold again this year. I should be more loyal, but after dropping a Super Bowl & six NFC Championship games, it gets a little rough!

Posted by Cheesecrop on Thursday, 10.15.09 @ 06:14am

By the way...what is this (\m/)? Is it the sign of the "camel toe" or something...????

Posted by Gitarzan on Wednesday, 10.14.09 @ 19:12pm
This is actually an illustration of the dangers facing all letters, either consonants or vowels, in Letter Land.

In the scene above, this poor unfortunate letter "M" has fallen into a ravine, as illustrated by the sloping land on either side of it,and can't get out. Letter Land can be a dangerous place for the unwary letter.

"Help! I've fallen... and I can't get up!"

Posted by Cheesecrop on Thursday, 10.15.09 @ 06:22am

If they dont put GFRR in the RHOF they mite as well close that ugly museum and lock the doors forever. They put in a bunch of liteweight wimps, but not GFRR? Its a joke! One of the best American rock bands ever. C'mon, Wake up nominating committee!

Posted by Telarock on Thursday, 10.15.09 @ 08:52am

Dunno about you guys, but I'm taking the sports talk to the NKOTB page. That'll really piss off the boy band boppers over there.

Posted by Philip on Thursday, 10.15.09 @ 15:58pm

hi guys yes my last name is funk ;] first of all i emailed the HOF one time and ask why is GFR not in the hall of shame and they gave me no real reason i think mark don and mel should be there i known there music since 69 and i got even car with all kinds of GFR stuff in it MDM 4 EVER ;]

Posted by J.FUNK on Tuesday, 10.27.09 @ 14:37pm

What's really sad to me is someone like Madonna is in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame but Grand Funk isn't ? What a joke that crap is. Who votes who goes in the HOF anyway ?

Posted by Jazzcat on Wednesday, 01.6.10 @ 16:30pm

"We got the word from the man, you gotta move back about that far...come on man we wanna play", (Mark Farner @Atlanta pop festival). That says it all. Induct these guys. They deserve it. Really.... They need to be in a place better than the rrhof, dump, in Cleveland. Been there. And it ain't all that. Especially without G.F.R...Over!

Posted by pressley on Monday, 03.15.10 @ 10:27am

As a 22 year old, I grew up listening to GFR... My dad and his siblings were fond of it... Its only now I'm rediscovering it and I'm glad to! BRING THEM IN!

Posted by Antonio on Friday, 04.9.10 @ 06:36am

Here I am, a couple of years later and still no GFR in the Hall. If you were there in the day, you would know what all the fuss was about. The most exciting band of the decade which featured Mark Farner, a man with soul,presence, high caliber vocals and a charismatic posture like nobody else. Am I qualified to make such a statement?.....I think so after listening to music constantly and having seen some 300 bands......when you went to see them, it was not just a was an event. Compared with scores of lame bands that are in the Hall, this band puts them to shame.......just ask Homer.

Posted by Allan W. Crummett on Thursday, 06.17.10 @ 23:05pm

I don't get it, they put Mark Farners Messenger guitar in the hall but the band?

Mystery to me, give the guitar back.

Posted by Frank Martinez on Thursday, 11.11.10 @ 14:12pm

Mediocre band.

Posted by Chalkie on Saturday, 12.11.10 @ 12:35pm

"We got the word from the man, you gotta move back about that far...come on man we wanna play", (Mark Farner @Atlanta pop festival)

I think you got the wrong reference on that little speech from the Live Album. The Live Album tracks were taken from a series of concerts while the band was touring Florida.

I saw GRF in the fall of either 1970 or 71 in the Civic Arena in Pittsburgh, PA. I was expecting the first number to be Are you Ready? but instead Farner was at the organ and started with Foot Stompin Music! Was awsome. BTW, Black Oak Arkansas opened for them and was supposed to play for an hour and was booted off the stage in 25-30 minutes by the audience. Went back to the Arena in Pittsburgh a couple of years later after the band picked up Frost on keyboards. Wasn't the same experience but they were still very good.
I don't think there was a better front man in a band in concert than Mark Farner. His presence and movement have never been duplicated now or then. Brewer is an incredible drummer and Mel's bass playing was my main draw to this group. The Hall of Fame is truly The Hall of Shame for letting so many other hack/wiener groups and individuals in and keeping out one of the greatest show bands of all time. These three men took a stance against hard drugs with concert proceeds to aid drug programs and did benefit concerts for the Bosnian war. GIVE ME A FRICKIN BREAK....Better yet give these guys a frickin break and put them in the Hall.

Posted by Polski on Sunday, 12.12.10 @ 17:42pm

It amazes me that they are not in the RRHOF. Their accomplishments are over looked. The RRHOF should be named something else, there is little rock n roll in it, what ABBA, Madonna & now rap. Mark Farner was the best front man & still sounds great today. It's an insult that they are not even being considered. What a joke.

Posted by LoLo on Wednesday, 12.29.10 @ 11:28am

Way back in 1973 I was the first guy in my class to get his drivers license. A group fof kids from my high school got me to drive the to the GFRR concert in Winston Salem.. I had heard some of their stuff on the radio and thought it might be fun...This was my first concert ever and ddn't know what to expect. The opening band was awful and made my ears hurt. I thought it was going to be a bad night..
Then the organ and drums started up with some FOOT STOMPIN Music, with Mark Farner blitzing across the stage and I can tell you the energy level went through the roof...and didn't let up for 2 1/2 hours....
I have been to many concerts but nothing compares to the 2 times I was lucky enough to see GFRR!

Posted by deadiddy on Wednesday, 04.13.11 @ 12:50pm

I have to add to my previous post. If you weren't lucky enough to see GFRR live... well you just have no way of knowing what a ass-kickin live band they were. As much as I loved going to their shows, I only own 1 album...Mark, Don and Mel...which i rarely listen to. But I will watch them on youtube for hours at a time.

Posted by deacdiddy on Wednesday, 04.13.11 @ 23:04pm

I could totally go for this. Originally thought of them as a fogey classic rock act but watch the Behind The Music on them and you'll see the major impact they had on their time. Also, Allmusic has them as an influence of quite a few bands, like Boston, KISS, Guns N' Roses and Heart. (Which have varying degrees of pluasibility) Not to mention We're An American Band is a pretty influential song in rock and roll. Its time Mark, Don and Mel get their due.

Posted by Jim on Saturday, 04.23.11 @ 00:40am

I agree with Jim. Would not have a problem seeing Grand Funk in. Also, there's some really convincing commentary on here, not just fan worship which is always nice to see and shows an incredible degree of credibility for Grand Funk Railroad, IMO.

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Friday, 04.29.11 @ 16:21pm

Interesting quote from the Rock Hall's own ITouch app, which mentions Grand Funk when talking about Runnin' With The Devil"

"As the 70s waned, the torch of the "people's band" once carried by critically reviled acts like Grand Funk and KISS passed to these hard-working suburban Angelenos"

Seeing as how GFR predated KISS by 5 years, is it possible to simply deduce that and make the conclusion that GFR was the first band to fashion themselves as the "people's band"?

Posted by Jim on Thursday, 05.5.11 @ 23:06pm

I'm 55 years old and GFR remains in my memory.

Posted by Joe on Sunday, 06.12.11 @ 13:53pm

I know you folks from up North may not like this, but what about the Charlie Daniels Band being inducted? Should CDB be considered for the Rock& Roll Hall of Fame or are they too country or Southern Rock? I think Grand Funk Railroad is awesome and should be inducted.

Posted by Billy on Monday, 06.20.11 @ 17:56pm

It's Really Simple... How Many "ROCK BANDS" Came Outta Cleveland, Oh. - Love The People & The Indians - But Really, We're Talkin' About "ROCK BANDS" !!! Now Look At Detroit, Mich. - Rock Bands Have Been Blastin' Outta There For Decades - I Say Move The Hall To Detroit - Let The People Decide - Not The Politics Or Some Other Part Time Fan That Seems To Know Way To Little Of Grand Funks History - GFR's Best Albums By Far Are Mark, Don, & Mel (Live '69-'71) - Survival - Closer To Home - Phoenix - On Time - Red Album... Best 3 Man Band Ever !!!

Posted by joeywoey on Saturday, 07.9.11 @ 17:10pm

if i look at the citeria for getting introduced one thing that stands out is lasting influence. ask any of the nowadays metal or heavy bands if the name grand funk railroad rings bell - and you will see the eyes of a kid ina candystore - even average joe, who puts "live album" into his car stereo gets fu***īn blown away - and you people of rrhof are tryinīto sell me this band is not on the list because of...what ??? led zep was hated by critics too, who,probably never got over the CREAM breakup. hey guys, christ ainīt coming back either. get over it !!wish lester bangs would be here...go and fu***n tell īem lester about grand funk, tell them about rīnīr. itīs a shame...

Posted by hardbop60 on Sunday, 08.7.11 @ 20:21pm

ha ive been to your glorious palace of rock history and ive got to tell u the level of obscure crap that has passed for appropriate inducties is mind boggeling when contrasted with the shere joy and smiles GFR put on the faces of we teenage boys of the 1970"s summers. nothing like an 8 track of GFR rollin down the road in a bucket of sheer housepower speakers distortin every crash of the drums! get real these guys blew the doors off so many of what you have determined to be historically significant acts! they truely are an AMERICAN BAND which is why they go so well in the cd player in my actual 69 mach! Mark Don and Mel the critics and pundents may still not want you but thank God for a set of JBLs and a reciever full of tubes! PUT THEM IN!!!

Posted by 69mach on Monday, 08.15.11 @ 16:53pm

Four Gold Albums

Five Platinum Albums

Let's see now ... who sucks? Maybe it's the critics?

Posted by okhons on Saturday, 09.3.11 @ 14:35pm

long overdue. they deserve to be in..not only did they rock.. they are simply awesome and they are one of the best power trios of all time.

Posted by rey mercado on Wednesday, 01.4.12 @ 01:16am

No Grand Funk again..but guns and roses???...cmon!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by John on Monday, 01.9.12 @ 18:09pm

I like grand funk the 2songs i like were both done by little Eva
funny they have so many votes and she dosen't
thats show biz I guess

Posted by Happy on Wednesday, 03.28.12 @ 23:19pm


Posted by madmac on Thursday, 05.10.12 @ 23:34pm

Posted by GFW on Friday, 05.11.12 @ 13:22pm

I'm Your Captain (Closer to Home) is a fantastic song. Evocative lyrics (I can feel the hand of a stranger, and it's tightening around my throat), inventive use of natural sounds (seagulls cawing and waves crashing), passionate vocals, and an unforgettable guitar solo all add up to make a true classic.

Grand Funk Railroad's output is great, blue-collar, no BS rock 'n' roll, the way it ought to be. So what if Grand Funk Railroad were never critical darlings? All that matters is that they produced some hard driving, no-nonsense, straightforward songs that are still fondly played and remembered today. The fans will have the final say on how GFR is remembered, not self-important elitists like Dave Marsh.

I don't know if this factoid will bolster GFR's case for induction, but they did top the previous record for the quickest sell-out at New York's Shea Stadium by The Beatles. Pretty damn impressive, IMHO.

Posted by Zach on Friday, 05.25.12 @ 23:41pm

GFR is one of the few groups that will cause me to automatically change the station to something else.

Posted by Gassman on Saturday, 05.26.12 @ 00:23am

Funny you say that Gassman, because when I used to listen to commercial FM radio (I abandoned it a long time ago), I would always change the station anytime the sacred cows of rock came on (i.e., The Beatles, Neil Young, Led Zeppelin, etc.). As you can tell, I despise the overexposed, overhyped acts of rock. I don't do it to be different, but I'm tired of hearing everyone and his sister talk only about the same 10-12 bands.

I'm comfortable with the fact that you don't enjoy Grand Funk Railroad. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

Posted by Zach on Thursday, 05.31.12 @ 00:39am

GFR not in the RRHOF...TSK, TSK, TSK!

Posted by Crawford on Wednesday, 12.12.12 @ 08:14am

Grand Funk RailRoad has paved the way for all other American Rock Groups. Yes they may not have been Led Zep in the studio, but Led Zep could never match GFR on stage for their Live performances!!! GFR has sold over 40 million albums not 25 mil as somone wrote!!! They were the first American power trio....The energy alone that they gave to their fans was unmatched. Mark Farner as a front Man was only seen with act's like Frank Sanotra and Elvis. They had the ability to comunicate and actuly control their audience. Mic Jagger didn't have it. Look at all the fights at their shows,a fan was stabed to death at one show. This Band was accessible to there fans though the music they played and shows they put on. Grand Funk RailRoad have payed their dues. It's time R&R Hall to open your Member Book and sign in G.F.R. Our American Band. It's long over due. Mike D From Rochester, NY

Posted by Mike on Thursday, 12.20.12 @ 16:59pm

G.F.R deserves RRHOF one of the bests bands that ever existed

Listen the "Live Album" or "live 1971 tour" and you'll know what i'm talking about !

Posted by Jaco on Sunday, 02.17.13 @ 23:25pm

"This site is not affiliated with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum."

Nice venting folks. I am guessing that anyone who can change this travesty is not even interested in hearing what anyone writing here has to say. I saw GFR in '73, '74, '75, and '98. Nope, they didn't miss a beat. I met them after the show in '74 and '98. They are every bit good people as they are great performers. I'm not sucked into saying every song they ever did was the best so I am not just kneeling to their every move but certainly they had more great songs than most. They are in the REAL R&R Hall of Fame. Mine!

Look how long this message has streamed, 2007 to 2013. The time for the rrhof to be honored by GFR's presence is past.

Posted by Woody on Wednesday, 06.5.13 @ 09:48am


Posted by BIG on Saturday, 07.6.13 @ 03:21am

I was too young to see the original "Power Trio" known as G.F.R. (but my older sis brought the albums home!). By the time I did get to see them live at the Bosnia Relief Concert (at the "Hollywood Bowl") and then a few months later at the "Del Mar Fairgrounds" in 1997. I was astounded at just how powerful Mark, Don, & Mel were (with a little help from a "behind the curtain" guitar/keys "sideman"). Perhaps better than ever. Many people have forgotten that there were essentially two G.F.R.'s. I don't think many of the fans would argue that the early "Live Album" era band was about as raw and heavy as anything of the day (I defy anyone to tell me Live Albums "Paranoid" is any less heavy than say Sabbath's "Iron Man"). The post "Phoenix" (album) "G.F." became a much more polished and some would say "pop rock" sounding group and while certainly it was their most successful, chart topping era it probably cost them some of their "hard rock" credibility. However if "Gold and Platinum" records, gross concert receipts, and ability to influence legions of young kids to pick up instruments and start wailing away then you have to elect them and their exclusion reeks of nothing more than sour grapes. I live on the West Coast and don't get to Ohio very often nonetheless on the two occasions I've been right there I just walked right on by and will continue to do so until "the hall" corrects some of it's more grotesque omissions.

Posted by Rudy Jones on Tuesday, 04.8.14 @ 20:02pm

GFR deserve consideration. they sold millions of albums, wrote some great tunes, a few which are still on oldies playlists, Mark Farner had some of the best pipes on radio, Don & mel were one of the heaviest players around. gave some of the best concerts of their day, They should not be ignored any more!

Posted by bondo on Thursday, 06.26.14 @ 10:12am

rrhof is a sham!

Posted by bondo on Thursday, 06.26.14 @ 10:15am

Getting Closer to My Home - they gotta get a home in Cleveland's Rock Museum or bulldoze it into the lake. I'm Your Captain. do it!

Posted by bubba on Monday, 07.28.14 @ 16:55pm

They should have been in a long time ago. I read an article where someone affiliated with the HOF said they didn't influence people enough. WTF??? Their music is still listened to 45 years later. One of the best bands ever. If you want to hear funk, soul and rock combined, they are as good as it gets. As for "not technically proficient" as I have seen written, no concert attendee would agree. I grew up in the 70's and still have Grand Funk in my blood. Put them in or close the doors.

Posted by Debra on Friday, 09.5.14 @ 22:16pm

Are you kidding me? The Beastie Boys are in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Grand Funk Railroad isn't?? Mark, Don and Mel?? Who can even tell you the names of the Beastie Boys??/ What kind of political BS is this??? There is not one nominee this year that deserves to be in there before Grand Funk Railroad!

Posted by Scott Hoyt on Saturday, 10.18.14 @ 17:49pm

Are you kidding me? The Beastie Boys are in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Grand Funk Railroad isn't?? Mark, Don and Mel?? Who can even tell you the names of the Beastie Boys??/ What kind of political BS is this??? There is not one nominee this year that deserves to be in there before Grand Funk Railroad!

Posted by Scott Hoyt on Saturday, 10.18.14 @ 17:51pm

Ad-Rock, MCA, and Mike D
I'm pretty sure more people can name the members of the Beastie Boys than name the members of Grand Funk Railrod. Also the Beastie Boys are much more significant than Grand Funk Railroad, I would be suprised if Grand Funk was in and the Beasties were not.

Posted by Ryan on Saturday, 10.18.14 @ 18:30pm

We're used to seeing silly ass comparisons every year about this time, but Grand Funk Railroad as the high bar and Beastie Boys as the low bar? I'll just assume that that post was intended as parody, but Madonna or "Rap" in general were recognized as too cliche.

Posted by DarinRG on Sunday, 10.19.14 @ 05:40am

Here it is 6 years later. There is still no response from the so called "Hall of Fame." After another 6 years of analysis, it goes to show you that it is not ".....of the people, by the people and for the people." It is about ego-centered politics. I ask you at the "Hall" many live bands have you seen and have you seen GFR at least twice?" Seems like a fair question. If not, you are NOT qualified. Any of us out here who are music freaks, know that
this is/was the first band to have 10 platinum albums in a row. Are we all stupid? NO!!! Some of us even have doctoral degrees. We also know that a large portion of bands don't even come close to the stage presence of GFR. NOT CLOSE. I could go on........long live Grand Funk Railroad!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The true American Band!!!!!

Posted by Allan W. Crummett on Saturday, 11.1.14 @ 13:07pm

I saw GRAND FUNK in West Germany in 1974. The show was worth more than the 30Marks I paid. Put them in the hall.

Posted by Dennis Holiday on Sunday, 08.28.16 @ 19:05pm

Just listen to Inside Looking Out. That song is crazy good. GFR hasn't even been nominated?!? Disgraceful.

Posted by David C. on Saturday, 12.31.16 @ 07:20am

I visited the hall of fame this past summer and could't believe that Grand Funk wasn't even mentioned in the midwest section of rock performers. Are you kidding me! The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
no makes no sense.

Posted by Rick on Sunday, 12.10.17 @ 13:07pm

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