Gram Parsons

Not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Eligible since: 1992 (The 1993 Induction Ceremony)

Nominated in: 2002   2004   2005   

Previously Considered? Yes  what's this?

Inducted into Rock Hall Projected in 2014 (ranked #182) .

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Safe At Home (1967)
GP (1973)
Grievous Angel (1974)

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Return Of The Grievous Angel (1974)
$1000 Wedding (1974)

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Will Gram Parsons be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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Invented country-rock

Posted by Velvet Tim on Thursday, 03.15.07 @ 17:57pm

Belongs... undoubtedly

Posted by Chalkie on Monday, 09.24.07 @ 16:33pm

OH MOY GOODNESS!!!! He should've been in a long time ago!!!!

Posted by Robert Bock on Tuesday, 10.2.07 @ 09:54am

HOW HAS HE BEEN OVERLOOKED? He was the father of country rock, and all who came after him like the Eagles, Poco and other 70's artists were definitely influenced by his sound.

Posted by greg on Saturday, 01.5.08 @ 13:22pm

For his contributions to the Byrds, The Flying Burrito Brothers, his famous influences on the Rolling Stones. His friendship with Keith Richards and giving Emmylou Harris her first big break. Last but not least, his tragic rock star death at age 26 and the famous story of how Phil Kauffman stole his body and burned it in the desert. That my friends has all the makings of a Rock and Roll legend.

Posted by LJ on Thursday, 02.14.08 @ 23:44pm

He'll probably get in, but alot of his contemporaries feel he really wasted his talent thru uncontrolled partying (when David Crosby thinks you're partying too much, then you probably are) and they also resented his 'trust fund baby' status & money (before they all became millionaires, anyway).

Posted by Paul in KY on Monday, 03.17.08 @ 10:26am

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is Nothing but some cheap racket. When a talentless slug like Madonaa goes in before a real musician Gram Parsons there's truly something wrong. I used to sort of respect these people at the hall but they've been exposed. Just like everything else in music, they've been exposed

Posted by rosalind on Tuesday, 08.11.09 @ 00:58am

Even though I thinks he got inducted with The Byrds he should be in by himself or The Flying Burrito Brothers.

Posted by Joe on Tuesday, 11.17.09 @ 18:10pm

Gram Parsons, either in Burrito Brothers or ala carte, should not be in the HOF. Close, but no cigar.

Lots of talent, but was mostly a wastrel during his life. Not someone you want to celebrate, IMO.

Posted by Paul in KY on Wednesday, 11.18.09 @ 06:11am

GP gets my vote

Posted by Francesco Di Pacelli on Saturday, 12.19.09 @ 18:36pm

You can't keep Gram out of the Rock HOF because he partied too much. Where do you draw the line and call it "too much?" His influence was far greater than some others already in the HOF (like some of the one-hit wonders inexplicably in there). He should definitely be in!

Posted by christopher horner on Monday, 08.9.10 @ 19:23pm

It's not even a question of if they can let so and so in...just listen to his music. He pretty much single handedly pushed the Byrds into doing an all country album "Sweet Heart of the Rodeo". He also influenced so many other artists in the HOF or eligible such as the Eagles. He had great songs with the International Submarine Band too. There are many in the RnR HOF who had country influences. He lived and died the RnR lifestyle. You don't just get to hang around with 'Keef to the point of living with the Stones. Only trouble who can really accept the award for Gram? I really don't see anyone who can. Perhaps the Rnr HOF isn't good enough for him...

Posted by Billy Bogart on Sunday, 09.19.10 @ 22:51pm

Only trouble who can really accept the award for Gram? I really don't see anyone who can. Perhaps the Rnr HOF isn't good enough for him...

Posted by Billy Bogart on Sunday, 09.19.10 @ 22:51pm

Hell, I'll go accept the damn thing if they do right and give him the nod.

Posted by DarinRG on Sunday, 09.19.10 @ 23:24pm

Keith Richards idolized him! That is enough of a compliment to get him in.

Posted by Barry on Wednesday, 12.15.10 @ 12:20pm

Even though I thinks he got inducted with The Byrds he should be in by himself or The Flying Burrito Brothers.

Posted by Joe on Tuesday, 11.17.09 @ 18:10pm

Gram Parsons was not inducted with The Byrds. He wasn't with them long enough.

Posted by Roy on Friday, 04.22.11 @ 09:07am

His induction should have been a no brainer. Is the RRHOF going to wait for EmmyLou Harris to die before voting him in? That would be a real loss- and STUPID!

Posted by Skip on Thursday, 11.17.11 @ 05:24am

There are alot of artists who knew him (and several of these are in the Hall) who just didn't like him.

That's probably what is keeping him out.

From my standpoint, 'Sweetheart of the Rodeo' wasn't anywhere near being the best Byrds album. It's a good album, but nothing spectacular.

Posted by Paul in KY on Thursday, 11.17.11 @ 07:53am

RIP Chris Ethridge

Posted by Aaron O'Donnell on Monday, 04.23.12 @ 22:10pm

Yes, his work probably reflected only a portion of what he was capable of -considering how wasted he usually was. And I get it - more serious musicians were led down a crazy, sometimes unreliable GP trail when working - that could be annoying. But when you consider his influence to both future bands and existing powerhouse bands - how he was able to impart his vision and passion into so many sounds - all in less than 10 years of work... His influence is too big to ignore.

And he has a daughter who would lovingly accept on his behalf.


Posted by T-Bone on Wednesday, 05.30.12 @ 09:03am

For the record, 'Safe at Home' is the International Submarine Band, not a Gram Parsons solo album. A correction is needed. If you're going to induct a second Gram Parsons album G.P. is the best (and only, really) option.

Posted by Chalkie on Monday, 12.24.12 @ 23:23pm

Yeah,perhaps the Rnr HOF isn't good enough for him.
Oh, come on...everybody knows his enormous influence on too many rock and country rock stars nowadays! Besides that his own lifestyle was too rock and roll as everybody knows!!! But maybe Chris Hillman is right: Why not to induct the original Flying Burrito Brothers?

Luiz Byrds
(from Brazil)

Posted by Luiz Byrds on Saturday, 02.23.13 @ 04:54am

GP was a Rock & Roll legend! Great music, greater influence and flamed out (literally) in true rock star style!

One of the biggest omissions to the RRHOF.

Posted by Bob L on Monday, 09.29.14 @ 18:01pm

On Gram Parsons:I wonder if they would ever have a joint Gram Parsons/Emmylou Harris nomination. Both artists are deserving on their own merit but like a political ticket...This would be strengthened and a slam dunk inductee. Think Love Hurts one of the most incredible duets I've heard. Love Emmylou Harris and her silver-white hair and talent.

Really with Gram Parsons death 40 yrs ago, there is no rush to induct him. Harris is very much alive and could expedite the process on a joint nomination. Gram fans and FRL regulars! What would you say about this possibility? KING

Posted by KING on Wednesday, 09.30.15 @ 18:13pm

KING, I'm on record explaining why I think Mr. Parsons will not be inducted till many current members of HOF have passed on.

Don't know if my comments are in this particular thread or not.

Posted by Paul in KY on Thursday, 10.1.15 @ 07:15am

I have always been a die hard Byrds fanatic and unlike others my age (14) was thoroughly taken in by Sweetheart of the Rodeo. I was a kid from Minneapolis who fell in love with the Byrds version of You Ain't Goin 'Nowhere and then moved on to Hickory Wind trying to find out more about Parsons. I got turned on to the Burritos soon after and saw the original band in concert at the Union Bar here in town. I was MEVER into Eagles or any of the crap and when he teamed up with Emmy Lou, it was sublimb. Grevious Angel is one of me favorite albums. I still listen to it. I've been in bands all my life and they always include a "girl" singer whom I can duet with. Long live G.P. my biggest influence in music.

Posted by Jim Fuller on Sunday, 12.3.17 @ 14:19pm

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