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Eligible in: 2028 (The 2029 Induction Ceremony)

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Will From First to Last be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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From First to Last rox my sox ! They deserve to be in the r&r hall of fame!

Posted by PERSON on Sunday, 05.13.07 @ 10:49am

This, like MCR, will be another fight.
Personally, I'm a huge FFTL fan. Even after Sonny left, I still love them.
There are things I hate about them. Like them being continuously labeled as "emo"
I never really thought they were. Though some lyrics are.
But then again, lyrics from almost every band/singer or even some rap artists can be considered "emo" if they're even slightly depressed.
Thats just the age we live in. You're either an Abercrombie prep, or an emo kid who cuts themselves.
But I digress. I still say they should be in

Posted by Karli on Sunday, 07.15.07 @ 19:27pm

There's no doubt FFTL are amazing. None at all. It's a shame Sonny left, his vocals were awesome. But still, they're great. One of the few bands left who can REALLY play their instruments. I'm not exactly sure they've done some influencing though...

Posted by Demet on Thursday, 04.3.08 @ 22:51pm

OMG they so should they are the best bnad in the world they were better with sonny though but still

Posted by alliosn on Thursday, 10.2.08 @ 06:57am

What the hell is this shit?

The group sucks

Posted by Eight E. One on Thursday, 10.2.08 @ 15:33pm

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