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Will Foghat be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
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foghat is way over due, its a shame the hall can't even see that this group is the ultimate rock and roll show and that rock and roll is about having a good time and this is what this band is all about having a good time. when people think foghat we think fun and good time rock and roll style. the hall is blind but im keeping my figers crossed for lonesome dave and rod price. the old saying better late than never.

Posted by tommy on Thursday, 03.29.07 @ 12:29pm

People who say "rock is about this or that" just don't get it.

Posted by William on Thursday, 03.29.07 @ 15:45pm

Foghat? Foghat?!
C'Mon, whhen Foghat gets in, lets just put Lazer Floyd by itself and Blue Man Group, and like Naked Women on Stage in. Its a freakin' show! Without drugs, there music is not Hall worthy.

Posted by Holty on Friday, 06.22.07 @ 18:32pm

How they forget. Foghat was a great blues-rock band, the kind of music long forgotten by the new generation of doofuses.

Posted by Travis Bickel on Thursday, 07.19.07 @ 15:45pm

The Hat evolved out of Savoy Brown and brought British Blues and Boogie to the Radio. They were great musicians and showmen having filled arena after arena in the mid to late 70s and scored several gold and platinum discs. They remained true to the Blues throughout their career and have a very loyal following of those who love true R&R and Boogie Blues.

Posted by Frank Russo on Sunday, 03.23.08 @ 08:53am

Sometimes I think the RNRHOF wouldnt know rock and roll if it came up and smacked them with a stratocaster, Foghat carved out a niche in plain 3 chord rock with something going on in the background, more musical chops and riffs you could throw a stick at. Nothing against folks like Bjork or the Pet Shop Boys but I doubt either will still be on the radio in ten yrs yet foghat songs will blast out of some kids Ipod and it will start all over again....

Posted by Mtnbiker on Thursday, 09.11.08 @ 20:42pm

You forgot the part where those songs that are played on the radio aren't innovative, bluesy hard rock was still quite popular when they came along and as far as I'm aware their influence is limited. Sorry, no dice.

Posted by Sam on Sunday, 02.14.10 @ 15:51pm

foghat kicked ASS miss you lonesome dave and rod the bottle price

Posted by mike on Monday, 06.14.10 @ 13:17pm

Well Sam (from post on 2/14/10) Foghat was the driving force of blues/rock while most other bands just went commercial.

The song Night Shift alone should be enough to get them in.

Many of their songs were very catchy and had that hook, that would just get your foot tapping.

Their albums were far from boring (like many in the Hall of Fame now) with songs that rocked hard to some wonderful blues ballads.

This great band toured all the time, and was a dynamic tight live act.

Many bands couldn't hold a candle live to Foghat.

Oh, and the late Rod Price was as good as it got on lead guitar.

Posted by Karl on Wednesday, 12.15.10 @ 22:02pm

"Foghat was the driving force of blues/rock while most other bands just went commercial"

I have nothing against Foghat, but don't you think Aerosmith (in the 70's, before they went commercial in the 80's) or Zeppelin or ZZ Top have a better claim to that?

Still, it's refreshing to read a more substantial argument. They do have some kick-ass songs.

Posted by Sam on Friday, 12.31.10 @ 05:32am

Foghat is my favourtie group, is a great band, but, no's famous. They have released many albums, grats albums, as Foghat Live, Fool For The City and more.
unfortunately not recognized

Posted by Pablo Bustos on Sunday, 01.9.11 @ 15:04pm

Mtnbiker, something tells me that in 10 years Bjork and the Pet Shop Boys will be much more widely heard than foghat apart from classic rock stations.

Posted by GFW on Tuesday, 04.12.11 @ 10:39am

Foghat should have went in the hall in 1997. And anyone that doesnt think so, doesnt know their ass from their elbow about rock music or any kind of music for that matter.Don't believe me, listen to Foghat Live LOUD

Posted by Brad on Saturday, 06.23.12 @ 20:19pm

Great loud band. Besides the three radio hits they are mostly known for, they also had some great albums. Stone Blue, Energizer, night shift and Rock n Roll outlaws. Wild Cherry is a wonderful upbeat song that should be played loud while getting it on with a girlfriend. But that is just my opinion. Boogie Motel was another great album because of the different types of music the ban displayed on that record. A great boogie rock, jam band. Listen to their later live albums in the nineties, and they just jam even better. At the end of the really long songs such as Drivin' wheel, Stone Blue, Sweet Home Chicago, Honey Hush and Slow Ride they knew how to end those eight minutes or more musical workout numbers. I know this because each song ended different from the other if you listen to the ending licks and riffs. I think that is pretty impressive. I wish i seen them live, but youtube is alright. I didnt start listening to classic rock until 1991 and then blues (besides SRV) until 1999. Glad i expanded my musical tastes, because Johnny Winter has been the guitarist i like the best since 99. Back to the main subject, there was a reason why i had a cheap five dollar headphones plugged in a cheap thirty dollar boombox. So i could jam to FOGHAT while walking to labor ready or to the bar. So HEll yes they belong in the hall of fame. I think they should have another hall of fame. Strictly for classic rock, heavy metal and blues members only. That would produce much better satisfying results as many legendary artists will be inducted in this new class in the first five years. Rock On!

Posted by Chad N on Thursday, 10.27.16 @ 16:05pm

They're a great band, but not HOF-worthy, sorry.

Posted by Barry on Friday, 09.8.17 @ 13:31pm

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