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Will FireHouse be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
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It only seems like yesterday when these guys came out they were a pretty big thing for a while I remember Love Of A Lifetime practically being all over the radio.

Posted by DL on Wednesday, 06.4.08 @ 10:28am

FireHouse was hair metal's last hurrah before riding off into the sunset. There weren't too many good musical memories of the 90's but seeing these guys win the '92 American Music award for best new rock band over those faggy grunge bands was awesome. A nice welcome FU to the city of Seattle.

Posted by Randy on Saturday, 03.14.09 @ 00:30am

I like Firehouse, but let's be realistic: most of what they did, or at least became famous for, were power ballads. They were a cross between Poison and REO Speedwagon. The real rocking stuff, like "Reach For The Sky," was kept from the limelight in favor of the flamethrowing-torch songs.

Posted by Philip on Saturday, 03.14.09 @ 00:50am

Yes They Do desrve it. they were truly a great band indeed. so i'm hoping these guys get in if they dont i think the hall of fame should be ashamed of theirselves.

Posted by James on Tuesday, 07.20.10 @ 15:50pm

It's amazing they were able to able to keep their closet homosexuality a secret for so long, especially when the entire band was gay. Guess it goes to show when a band starts making some bucks the record companies will work to cover up anything. They were like the Rock Hudson of hair metal.

Posted by Vince on Wednesday, 11.3.10 @ 15:31pm

where did you get that information from? on the wikipedia page for all the members it says they are married with children.

Posted by Brian on Wednesday, 11.3.10 @ 16:04pm

Clearly, as with most things in life, timing is important. If they would have came out 5yrs sooner, they would have been really big. Top level talent. Singer with truly amazing range, excellent guitarist, some really good songs. The ones they rocked on, like Shake and Tumble, Lovers Lane, Reach For The Sky were great. More talent than many of the 80s big bands like Poison and Warrent, and of course way above most 90s bands. Poor timing.

Posted by Eddie dobz on Thursday, 02.2.12 @ 21:41pm

Shows how much credibility the American Music Awards ever had if these guys beat Alice in Chains and Nirvana. I'm sure neither band ever even took note of their 'loss,' they were too busy changing the world.

Posted by Sunking278 on Wednesday, 04.24.13 @ 03:44am

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