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Will Dr. Hook be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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It was more pop than rock, but they did make some interesting music, and they did make the Cover of the Rolling Stone...

Posted by Joe on Wednesday, 03.21.07 @ 13:37pm

Of course they are going to the "Hall of fame"
They were a part of our childhood here in Europe.
Sylvias mother
Cover of Rolling stone
Wonderful soupstone
Only sxteen
A little bit more
Wak right in
Sexy eyes
When your in love with a beutiful woman
Baby makes her blue jeans talk

and Ray Sawyers "rock and roll" way of beeing a wonderful human beeing.
He`s a real rock and roller !!!!!!!

Posted by Bjørn Tore Christiansen on Friday, 01.11.08 @ 16:33pm

what a stupid question! drhook and the boys payved the way for everybody !!! of course drhook will be inducted god bless

Posted by daniel bice on Friday, 01.18.08 @ 20:56pm

They had better be...and I would just love to see them all together again! Maybe if they were inducted they would all be together to accept. One can only hope.

Posted by Kelly on Wednesday, 02.13.08 @ 18:39pm

Very little contribution...sorry!!! I think I saw their picture on a milk carton a while ago...or was it in the post office???

Posted by Terry on Wednesday, 02.13.08 @ 20:32pm

I saw today that Madonna is going to be inducted this year. So mindless dance music wins over music with lyrical merit? Kiss It Away is amazing and has true staying power as does the entire album it came off of.

Posted by Paula on Saturday, 06.21.08 @ 21:31pm

Sylvia's Mother is great song

Posted by Sylvia'S dad on Wednesday, 08.20.08 @ 11:35am

Bjorn u forgot "making it natural"

Posted by ? on Wednesday, 08.20.08 @ 11:37am

Just got their greatest hits album. Some pretty good songs on it. 'Cover of the Rolling Stone' (IMO) is not one of their best songs. It's a 'ditty' song & you know how I feel about those ;-)

If I had to put them in a genre, I would say they were 'country-motown'.

With all these other great bands that haven't got in yet, I don't see them getting in for a long time (if ever).

Posted by Paul in KY on Monday, 10.27.08 @ 06:51am

Dr. Hook is all about the 70s & the mainstreaming of hippiedom.

The hair kept becoming shorter, the beards a little more shaven, the Fender Rhodes replaced the Hammond and Dr. Hook rode it all to the bank.

I do really like "A Little Bit More":

"When your body's had enough of me and I'm layin flat out on the floor

When you think I've loved you all I can I'm gonna love you a little bit more"

Great makeout tune.

Posted by Arrow Man on Wednesday, 09.30.09 @ 23:43pm

They got on the Cover of Rolling Stone because of the song, and probably because the magazine's publisher like the irony.

They actually had two really good Shel Silverstein novelty songs but it should have ended there.

Their later music was emotionless MOR wallpaper. They'll get in about the same Lobo gets in, ie, never.

If anything, his stuff was catchier.

Posted by Mike on Monday, 03.15.10 @ 19:44pm

this band should have been in long before now....and certainly long before michael jackson, that is for sure....he never even played an instrument....in my opinion he had no talent whatsoever......these guy played instruments and could really sing....i saw them the 1st time in 1975 and have seen them about 15 times since then....i have actually sat down and talked to Ray Sawyer [Dr. Hook] many times and he is a very shy,humble person off stage....a very well mannered gentleman......now in his early 70's i think he and his band should be able to enjoy what all the other musicians have enjoyed who have already been inducted while they are still living...they fought to get their pic on the cover of the Roling Stone in the early 70's and now i am fighting for them to be inducted into the R&R HOF in 2010 where they belong.....all of you who love Dr. Hook songs help me out and put this band where they belong while they are still alive....

Posted by timmy on Sunday, 03.21.10 @ 12:09pm

Dr Hook is the greatest band of the 70's and 80's Put them in the rock of roll hall of fame.Thats it thats all

Posted by Rick on Sunday, 01.2.11 @ 17:53pm

They'll probably never get in (nor do I know if they should, anybody know anybody who cites them as an influence?) but "Sylvia's Mother" and "Cover of the Rolling Stone" will always be awesome.

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Wednesday, 01.19.11 @ 13:36pm

....still laughing out loud that the hall even considered them. Was Jann Wenner that flattered that they sang a song about his magazine? Was Shel Silverstein on the comittee at one time?

Actually, the Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show album wasn't bad, but whoever made the comment about them mainstreaming hippiedom was right on the money. "Freakin' at the freakers' ball"!

After shortening their name to Dr. Hook, they lost whatever marginal musical punch they might have had, and became one of many, many reasons NOT to listen to top 40 or MOR radio in the mid-late '70s. Right up there with Pablo Cruise and Shaun Cassidy *rolls eyes*

Posted by Mike Scott on Wednesday, 02.2.11 @ 11:44am

If the Hall ever does decide to recognize those who were more primarily AC, unfortunately, they'll probably go with Dr. Hook before the Carpenters... as you said, because Jann's so flattered by their pandering to him.

Posted by Philip on Wednesday, 02.2.11 @ 12:29pm

Dr. Hook is an interesting band, mainly because they were essentially two different bands, Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show and Dr. Hook.

Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show were a great band, basically a freak folk/hardcore hippie ensemble in the tradition of Ed Sanders and Tuli Kupferberg and the Fugs. This was the "Makin' it Natural" and "Acapulco Goldie" Dr. Hook. At some point, the band effectively became the definition of the mainstream emergence of hippiedom. It wasn't shortly thereafter when they dropped the "Medicine Show" label and transformed into more of an "easy listening/mainstream pop" Adult Contemporary act.

This later metamorphosis/incarnation of Dr. Hook will probably damage any chances they have of getting in the Hall, even if they made Jann Wenner blush it still won't be enough. Maybe getting on the cover of the Rolling Stone, but not in the Hall of Fame.

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Monday, 12.26.11 @ 15:01pm

C'mon. These guys had a lot of hits and good songs that were not exactly hits. They deserve the RRHF as much as some of the ones I didn't give a crap about.

Posted by Bob on Friday, 10.4.13 @ 20:23pm

There are too many that are NOT Rock and Roll already in there. Obviously they are "political" choices not for their influence or chart toppers but for their PC appeal.

Posted by Bob on Friday, 03.28.14 @ 21:02pm

"Obviously they are "political" choices not for their influence or chart toppers but for their PC appeal."

Oh, do elaborate!

Posted by GFW on Friday, 03.28.14 @ 22:53pm

Hang on, I wanna make some popcorn and cocoa first before storytime starts.

What? It's been rainy lately, and I want cocoa! And my Spartans just buzzed past Virginia, while the Wolverines just downed the Volunteers. It's been a great day for the Great Lake State.

Posted by Philip on Saturday, 03.29.14 @ 00:45am

Love Dr Hook, before and after medicine show. Saw them live in Cairns Australia 30 years ago and flew 1200klms to see the show in Sydney 2 weeks ago. Dennis is a legend and the music is so much loved 30 years later. Please give them the honour of being in the Hall of Fame for their music, their fans and the fact that it has lasted thru 40 years. If you could have seen the sold out shows, love of the audience who sang along to every song you can't say no.

Posted by Sandy Cullen on Wednesday, 06.7.17 @ 08:33am

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