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Eligible in: 2034 (The 2035 Induction Ceremony)

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Saw these nuts close the Perry Stage at Lolla & then again playing opposite Tool at Voodoo Fest.

They are a rap/rave act that consists of 2 rapper/singers & a DJ. The DJ is called 'God' & the 2 rappers are a 40ish white guy called Ninja & a 30ish white woman called Yolande. They all hail from South Africa & espouse the lifestyle they call 'ZEF'.

ZEF seems to consist of having lots of sex, dancing & drinking & smoking dope. At Lolla they had a very elaborate stage to work with & they went all out. I had already seen LCD Soundsystem, so I decided to close Lolla with these folks. The stage was packed to the gills & by dint of supreme effort, I was able to get to about 25th row & right near the center spine that ran back to sound tent. I probably took 50 pics of set & only 4 came out decent. There was so much fog (Empire of the Sun level), and they were moving around so much & the crowd was jostling me so much that pic after pic sucked.

The person who makes it go is Yolande. I describe her as like Smurfette on angel dust. She has to be about 4'10" & sounds like a 10 year old girl. Her lyrics are most definitely adult. They has videos playing all during set & most were very risque.

At Voodoo they toned it down alot. Crowd much less, as most were at Tool. Certainly a must-see-live act.

Posted by Paul in KY on Saturday, 11.19.16 @ 13:24pm

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