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Will Dennis DeYoung be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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Dennis Should go in with STYX.

Posted by Sherri on Tuesday, 01.9.07 @ 08:01am

my commemnt is that dennis deyoung is not coming back to styx any more he has a brand new styx now with new band of styx with his wife suzanne deyoung and crew alissa eversole

Posted by alissa eversole on Sunday, 03.18.07 @ 19:48pm

Dennis DeYoung, Corey Hart, Ready For The World, Survivor, 50 Cent...
Perhaps the Hall of Fame could build a wing devoted to the Collection of Crap, where visitors could fling hard objects at life-sized effigies of music "criminals". A direct hit to the head of the music sodomites would reward the visitor by temporarily silencing the insidious tape loop playing "Oh Sheila", "In da club" or "Don't Let it End".
Which is the more pretentious of these two rock operas: "Kilroy Was Here" or "2112"?

Posted by shawn on Monday, 05.14.07 @ 11:11am

Kilroy takes that by a country mile. Just read the liner notes...

T H E P A S T "Dr. Everett Righteous, founder and leader of the MMM (the Majority for Musical Morality) became influential in American politics through the use of his own cable/TV network. He spoke about the evils of Rock 'N Roll Music and how its permissive attitudes were responsible for the moral and economic decline of America. He was charismatic, entertaining, and above all, he understood the media. The MMM soon gained enough power to have Rock N Roll banned."

"Robert Orin Charles Kilroy was a world famous Rock N Roll star. As this new law was passed, Kilroy and his band were finishing a national tour. Their last performance at the Paradise Theater would serve as the test case. On the night of the concert, as Kilroy played to a packed house, the MMM marched in and stormed the stage. When it was over, a MMM protester was dead. Kilroy was convicted of the murder and sent to a prison ship with other Rock N Roll misfits."

T H E P R E S E N T "... is a future where Japanese manufactured robots, designed to work cheaply and endlessly, are the caretakers of society. Mr. Robotos are everywhere, serving as manual labor in jobs that were once held by humans."

"Dr. Righteous enforces his own morality by holding nightly rallies where crowds hurl Rock N Roll records and electric guitars into huge bonfires. Jonathan Chance, the rebel leader of an underground movement to bring back Rock N Roll, has made Kilroy the symbol of his cause. Meanwhile, Kilroy has spent a number of years in prison. With no hope of release, he is subjected to the humiliation of mind control via the MMM cable network. In an attempt to contact Kilroy, Jonathan jams the airwaves of the MMM network, replacing a mind control session with outlawed footage of a Kilroy concert. Inspired by Jonathan's message, Kilroy plots his escape. Late one night he makes a daring attempt to free himself by overpowering a Roboto guard. Disguised as a Roboto, Kilroy moves freely throughout the city leaving graffiti coded messages for Jonathan. Jonathan discovers the rock code which leads him to the old Paradise Theater, now the site of Dr. Righteous Museum of Rock Pathology. There he sees the last Kilroy concert mechanically depicted by Kilroy look alike robots as the violent end of Rock N Roll... and there he and Kilroy meet for the first time."

there's nothing worse than someone who is both pretentious AND bad at what he does. Dennis should be the charter member of the Idiotic Blowhard Hall.

Posted by Kit on Thursday, 05.24.07 @ 19:46pm

(Laughing my ass off as I read Kilroy...)
OH MY GOD! Back in '83 when I was just an oblivious highschooler I knew there was something disfunctional about this record, but I never knew the whole awfulness of it. Holy shit that reeks!

Robert Orin Charles Kilroy--- R.O.C.K.!!!
How would Dennis DeYoung pitch this Buck Rogers meets Tommy to a record label and actually get them to say, Yes... I can see this working! Here's your money." And didn't just ONE of his bandmates see this hammy awkwardness and say, "Uh Dennis... this is poop on a stick,man. Just...really bad? Just one of 'em?

Styx must never, ever, ever be let near the Hall.

Posted by shawn mc on Thursday, 05.24.07 @ 20:06pm

Just imagine the poor people who pay for some balls-out rock and/or roll (and Styx had an improbably reputation as hard rockers), and instead get Tommy Shaw saying "But Roboto, what about the young people of the world?" for thirty minute.

Posted by Kit on Thursday, 05.24.07 @ 20:44pm

Clearly you guys just don't get, probably because it goes way over your heads!! If anyone is "prententious" it's you "Oh, I'm so above it all" blow hards.

The Hall without Dennis and Styx is a joke.

Posted by Jack on Tuesday, 10.23.07 @ 19:56pm

It's too bad that Styx deteriorated over time the way they did. They were going along good till DeYoung started to intellectualize everything. Just listened to their original "Best Of.." album not too long ago from the days when JY was callin the plays.
That stuff ROCKS, man.

Posted by SG on Sunday, 10.28.07 @ 00:13am

I agree that DeYoung should not be in the HOF (at least not before Styx), but I will say this much for him--he IS amusing.

I attended a free city fair concert of his last summer. Early in the concert, after about the third song, he began talking (monologue approximate):

"I would just like to know, of all of you, how many are seeing me live for the very first time?"

(Approximately two-thirds of the crowd raised their hands, clapped, or other such.)

"Where the heck have you been?! I'm in my FIFTIES!"

(Not quite true--if Wikipedia's account of his DOB is correct, he had recently turned sixty at that point.)

"One thing--the ONLY thing--that is good about being my age--you don't have to be cool anymore. It's too late for that. Under this vest," pointing to mid-chest," my pants are up to here!"

No, he doesn't belong in the hall. It still gave middle-aged me a good laugh!

Posted by Joe on Sunday, 12.23.07 @ 22:05pm

No dennis deyoung will never get in. Styx was once a great band until his ego took over and ruined one of my favorite prog rock bands. Their still trying to recover from their downfall after the embarrassing Kilroy album. Poor tommy shaw and j.y , they must still be suffering after all those years with that twit deyoung, Bless their hearts!!

Posted by bill on Thursday, 03.13.08 @ 01:05am

Dennis DeYoung is Styx,top 10 vocals of our time.Hall of fame yes!!! I saw him in 1977 and they sounded just like the alblum. It was #1 on my all-time list.Saw him in July 08 the music of Styx,Excellent voice at the age of 61,sounded the same as he did in 1977. Any one out there any better at his age,I dont think so. PS listen to his replacement,then Dennis DeYoung....DeYoung blows him out of the water. I rest my case.

Posted by Dennis E Olson on Monday, 07.28.08 @ 23:28pm

Oh I get it, it's a running gag, see. We just went from SP, and now to DDY. Har dee har har.

Posted by Philip on Tuesday, 07.29.08 @ 00:45am

No one can deny that DeYoung is a great vocalist. He is definetely one of Rock's all time greatest singers.

Posted by Joe-Skee on Tuesday, 07.29.08 @ 13:26pm

Whether one agrees or not is not the issue. It is the samething for Steve Perry from Journey. If their respective bands are not being inducted, there is no chance that their solo careers will get them in.

I don't think the HoF cares much about actual talent; I think it is more about what you do with that talent.

As guitarists, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Buckethead, Magmsteen (whatever his name is) and a few others are exceptional, but will the Hall let them in as solo artists? Seeing how the HoF have failed on so many other levels, I don't see them inducting these individuals just because they can play their instrument.

Patti Smiths vocal talents are pretty much null and void. I mean, Patti can't touch Pat Benetar or Ann Wilson when it comes to vocal abilities, but that didn't impede her entrance. Why - because Patti is credited with having a major influence on the Punk and Alternative scene.

DDY has no business being in the HoF as a solo artist. But that is just my opinion. Besides, Mr. Roboto alone should kill any good will DDY has with anyone on the HoF committee.

Posted by Dameon on Tuesday, 07.29.08 @ 14:09pm

I suppose we will start discussing Lou Gramm next, since Steve Perry and Dennis DeYoung have been.

Posted by Brian on Tuesday, 07.29.08 @ 16:32pm

Don't even say that Brian.

Posted by Dameon on Tuesday, 07.29.08 @ 17:48pm

"Besides, Mr. Roboto alone should kill any good will DDY has with anyone on the HoF committee."- Dameon

DDY has one of the most recognizable voices ever, but you're absolutely right...that was AWFUL!!!!


Posted by Gitarzan on Tuesday, 07.29.08 @ 19:17pm

Or how about Ric Ocasek or Glenn Frey or Peter Wolf or John Waite or Lindsey Buckingham. We might as well discuss every lead singer who had a couple of solo hits.

Posted by Brian on Tuesday, 07.29.08 @ 20:06pm

...or not!! Besides that, Buckingham and Frey are already inducted with their respective bands, as they should be.

Posted by Gitarzan on Tuesday, 07.29.08 @ 21:21pm

The Cars (Ocasek) and The J. Geils Band (Wolf), IMO do deserve serious consideration into the HoF. But this lead singer syndrome needs to stop here.

Posted by Dameon on Wednesday, 07.30.08 @ 05:04am

Unfortunately the lead singer syndrome won't stop anytime soon. As a matter of fact it's only going to get more complicated. In 2010 David Lee Roth will be up. Even though most of us know (at least I think we do) that DLR on't be getting in solo, it'll keep the debate going. In 2011 Bob Geldof is up, and you know he's going in, though it won't be his career doing the talking here. In 2012 you'll have Boy George, Lou Gramm, and Henry Rollins, all together. Talk about a unique trio - LOL!

Posted by Cheesecrop on Wednesday, 07.30.08 @ 05:32am

I don't see it. It is pretty clear to me - DLR, Geldorf, Boy G., Henry Rollins are not getting in because they don't cut the mustard. Their bands did, they didn't. But let's stick with the Lead Singer syndrome for a moment.

How should we define Alice Cooper? As a band who recorded some of the best Shock/Hard Rock in the early 1970's or as a solo performer who had a massive concept album (Welcome to My Nightmare), but who has now become more or less a characture of himself? He is someone who is completely respected by all Hard Rock and RnR muscians. What kills me is neither entity has been inducted yet, and until that happens, those other clowns should not even be in the discussion.

Posted by Dameon on Wednesday, 07.30.08 @ 06:20am

I wasn't actually serious about putting all these lead singers in as solo artists. I was merely making a point about the Steve Perry conversations.

Posted by Brian on Wednesday, 07.30.08 @ 10:36am

I Know Brian - but it was a good staging point for me to start the Alice Cooper issue again. The band vs the artist? Both are deserving.

Posted by Dameon on Wednesday, 07.30.08 @ 11:40am

Keep a secret... I've got to keep a secret...

Posted by Joe-Skee on Thursday, 07.31.08 @ 13:47pm

Joe-Skee...I'M STILL KILROY (is that a good thing?)!!!!!

Posted by Gitarzan on Thursday, 07.31.08 @ 19:52pm

Styx was a sick band! Why not put him in not by himself but with Styx.

Posted by Mike on Saturday, 10.4.08 @ 18:37pm

Considering that some of the inductees I havent even heard of... I would say the band that was the "first" to have 3 consecutive platinum albums deserves the reach around from the industry... even though the industries media usually had not good things to say...
It shoud be what the fans want... and like most bands... you either liked them or you didn't... and in this case they havent been around playing since the early 70's because the instruments were crazy glued to thier hands... And dennis had several solo albums so he can be inducted as a solo... al though I'd like to see him go in with Styx

Posted by DJS on Friday, 10.17.08 @ 22:16pm

Hey BDogga...back to the pound!!!

Posted by Joker on Sunday, 10.26.08 @ 15:22pm

Dennis should go in with STYX. I voted yes for him as a solo artist but he'd have to go possibly againist Deep Purple, Cheap Trick, Iron Maiden, and Guns N' Roses.

Posted by Mike on Wednesday, 12.24.08 @ 17:54pm

I love Styx. DDY has an awesome voice...why not?

Posted by Child in Time 27 on Wednesday, 12.24.08 @ 18:40pm

Why are you guys all making fun of Killroy album?

Posted by Jarz on Wednesday, 12.31.08 @ 02:13am

Dennis is the man. He must be in with Styx and by himself.

Posted by AirSuppleee on Sunday, 01.4.09 @ 19:31pm

The question reads "Will Dennis DeYoung be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?" not "Do you like the album 'Kilroy Was Here'?"
Everybody's a critic. I figure if you have time enough to bash someone who has been more successful than anyone commenting on this page, then that makes you twice as much a loser as you already are.
Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame? No. But neither will Barry Manilow, REO Speedwagon, Glenn campbell, Duran Duran, Lionel Ritchie, Sweet, Foreigner, Little River Band, Supertramp, Air Supply, Deep Purple, Bachman Turner Overdrive (BTO) and while we're on the alphabet names: E.L.O. (Jeff Lynne)...
Why? "Significant contributions to development and perpetuation of R & R..."
Nevermind the fact that the first guitar lick almost everyone associates with true rock and roll is "Smoke on the Water" and a close 2nd would be "Takin' Care of Business". Nevermind the fact that Styx was THE FIRST GROUP EVER to have 4 triple platinum albums in a row. SOMEONE OUT THERE DEFINED "STADIUM ROCK" or "ANTHEM ROCK" or the "whatever it is you call it" that these groups like Styx, REO, Foreigner, Supertramp and Journey are classified by.
It is as if it the rock and roll Hall of Fame is run by a bunch of politically-minded, so rich we don't have a life anymore, drug hazed stoners that will put people in the RRHOF from when THEY were growing because these were "SIGNIFICANT" in THEIR MINDS. Anyone born after 1965 needs to just forget their "Billy don't be a Heros" and their "Foxes on the Runs" and their Styx, Journey, REO speedwagons and realize that nothing after 1970 was cool unless it was related to someone we know or someone influenced by someone we know or someone that gives us some really good drugs, man.... You are out of line with this "rock and roll hall of shame" and I believe it needs to be destroyed. It's a joke.
I believe we should begin another Hall of Fame called the Peoples Choice Hall of Fame of MUSIC PERFORMERS.

Posted by Craig4realworld on Sunday, 05.31.09 @ 17:23pm

I think that if you read the posts on this site for any length of time you'll find that allowing fans a vote for the HoF would really be a bad idea. An artist can't be inducted because someone simply likes them...there has to be at least a little bit of objectivity...and how many "fans" would actually pay attention to the criteria. That being said, who knows what the members of the actual "committee" are thinking at times...I'm sure there are SOME of them who are open-minded!

Posted by Gitarzan on Sunday, 05.31.09 @ 17:38pm

If Dennis gets to the Hall, it will be as a member of Styx. Anyone who thinks he will get in as a solo artist is delusional.

I may be delusional thinking Styx will someday be inducted.

Posted by Paul in KY on Monday, 06.1.09 @ 06:58am

Nah, Dennis has zero shot getting in solo. He only has two possible ways of getting in: either as a member of Styx, or if he buys a ticket like everyone else

Posted by Keebord on Saturday, 06.20.09 @ 15:19pm

What's with all these self-described "critics" making fun of the Kilroy album? Let's see you come up with something better huh?

Oh, and Dameon, it's MALMSTEEN, MALMSTEEM. But I noticed you got Satriani's name right you Italian racist. Go worship Frank "Queer Strangers in the Night" Sinatra!!

Posted by Obote on Saturday, 06.20.09 @ 15:41pm

Actually, it's a pretty foregone fact that "Kilroy' was probably Styx' low point...

And what are you having such a fit over Dameon? He's one of more sane people on this site. Just because he mispelled Malmstien???

Posted by Gitarzan on Saturday, 06.20.09 @ 16:00pm


No I'm kidding, relax folks, nothing to see here...

Keep walking...

Posted by Obote on Saturday, 06.20.09 @ 17:10pm

Obote, you do realize Malmsteen's real last name is Lannerbäck don't you?

Posted by Keebord on Saturday, 06.20.09 @ 17:13pm

I'm still ticked at him for scalloping the frets on that perfectly good Stratocaster. I played a friend's Malmsteen signature Strat with scalloped frets, and was in rehab for a week...ROFL!!!!

Posted by Gitarzan on Saturday, 06.20.09 @ 17:18pm

Who are the "self-described purists" on this site, anyway? Keebord, is there something you're not telling us? After all, I'm a "Rock Dinosaur" (most dinosaurs are rock by now, aren't they?)...

Next thing you know, they'll be calling Cheesecrop or Dude Man "Mr. Poopy Pants"!!!

Posted by Gitarzan on Monday, 07.6.09 @ 20:01pm

DeYoung did nothing in his solo work to be worthy of induction. No influence, no innovation, nothing deserving of induction, but then again what do we "purists" know any way?

Posted by Dude Man on Monday, 07.6.09 @ 20:15pm

styx as a group should be inducted.Its to bad they had conflict on the type of music they should play.Dennis de young,tommy shaw both great on vocals.ballads hard rock to me thats what makes them unique.Dennis de young,tommy shaw,james young, where can I buy a ticket.Hall of fame styx has my vote.

Posted by Jim F. on Tuesday, 08.4.09 @ 21:06pm

Craig4realworld, you summarized my feelings!

Styx must be in!

Posted by Gentle Giant on Wednesday, 08.5.09 @ 00:13am

Why would anybody think Dennis DeYoung should go in solo?

Posted by Milestones on Sunday, 09.6.09 @ 06:47am

For all you Kilroy haters: Do you realize all of the other great albums that Styx made before that? The Grand Illusion, Pieces of Eight, Cornerstone, Paradise Theatre. Geez, the man makes one bad song and you guys jump on it. And I guess it couldn't have been that bad since it did make the top ten on the Billboard charts. Dennis DeYoung has one of the finest voices in rock history, and now, in his sixties, he still sounds as great as ever, probably because he was never a heavy drinker or drug addict. I guess the Hall of Fame likes those types, huh?

Posted by Gary on Saturday, 12.26.09 @ 23:01pm

Which is the more pretentious of these two rock operas: "Kilroy Was Here" or "2112"?

"Tommy" or that sack of jizz "The Wall," easy.

Posted by Brian on Tuesday, 03.16.10 @ 18:32pm

Dennis DeYoung solo? Seriously?

Posted by Joshua on Wednesday, 04.14.10 @ 14:41pm

you know i've read alot of the comments that other people have left, i guess this is america and people have there opportunity to voice there opinions, and i know all of the talk of dennis being dismissed from styx, a group he co-founded but not to get side tracked on that subject, dennis deyoung should get in the hall of fame if not with styx, then as a solo artist, that man has talent beyond belief, even at age 61 to release what i think is the best styx album to never be releashed, one hundred years from now is a masterpiece, and it goes to show the talent this man has, i'd give my right arm to have a tenth of his talent for songwriting, and music ability, from rock n roll to musicals on broadway, basically people should be ashamed to not like anything this guy puts out, he will truly go down as you of the greatest in rock history, i think more people should have a more open mind about music in general and the creativity process that goes into it, and as for album bashing with some i have read about styx's kilroy album, it was a great piece of work for the time, yes i admit the stage show and putting it on might of been a little to hard but musically it was a great album, lets face it if i recall it was a triple platinum selling album with a number 1 song in mister roboto, and another top ten with don't lwt it end and tommy's and jy's song were classics too, but in the end history will remember dennis deyoung as a great singer songwriter and performer with styx and a solo artist!

Posted by steve on Wednesday, 05.5.10 @ 02:23am

No. I'm not even in any hurry to see Styx inducted.

Posted by Sam on Monday, 07.19.10 @ 20:05pm

Dennis DeYoung of Styx has replaced Paul Rogers of Free and Bad Company as the lead singer for Queen.

Posted by Roy on Friday, 09.10.10 @ 18:51pm

Really? I just checked and can see nothing about that. Where was it said? Bad decision if it's true.

Posted by Sam on Monday, 09.13.10 @ 08:22am

Paul Rodgers quit that project a year ago, and I'm not sure he was the right fit in the first place.

Posted by Sam on Monday, 09.13.10 @ 08:22am

I was just messing with everyone, but DeYoung should tour with Queen. His voice is very similar to Mercury!

Posted by Roy on Monday, 09.13.10 @ 10:37am

I don't hear any similarities, in part because nobody can fill Freddie's shoes, certainly not Dennis.

Posted by Sam on Saturday, 09.18.10 @ 10:50am

Which is the more pretentious of these two rock operas: "Kilroy Was Here" or "2112"?

"Tommy" or that sack of jizz "The Wall," easy.

Posted by Brian on Tuesday, 03.16.10 @ 18:32pm

Yeah, it's about time someone uttered that ridiculous word, "pretentiousness." Here's my take on YOU, Brian: "The accusation of pretentiousness is one of the most common and most revealing contemporary insults: a generation of people who can only think in terms of cultural value, for whom nothing exists unless it positions one in some kind of hierarchy - people who think it's their right to sit and be endlessly distracted, whose over-indulged positively-affirmed vanity is so enormous that they think everyone hangs on their approval or disapproval."

I mean give me a break Brian, you know what you're getting into with "Tommy" and "the Wall" for Christ's sake! The title speaks for itself, Rock opera! Concept album! Do you really expect to listen to the Wall and hear 2 minute catchy pop tunes? Go back to your Tommy James and the Shondells (not that there's anything wrong with them, but you already showed your ignorance by uttering a word like "pretentiousness").

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Sunday, 01.23.11 @ 09:40am

Peter Cetera is better than Steve Perry and Dennis DeYoung.

Posted by Roy on Tuesday, 04.5.11 @ 17:44pm

I saw STYX many years ago. Dennis De Young took about 30 seconds or a minute to encourage people to get back up when they get knocked down in life and to say that no matter how little education, money, etc. they may have, to make the most of life. It was not preachy or Bono-like. It was short, well said, and well received by a pretty wild crowd. He didn't have to say anything like that and he probably inspired a few people.

Posted by Barza on Friday, 08.12.11 @ 19:21pm

I totally agree with Roy, if you have half a musical ear you can notice that deYougs voice is quite similar to freddie mercury, I can't tell about stage presence, energy, completeness, achievents, but as far as sound goes the voice is extremely similar.

Also MR. Roboto sounds queenesque to me.

Posted by Chris M on Saturday, 10.1.11 @ 01:33am

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