Creedence Clearwater Revival

Rock & Roll Hall of Famer

Category: Performer

Inducted in: 1993

Inducted by: Bruce Springsteen

Nominated in: 1993

First Eligible: 1993 Ceremony

Inducted Members: Doug "Cosmo" Clifford, Stu Cook, John Fogerty and Tom Fogerty

Inducted into Rock Hall Revisited in 1993 (ranked #37) .

Essential Albums (?)WikipediaAmazon MP3Amazon CD
Green River (1969)
Willy and the Poor Boys (1969)
Cosmo's Factory (1970)

Essential Songs (?)WikipediaAmazon MP3YouTube
Bad Moon Rising (1969)
Fortunate Son (1969)
Proud Mary (1969)
Down On The Corner (1969)
Born On The Bayou (1969)
Green River (1969)
Run Through the Jungle (1970)
Who'll Stop the Rain (1970)
Up Around the Bend (1970)
Lookin' Out My Back Door (1970)
Have You Ever Seen The Rain (1970)
I Heard It Through the Grapevine (1970)

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Nothing to do with their being deserving of the Hall of Fame--they are--but this band has two bits of interesting trivia attached to it. First, John Fogerty is probably the only musician to be sued for plagarizing his own music (his solo efforts apparently matched the stuff he wrote for CCR too closely); and second, according to "The Book of Rock Lists," they had FOUR number two songs, but NO number ones!

Posted by Joe on Sunday, 12.23.07 @ 22:32pm

I always wondered why their version of Screamin' Jay Hawkins' "I Put a Spell on You" never was more popular than it was
I always found it to be their best song

Posted by Denny on Tuesday, 08.26.08 @ 13:30pm

Great band, one of America's best

Rock on CCR

Posted by Trent on Saturday, 09.13.08 @ 12:05pm

On a slightly more serious note, I love Creedence. I read a post that said they had a T.V. show when they were around. I certainly never heard anything about that, and count me amongst those who are quite interested! Someone please give me the details about this. Can I get a copy of it somehwere? Is it on Youtube? Slide a bit of info my way on this, if anyone has a minute.

Posted by Cheesecrop on Friday, 10.3.08 @ 17:55pm

I'm in the habit of writing my favourite songs from some of my favourite bands right now so here's my CCR list

Top 10 Songs:

1. Down on the Corner
2. Have You Ever Seen the Rain?
3. I Put a Spell on You
4. Bad Moon Rising
5. Proud Mary
6. Lookin' Out My Back Door
7. Fortunate Son
8. Susie Q
9. Up Around the Bend
10. Who'll Stop the Rain

Posted by Keebord on Tuesday, 10.7.08 @ 20:09pm

Here is my top 5
1.Born on the Bayou
2.Run Though the Jungle
3.Down on the Corner
4.Proud Mary
5.Travelin Band

Posted by Brian on Tuesday, 10.7.08 @ 21:20pm

First off, to Mike, who asked what kind of a name is Cheesecrop, well... not much of a name when you think about it. Just sort of a sily name. Nothing less, nothing more.

Now on to business at hand. Ten from Creedence:

1. Born On The Bayou
2. Commotion
3. Sweet Hitchhiker
4. Green River
5. Travelin' Band
6. Lookin' Out My Back Door
7. Tombstone Shadow
8. I Put A Spell On You
9. Down On The Corner
10. Hey Tonight

Posted by Cheesecrop on Wednesday, 10.8.08 @ 04:52am

CCR were the biggest band in America from 1969-1970 if not from 1968-1971. Saw John Fogerty in concert recently, he still rocks!!

Posted by Guy From Seattle on Sunday, 10.19.08 @ 14:10pm

Could CCR have inspired The Clash? Listen to the first few seconds of the CCR song "Walk on the Water" and tell me if you hear "London Calling"

Posted by Milestones on Sunday, 12.13.09 @ 11:10am

good band

Posted by Mike on Friday, 11.5.10 @ 08:36am

I put CCR right behind the Beatles......this band was the biggest selling band from mid 1969 to 1971...when the best rock groups produced their best stuff... outselling The Beatles, Stones, Led Zeppelin you name it. What this band accomplished in a very short time [from 1969 to 1971] was amazing and may not be repeated in our lifetime. Fogerty and Paul Rogers had the best rock vocals of all time.

Posted by g. cotter on Sunday, 02.6.11 @ 07:47am

"Could CCR have inspired The Clash? Listen to the first few seconds of the CCR song Walk on the Water and tell me if you hear London Calling"

I've never heard that one before, but you're right. They certainly are similar, especially those first few seconds you mention.

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Saturday, 03.26.11 @ 03:04am

No ones giving reasons why Chicago isn't in, or Mitch Ryder either.

Posted by gary on Thursday, 02.16.12 @ 20:03pm

RIP, Saul Zaentz, CCR's manager and the man who feuded with John Fogerty, over claims that JF plagiarized himself.

Posted by Aaron O'Donnell on Saturday, 01.4.14 @ 19:26pm

My 50 Favorite Creedence Clearwater Revival Songs

50. Poorboy Shuffle (1969)
49. Penthouse Pauper (1969)
48. Gloomy (1968)
47. Walking on the Water (1968)
46. Call it Pretending (1968)
45. The Working Man (1968)
44. Get Down Woman (1968)
43. Hey Tonight (1970)
42. Midnight Special (1969)
41. Broken Spoke Shuffle
40. Chameleon (1970)
39. Porterville (1968)
38. Ninety-Nine And a Half (1968)
37. The Night Time is the Right Time (1969)
36. Graveyard Train (1969)
35. Bootleg (1969)
34. It Came Out of the Sky (1969)
33. Sinister Purpose (1969)
32. Good Golly Miss Molly (1969)
31. Pagan Baby (1970)
30. Ooby Dooby (1970)
29. Cross-Tie Walker (1969)
28. Sailor's Lament (1970)
27. Long As I Can See the Light (1970)
26. Wrote a Song for Everyone (1969)
25. Keep on Chooglin' (1969)
24. Side O' the Road (1969)
23. Someday Never Comes (1971)
22. Proud Mary (1969)
21. Bad Moon Rising (1969)
20. Cotton Fields (1969)
19. Tombstone Shadow (1969)
18. Effigy (1969)
17. I Heard it Through the Grapevine (1970)
16. Lookin' Out My Back Door (1970)
15. Commotion (1969)
14. Sweet Hitch-Hiker (1971)
13. Glory Be
12. Travelin' Band (1970)
11. Run Through the Jungle (1970)
10. Green River (1969)
9. Feelin' Blue (1969)
8. Up Around the Bend (1970)
7. Suzie Q (1968)
6. Down on the Corner (1969)
5. Who'll Stop the Rain (1970)
4. Have You Ever Seen the Rain? (1970)
3. Ramble Tamble (1970)
2. Fortunate Son (1969)
1. Born on the Bayou (1969)

Posted by Donnie on Sunday, 10.30.16 @ 18:59pm

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