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Will Creed be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
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They're this generation's Styx.....cheesy nonsense that sold by the bucket load, but will be a mere footnote in rock history a decade from now.

Posted by Casper on Monday, 12.11.06 @ 02:01am

i don't think i could have said it any better than the person above....if i just may add...

check out the cover of their one album where their faces are carved into a alone should bar them forever from the hall

Posted by diddles on Monday, 01.15.07 @ 23:54pm

There is literally a 0.0 percent chance Creed will ever be nominated for the Rock Hall. In fact, I don't think they even let Scott Stapp anywhere near Cleveland just to be safe.

Posted by c.w. on Monday, 01.22.07 @ 17:06pm

You've got to be kidding me. This band influenced tons of bands and affected millions of people. Many many bands have gotten their style from Creed. They should definitely get in.

Posted by Joseph on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 09:59am

It really depends how much "innovation and influence" is weighed vs. actual quality. I can't stand Creed's music.

However, they did pioneer a new (terrible) style of music, that some have termed as "post-grunge." Look at Nickelback, Hinder, Daughtry, Fuel, Staind, Puddle of Mudd; whether they admit it or not, they draw a tremendous amount from Creed.

Posted by Mark on Saturday, 03.24.07 @ 21:24pm

Hi all!


Posted by Test on Friday, 03.30.07 @ 00:54am

I don't see how aping Pearl Jam poorly earns them credit for post-grunge.

Posted by William on Friday, 03.30.07 @ 22:16pm

Oh great. Shutup about Creed and Pearl Jam people. Two completely different bands. How can you rip off a voice? A voice is a voice, it can't be ripped off. And you may not like the music that they created, but you can't deny all the bands that they helped make popular. Nickelback, Hinder, Fuel, Staind etc.

Posted by Joseph on Tuesday, 04.3.07 @ 15:14pm

I didn't say anything about the voice (but it's funny how many more Eddie Vedder soundalikes there were in various post-grunge bands). My whole point was that Creed and a thousand other bands took most of what they had from Pearl Jam, so Pearl Jam should get the credit.

Posted by William on Tuesday, 04.3.07 @ 16:29pm

I doubt that.

Posted by Joseph on Thursday, 04.12.07 @ 09:59am

wow, everyone knows creed is 1 of the worst rock bands in history, seriously. And faces in the tree cover is so dumb, hell human clay!? scott stapp is the biggest moron who ever lived, he makes a dick out of himself, got beat up, and was supposedly in a porno with kid rock and some hookers. Hell creed music is just pathetic, with arms wide open? The only way is one? what if I!? Shity post grunge crap. And in 1 of their videos scott stapp pulls himself out of the water? wtf! i wish the scott stapp in the water dragged the scott stapp from the boat and drowned the fucker. The interesting thing is that scott challenged fred durst 2 a boxing match, lol 2 frontmans from the worst rock bands ever goin at, wonderful, it would b great 2 c those guys beat each 2 death and then the world would b a beter place. sorry scot that your human clay hasnt been weathered in your own prison.

Posted by Dave on Saturday, 04.28.07 @ 07:00am

I don't care what any of you NUMBNUTS say, they are a good band and they should be in

Posted by ------------------ on Sunday, 04.29.07 @ 21:15pm wrong with people these days

Posted by Dave on Monday, 04.30.07 @ 11:28am

1/2 Alice In Chains Ripoff + 1/3 Pearl Jam Ripoff + 1/6 Bible Thumping morons = Creed.

Based on that is it at all suprising to say they won't get in?

Posted by Jon on Monday, 05.7.07 @ 20:14pm

Thank you Dave for making me laugh harder than I have for the past 3 weeks or so.....hehehe

Posted by SG on Saturday, 09.8.07 @ 15:12pm

Heh, love this "Essential Album" addition to the pages. My Own Prison, for example, is a surprisingly tolerable, occasionally great, trip down memory lane for those that missed the early 90's alt-radio, and in particular, the Seattle acts.

Posted by Casper on Friday, 09.21.07 @ 13:40pm

Pshh... Stapp is such an Eddie Vedder wannabe, it pisses me off. Listen to his voice. That alone should ban him from stepping foot in the Hall of Fame building.

Creed should NEVER get in.

Posted by Tom on Sunday, 11.11.07 @ 09:35am

Perhaps if their lead singer wasn't a jack ass...but it's all over now.

Posted by Jared on Saturday, 03.22.08 @ 23:32pm

However much Stapp sounds like Vedder, no one can write melodies quite like guitarist Mark Tremonti. If you hate Creed just because of Stapp you should check out Tremonti's new band Alter Bridge, they are unlike any other band out there today.

However much I dislike Stapp as a man I repsect his musicianship and when combined with such solid musicians as Mark Tremonti, Scott Phillips, and Brian Marshall, I believe that Creed should be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Posted by Steve on Sunday, 07.20.08 @ 21:45pm

Creed should definately be entered into the rock n roll hall of fame.

They sold over 34 million albums from just 3 albums, very few groups have ever done that (if any at all).

Creed affected so many people and yeah they had their ups and downs with popularity but it is obvious that their sound, legacy, and inspiration is so important in the world of music as it has influnced so many bands e.g
Nickelback, Staind, Seether, The Calling that have all even at one point been pretty big themselves.

Posted by Adam Parker on Monday, 07.21.08 @ 06:29am

uh - NO!

Posted by Dameon on Monday, 07.21.08 @ 09:01am

I, for one, think that Creed deserves to be in the R&R Hall of Fame. I'm a huge fan of both Creed and their former frontman, Scott Stapp and they are the best band out there, in my opinion.

For all of you haters out there, excuse me, but I can't see all of YOUR gold and platinum records, YOUR millions of fans around the world, YOUR recording contracts, hear your songs on the radio or anything else that shows that you have the right to down Stapp and Creed or harass us fans of Creed and Stapp. We don't bother you, so why do you think you have the right to bother us??? Take your hatred, jealousy and spite elsewhere...we've heard it so many times, it's so boring! Yeesh. GROW UP AND GET A FREAKING LIFE!!!! CREED RULES!!!

Posted by V. J. Raven on Monday, 07.21.08 @ 11:23am

Why does everyone think that just because we don't believe a band doesn't deserve induction into the Hall of Fame means that we are haters?

There is a lot of music out there spanning all decades that I love but which I understand will never be in the Hall.

I know that bands like Sweet, Spirit, Gen X and many others whom I listened to for hours on end will never be inducted.

Posted by Dameon on Monday, 07.21.08 @ 11:46am

I think they should. They were a really entertaining band and had a great live performance as well. The lyrics were really good and sent out positive messages that were well received and understood by their fans. For the number of years that they were together....they were really successful so why not give them the credit for it? Just my opinion of course & long time fan.

Posted by Pooh on Monday, 07.21.08 @ 11:52am

EXACTLY, Daemon. It's called knowing who has been influential, incomparable in what they do, critically acclaimed, been important, etc.- and Creed in all likelihood will not be considered for the HOF. Big commercial success alone does not automaticlaly make one a legend or an important, impactful artist.

Granted, every now and then an act that really wasn't any of the aforementioned gets in (I like Brenda Lee, and she had some voice, but she's not on the level of other female inductees, and some that haven't been inducted- i.e. Donna Summer).

Posted by JR on Monday, 07.21.08 @ 11:59am

I love it when haters know so much about Scott Stapp yet they hate the guy. They know every move he does. Get over it! It's about the band and the music. Move on! Words from the Bullets song "I laugh aloud 'cause my life Has gotten inside someone else's mind" So true haters! He's in your mind....LOL

Posted by Yes Sir on Monday, 07.21.08 @ 12:00pm

Alter Boys?? That's funny! Their touring I think trailer parks now. Their running low on cash and the weasel looking lead-singer they have blows.

Posted by AlterBoys on Monday, 07.21.08 @ 12:08pm

For the number of years that they were together....they were really successful so why not give them the credit for it? (Pooh)

If they were to induct every band that had some kind of major success, then the building that holds the HoF would have to be the size of the Empire State Building. Yes, Creed was successful but they were not the dominant band of the time. They had zero innovation and the comparisons to Pearl Jam are way too large. Perhaps if they followed PJ 15 years later, then they can be acclaimed for reinventing a genre with perhaps a new twist. But that was not the case. I cannot say how influential they were. Bands have been listed here but I have not read or seen anything that says Creed were an influence on them. But I am certainly open-minded to this if someone can show me links to anything that can back these claims up.

Posted by Dameon on Monday, 07.21.08 @ 12:48pm

For those of you bashing CREED, you are just jealous HATERS!

My Own Prison went 6× platinum in the US.
Human Clay went 11× platinum in the US.

Weathered went 6× platinum in the US.

The Greatest Hits went platinum in the US.

My Own Prison, Human Clay, and Weathered are on the list of the top 100 selling albums of all time in the US.

Creed has sold 30 million albums in the US, making them one of the top selling artists ever in the US.

Yeah.... you are right, they suck.

You all probley bought their CD's.

Posted by Kim on Monday, 07.21.08 @ 13:11pm

Yeah, I think I du have sum of there albums, Kim.

Posted by Liam on Monday, 07.21.08 @ 13:15pm

I have a couple as well. They had some good songs and I know a lot of people loved them; but such is the life of a Rock Star and the love and hate that follows them. It is in my humble opinion that they will never be inducted - sorry!

Posted by Dameon on Monday, 07.21.08 @ 13:31pm

All there songs were good on each album. I buy rock now and it's mostly filler songs. Everyone of Creed's songs was worth being on there. For that alone, they should be inducted. Weathered was at the top spot for eight weeks, few records can beat that. Weathered just had an underlying solidness to it.

Posted by lee on Monday, 07.21.08 @ 18:39pm

To me there are several reasons why Creed would deserve a place in the Rock Hall of Fame:

1. At the time Creed was active, they were the biggest American rock band (in terms of success)
2. Look at the whole Alternative Rock / Modern Rock scene - There are so many bands with similarity to Creeds sound (Marks guitar riffs and pickings, the powerful music style, Stapp's vocals, maybe even Marks guitar sound) (So to say was Creed one of the main bands to define the genre)
3. Metal and Hard Rock was quite down in media, but Creed helped a lot pushing a harder sound into the radio stations
4. They also pushed the rock ballad again
5. The quality of the music and lyrics
6. I'm not quite sure about this one, but I think that Creed also influenced other bands with their symbolic and serious style of lyrics and cover artwork

Posted by Barreegriff on Tuesday, 07.22.08 @ 06:10am

Looked at this list as to why Creed should be in the Hall. I'd agree w/you on #1 & 4, and that's about it. It wasn't the band's w/similarities to Creed's style, it was the other way around.

Metal & Hard Rock were down, but look at when "My Own Prison" came out. We were just coming off the Alternative/Lollapalooza era, and a lot of folks in 97 were burnt out on that stuff. It's the real reason music got a little softer for about a year or two (97-98)

Quality of music and lyrics is subjective and open to interpretation. I'll not comment further either way.

"symbolic and serious style of lyrics and cover artwork" - Too reminiscent of #5 I think to really get a beat on.

Posted by Cheesecrop on Tuesday, 07.22.08 @ 17:11pm

are you kidding they made great music!! I loved them and wish they were still together!

Posted by terri on Wednesday, 07.23.08 @ 07:32am

Vamos la CREED no Coração

Posted by Danilo on Wednesday, 07.23.08 @ 18:05pm

Creed emerged from a good-sized pack of post-grunge contenders to become one of the biggest-selling rock bands in America during the late '90s. so they should be in

Posted by Bob on Saturday, 08.9.08 @ 22:28pm

Oh god no. They are terrible, all their songs sound exactly the same, and just everything except their guitarist is bad. But I must admit, Tremonti is a great shredder, especially if you check out his work with Alter Bridge.

Posted by Joey on Wednesday, 08.27.08 @ 09:43am

These guys aren't terrible. They're AWESOME! But that doesn't mean that they're good. Does that make sense?

Posted by Me on Thursday, 10.2.08 @ 17:55pm

Creed is terrible.

Posted by AirSuppleee on Thursday, 12.18.08 @ 21:26pm

If creed gets in the standered would be set so low that soulja boy tell em and Katy Perry would be welcomed into the R&R hall of fame for there acomplishments such as making the world a worse place.Creed is a skid-mark on rock history and a overall terrible band.

Posted by Chris-31 on Sunday, 01.4.09 @ 22:24pm

Creed is Legendary. The most successful and biggest rock band from 1997 - 2004

nuff said

'Feel I've been beaten down, by the words of men who have no ground' - What If.

Posted by Alter Bridge on Friday, 03.13.09 @ 23:38pm

Eeewww! Creed?! I admit I liked a few of their songs but they are nothing to write home about!

Posted by Antonio on Friday, 04.3.09 @ 05:13am

its the rock and roll hall of fame. its like shitting into your hands instead of using the toilet. and then arguing about which shit is stickier. its archaic. dust. but creed still wont get in :p

this man has more to say:

Posted by dave rocks on Sunday, 04.5.09 @ 15:46pm

Attention one and all:

For months now I have claimed that the posts on this site would not go un-noticed by the Rock Hall & Rolling Stone magazine. Many have claimed they are not listening. I believe, however, that perhaps the first crack in the armor has appeared (at least on a widespread public scale).

Right now there is an article on the reunion of the band Creed running on the RS website. It notes the war of words between Creed supporters and Creed detractors, and goes on to site a few of the posts DIRECTLY IN THE ARTICLE. What makes this so significant is the fact that, at least from my memory, I cannot recall a time when the magazine ever directly reprinted the postings of anyone for an article on it's online content.

If I am wrong on the following fact, someone out there please correct me and let me know when this happened prior to this. I have always believed that it would be foolish for RS and the Rock Hall to ignore the voices on this site, inasmuch as a constant flow of conversation generates interest in the Hall, & hopefully translates into dollars. This, however, is the first public sign that they are in fact listening to the postings of fans. They cannot be oblivioud to the posts being generated here as well. I believe this is the first sign of a breakthrough.

Posted by Cheesecrop on Saturday, 05.2.09 @ 05:48am

However, they did pioneer a new (terrible) style of music, that some have termed as "post-grunge." Look at Nickelback, Hinder, Daughtry, Fuel, Staind, Puddle of Mudd; whether they admit it or not, they draw a tremendous amount from Creed.
Posted by Mark on Saturday, 03.24.07 @ 21:24pm

No they don't. Creed's first material was in '97, the same year Soundgarden broke up and were very much in the public conscious. Also, Pearl Jam had just had a #1 album. If "post-grunge" means bands with the grunge sound that appeared when grunge had already become popular (in other words, after Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Nirvana and Soundgarden, who were either second or third-wave grunge,) then the first "post-grunge" band would be either Live or Candlebox, who released their first albums in 1994.

As for Creed, I actually have Human Clay, which has some good stuff. Nothing else I've heard from them sounds any different. I'm willing to give them time, but at the moment they don't deserve it as they're not innovative at all (kind of an Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam tribute band), and I've already dissected the "influential to post-grunge" argument.

Posted by Sam on Tuesday, 02.23.10 @ 14:37pm

Creed is a band Tallahassee, Florida that became one of the 90’s biggest-selling rock bands. Creed disbanded in 2004 after three multi-platinum albums, selling an estimated 35 million records worldwide. The four original members, Scott, Mark, Tom, and Ryan reunited in 2009 and created a new album called Full Circle. In April 2010 they began The 20-10 Tour to perform their new album. has great deals on Creed tickets for all of the stops on their current tour.
For cheap Creed tickets visit

Posted by jenn on Tuesday, 06.22.10 @ 14:47pm

Jenn you have their names totally wrong. It's Scott Stapp, Mark Tremonti, Scott Phillips, and Brian Marshall. Tom and Ryan? No idea who that is.

That said - Creed will not make the hall but they do deserve to. I play in a band myself that is just getting started - album done, getting minor radio play etc. To accomplish what they have accomplished is insane. Also the guitar skills Tremonti has - I'd die for. The vocal skills Stapp had in his prime - I'd also die for.

Were they super innovative? Well actually despite those that say they are a PJ or Alice in Chains rip off I'd say Creed WAS. Creed was one of the first to use a combination of clean guitar tones in aggressive music for dynamics purposes. Most Pearl Jam and Alice In Chains songs are one or the other - pretty much straight up solid guitar sound but no drastic switch from clean and melodic to anthemic beat you over the head chorus in the same song. Also the intentional use of Biblical imagery and verses in Creed's music was ingenious. They were able to use their lyrical writing to become the band that most parents didn't mind their teens listening to because they thought they were a Christian rock band even when they weren't. Thus the marketing started on this band which made them commercially successfully and makes have the pictures in Google images of Scott Stapp hilarious to look at (he looks like a douche)... but like it or not they didn't start that way - they were a straight up small town rock band who marketed themselves well, wrote kick butt songs with killer guitar and truly represent the American dream for bands. Night clubs in Tallahassee in 1995, #1 rock band with a Grammy Award by 2000.... American dream. Let them in the hall.

Posted by JB on Thursday, 06.24.10 @ 21:39pm

"Were they super innovative? Well actually despite those that say they are a PJ or Alice in Chains rip off I'd say Creed WAS. Creed was one of the first to use a combination of clean guitar tones in aggressive music for dynamics purposes. Most Pearl Jam and Alice In Chains songs are one or the other - pretty much straight up solid guitar sound but no drastic switch from clean and melodic to anthemic beat you over the head chorus in the same song."

You had me there for nearly four months, as Pearl Jam do indeed avoid that kind of switch... then I remembered Alice in Chains DID do that. For example, "Rooster" starts out with a cleanly picked guitar part with the bass playing the same thing. Then at the 27 seconds mark or so the harmonies kick in, and that same guitar part continues underneath it. Nearly a minute in, Jerry's wah-wah pedal interrupts, and the first verse kicks in, with that same clean guitar part continuing throughout. Other little guitar parts continue to interrupt. The first chorus happens, and the tension seems to be building. Then the distorted guitars interrupt, Layne's vocals, and the whole thing becomes an anthemic, get-your-lighters-out kind of song. A mini solo, then the chorus comes in for a second time, but this time with distorted guitars going on underneath. The second verse has that same clean guitar part that begins the song going on, then when the chorus comes in for a third time the distortion comes back in. The same thing is going on in "Down in a Hole", except there it's clean guitars in the first bit of verse and distorted and the second part of the verse and the chorus. That's the kind of template (which AIC also used in "Confusion" and "Sea of Sorrow") that post-grunge bands like Creed followed, kind of influenced by the quiet-loud technique of Pixies and Nirvana. If we really want to get specific then the first band to borrow sonic elements from both Pearl Jam and AIC was Stone Temple Pilots, except their anthemic songs were indeed clean or distorted, no middle ground (mostly distorted, like in "Plush" or "Sin.")

I even owned Human Clay a long time ago. I still like it now, and it may have been the album that got me into Hard Rock, but they just don't deserve the Hall. Sorry.

Posted by Sam on Tuesday, 11.2.10 @ 07:11am

Creed, along with Nickelback, will be inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Shame.

Posted by Lee on Monday, 07.22.13 @ 14:24pm

Calling Creed a Pearl Jam ripoff s an insult to Pearl Jam.

Posted by Max on Sunday, 04.24.16 @ 12:11pm

You posters are hilarious. Hang tight my friends. It's not up to you to judge unless you're willing to open you're own life to be judged. Throw down or shut up.

Posted by Tmat on Tuesday, 10.18.16 @ 22:36pm

Casper have you even listened to Creed? Nonsense? Listen to My Own Prison then post your comment idiot.

Posted by Mighty Mike on Thursday, 05.4.17 @ 01:33am

All of you Creed haters wish you had a quarter of the talent that Creed guitarist and main songwriter that Mark Tremonti has. The Hall of Fame is a joke! They induct all 57 members of The Grateful Dead. That band sucks!

Posted by Mighty Mike on Thursday, 05.4.17 @ 01:43am

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