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Eligible in: 2018 (The 2019 Induction Ceremony)

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August & Everything After (1993)
Recovering the Satellites (1996)

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Mr. Jones (1993)

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Will Counting Crows be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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Obviously. they have some more time to make some good music before we consider them for nomination but if they continue what they've done, then should make it. My favorite song - "Up All Night" - it should be a rock classic.

Posted by Jen on Thursday, 11.30.06 @ 13:47pm

If Adam Duritz had managed to date all 3 chicks from "Friends" the C.C. might have had a shot at immortality. Now? Not so much. I could almost see Adam showing up on Celebrity Fit Club.

Posted by c.w. on Thursday, 11.30.06 @ 15:10pm

Being an "old school" kinda guy, this is the only mainstream/top 40 rock band that started in about the last 20 years that I've spent money on.

Posted by SG on Thursday, 08.30.07 @ 01:26am

I've never been able to figure out what the band's name means. Is it describing an activity, or just extremely smart birds?

Posted by Vilos Cohaagen on Saturday, 01.16.10 @ 10:52am

For sure. The smaller than expected body of work should not stop them. They are one of the most influential bands to emerge from the post grunge era. They take rock to were it ought to be and that is live. They are 10 time better live than in the studio. Adam Duritz is pure Genius. On the level of Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and Van Morrision. They have my vote.

Posted by DEARJOHN on Sunday, 08.8.10 @ 22:55pm

I completely agree DEARJOHN. Pure Genius! I don't think that a band has to have a large volume of work to be considered a Hall of Fame. Just look at the Sex Pistols. I believe the Counting Crows should get a strong look come 2018

Posted by Brian on Saturday, 04.2.11 @ 01:21am

@Vilos Cohaagen In the song "Murder of One" which is the last song on August and Everything After there is a line that says, "I dreamt I saw you walking up a hillside in the snow. Casting shadows on the winter sky, as you stood there counting crows. One for sorrow, two for joy. Three for girls and four for boys. Five for silver, six for gold. Seven for a secret never to be told." This verse is a traditional British rhyme that Adam Duritz saw in a movie called The Signs of Life.

Posted by Matt on Wednesday, 10.3.12 @ 16:44pm

The Crows are a shoe-in, in my opinion. There just aren't a lot of bands that are still producing music that can even come close to matching the talent and style of Van Morison, Bob Dylan, and The Band. Not to mention that they have a little Nirvana, R.E.M. and Pearl Jam mixed in. These guys deserve it.

Posted by JP on Thursday, 11.29.12 @ 00:37am

Counting Crows should be first ballot Hall Of Famers. Might be best group in my lifetime. a Classic CD. Could make it to Rock Hall on that album alone.

Recovering The Satellites has many of my FAV Crows songs. Angels of the Silences, A Long December, Good Night Elizabeth. It gets better with every listen.

They remind me of The Band when I close my eyes sometimes & listen. With the state of today's music, I see Counting Crows elected by 2020. KING

Posted by KING on Friday, 05.2.14 @ 23:59pm

Counting Crows just are outstanding musicians at every level. They are led by musical genius Adam F. Duritz who is at the highest percentile as a singer-songwriter. They deserve 1st ballot but I'll take 2020 or 2021. August & Everything After is a Classic & remains one of the best albums ever recorded. KING

Posted by KING on Sunday, 05.25.14 @ 11:57am

Deserved for sure. Hope they make it! They are as influential as any other band from the 90s (Nirvana, Pearl Jam..)

Posted by John on Thursday, 10.9.14 @ 13:56pm

Counting Crows are no one hit wonders. From "Mr. Jones" even to the poppy "Accidentally in Love" and "Big Yellow Taxi," they have continued to make a mark on the industry. And they've been at it for 20+ years straight. Never broke up.. always kept playing and releasing music. Longevity is key. They were huge not only in the 90s but the 2000s with the other two previously mentioned songs. First ballot deserved.

Posted by Andrew on Thursday, 10.9.14 @ 13:58pm

The Counting Crows remind me of The Doors in that Adam is such a presence as a singer like Jim Morrison was but the other musicians excellent in band as well. August & Recovering The Satellites two of my FAV CD's. Angels of the Silences is blistering fast and love it. A Long Day December an excellent ballad type gets into your skin and never leaves. I think Counting Crows 1st ballot deserving. KING

Posted by KING on Saturday, 05.2.15 @ 19:43pm

One could make the argument Counting Crows is the greatest group in the last 30 years. They are incredible musicians and highly intelligent. Remind me of Talking Heads in that they seem to be on a higher mental plane musically. Can rock out or do a simple piano ballad with Adam's heartfelt lyrics. Not many bands move me anymore, but Counting Crows are 1 of the few. One of the posters said it right:Pure Genius! I'd take August And Everything After over any of the so-called great music today. Simply CC the best!!! RRHOF 100%. KING

Posted by KING on Tuesday, 06.2.15 @ 20:19pm

Absolutely...there is NOT another band out there like them! Their music is unique and their lyrics are great. I have a number of favorite bands but I can always listen to CC and never get tired of their sound. For me, one of the best bands ever. Have seen them in concert a couple of times and have walked away very impressed. Hope to see them again soon.

Posted by Landis on Monday, 11.23.15 @ 21:01pm

Saw these guys last week in St. Louis for the third time, along with Matchbox Twenty. This was one of those shows that I've been to where the band didn't play their biggest hit ("Mr. Jones"). This time around it was mostly album cuts and supposedly, fan favorites and newer songs. Still they always put on a great show.

Its very hard to believe they will already be eligible next year (for 2019). As far as personal taste, I've always been a fan. From the days they started out on alternative radio to going into their 'soccer-mom rock' phase. I don't know what kind of credentials that would make them HOF-worthy, to be honest. But I'd be happy if they got in anyhow.

Posted by Jason Voigt on Monday, 10.2.17 @ 02:13am

CC have decades of originality, hard work, and loyal fandom behind them. Their live shows countinue to deliver and cement them as one of the best bands touring today. As deserving as anyone else coming up on eligibility.

Posted by InfamousV on Sunday, 10.8.17 @ 01:57am

Is this even a debate? Every song released by Counting Crows is a hit. There arenít many musicians/bands like them.

Posted by Mike on Thursday, 12.7.17 @ 03:43am

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