Corrosion of Conformity

Not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Eligible since: 2008 (The 2009 Induction Ceremony)

Previously Considered? No  what's this?

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Will Corrosion of Conformity be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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Huge influence on Metallica, making the albums that Metallica always wanted to make.

Posted by Paul Czarnowski on Thursday, 02.15.07 @ 07:44am

They were the big name during the early eighties hardcore scene, and eventually became a big name during the late eighties crossover scene.

Posted by Brian on Thursday, 02.15.07 @ 10:42am

Hell Yeah

Posted by Sid on Friday, 02.16.07 @ 12:00pm

COC just haven't crossed over enough to make them a viable candidate for the Rock Hall.

Posted by c.w. on Wednesday, 02.21.07 @ 11:35am

The Devil In GOD !!!

Posted by \sm/ on Wednesday, 02.21.07 @ 13:16pm

Disregard comment #4, you obviously don't know wtf you're talking about !!!
25 years of C.O.C. !!!
Angry Nate

Posted by Dylan McLeod on Wednesday, 02.21.07 @ 20:42pm

Comment # 4 should be taken with a grain of salt. The poster is an EMO lover.

Posted by \sm/ on Thursday, 02.22.07 @ 08:44am

COC all the way!

Posted by Krissi on Monday, 03.5.07 @ 15:56pm

COC all the way!

Posted by Krissi on Monday, 03.5.07 @ 15:57pm

Please. Stroke your COC's all you want, this band has no place in the Rock Hall.

Posted by Jonathan on Friday, 03.9.07 @ 11:57am

coc has made some of the most unique metal ever. they've never lost their own sound.

Posted by converge on Saturday, 03.10.07 @ 21:03pm

Disregard comment #10 as well,
again, obviously don't know WHAT THE FUCK you're talking about !!!

Posted by Angry Nate on Saturday, 04.21.07 @ 02:25am


Posted by Jason on Saturday, 05.26.07 @ 17:28pm

COC should be inducted in the hall of fame solely based on the originallity and influence on the entire underground music scene in the mid 80s. They were what metal-hardcore-crossover was all about. Their roots in the Raleigh, NC hardcore scene of the early 80's brought an incredible doss of energy and aggression to their quickly developing metallic sounds. The results were very intense and influential. COC influenced damn near every thrash metal and politically minded hardcore band in the mid and late 80's.

While the "Animosity" LP is sometimes criticized for being "a little sloppy" or having "vocals that sounded like they were phoned in," no one can deny it's influence on the music to come in the late 80's and even now. It continues to inspire me both musically and lyrically to this day.

The only thing I see ruining the chances is the change in style over the year. I know several will disagree, and I have no problem with that... I find the later stuff to be lackluster.

Posted by Happy Pat on Sunday, 08.5.07 @ 04:55am

COC is a great band but I don't think they will ever make the HOF . I Mean the morons that run the place didn't even put Black Sabbath on the ballot the first 4 years they were eligible and when they did it took them 8 years to finally induct them

Posted by karl on Sunday, 10.28.07 @ 03:32am

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Posted by vigfkba ayhtcpjz on Monday, 06.16.08 @ 07:21am

Boring at best

Posted by tinman on Thursday, 09.11.08 @ 15:22pm

"Corrosion of conformity" sounds like someone needs to stop reading the thesaurus for entertainment

Posted by Joker on Saturday, 10.25.08 @ 21:44pm

YOuse guys are silly gooses LOL

Posted by Audrey Marshall on Monday, 11.3.08 @ 09:56am

Getting tired of typing the same thing. Is there a HEAVY METAL Hall of Fame yet?

Posted by pablo on Sunday, 04.5.09 @ 15:05pm

Getting tired of typing the same thing. Is there a HEAVY METAL Hall of Fame yet?

Posted by pablo on Sunday, 04.5.09 @ 15:05pm

No, nor is there a need for one. If the RRHOF were doing their job most of the worthy metal bands would already be in there (see Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, etc, etc)

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Sunday, 03.6.11 @ 11:49am

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