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Eligible in: 2027 (The 2028 Induction Ceremony)

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Will Coheed & Cambria be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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Coheed and Cambria combined Progressive Rock with Post Hardcore and created a sound much more sophisticated than any other during their time. They continue to grow in the year 2007, and they have only one direction to go - up. Their amazing talent and songwriting skill has influenced others to break molds and incorporate fresh and intelligent ideas into music.

Posted by G.M. on Thursday, 03.15.07 @ 12:36pm

these guys are by the one of the most innovative bands of this and age. they could have been way more but they broke up or a least 2 of the members left, the comradery isnt there any more and if they dont get in this will be the reason why. if they get it all together and make a few more outstanding albums they have a good chance but right now its looking like fall out boy all the way

Posted by bobby vega on Thursday, 03.15.07 @ 12:42pm

I gotta say that I love Coheed and Cambria and they are brilliant inovators but will they be remebered by the gerneral public, or just the people who recognize their amazing abilities. my fear is that they won't be remebered when the time comes.

Posted by Anna on Thursday, 03.15.07 @ 18:04pm

i believe coheed deserves this award above all other bands in this so called music "scene" that they are placed in. Their music is way more technical than these other bands from guitar riffs to bass lines and the percussion and lyrics. They go beyond the music scene and into the comic world that is the base of there music. In my opinon when i hear a song based on some sort of epic story i feel it is much much more impacting than hearing a song about breaking up with my girlfriend. I mean come one this is rock and roll. and so is coheed and cambria keep it up fellas

Posted by Joe Turbo on Thursday, 03.15.07 @ 20:48pm

There are few bands that can knock you down with their records, Coheed and Cambria is one of those bands. I don't like Claudio's voice, but I love the guitars. Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star. One of my all-time favorite guitar albums.

Posted by Seth on Saturday, 03.17.07 @ 15:37pm

Right now its to early to think of the hall of fame for them, they just have done much to be noticed.

Posted by >SOMEONE< on Tuesday, 04.10.07 @ 11:20am

Too early right now

Posted by maplejet on Monday, 05.14.07 @ 13:07pm

Coheed and Cambria have made a mark on rock and roll. Even with the last studio album out, the members will still be working very closley in the music business they love. Travis Stever, on lead guitar has numerous side projects for every single musical thought.

Mic has his bass- although he doesn't have any officially announced side projects he does have a great talent, and fantastic vocals range. Mic does the falsetto vocals on our songs live.

Their recently added drummer has his own things, but as for his dedication to Coheed has yet to be known.

The ex-Coheed drummer Josh Eppard had his roots deeply entimed in his own art, and his style in Coheed and Cambria's music will be missed.

Posted by J.E. on Thursday, 10.25.07 @ 14:19pm

"Mic has his bass"


Posted by liam on Thursday, 10.25.07 @ 14:25pm

If there's any band that deserves to be inducted, it is coheed and cambria. in a world of generic bands, they broke away from the mold and created their own style.

but the question is, will they be inducted? it's too early to tell right now, but i believe that if people don't recognize the genius in the music and instead focus on whether or not they like claudios vocals or the star-wars-esque storyline, then people will be turned off to their music.

i pray this doesn't happen. when 2027 comes around, i'll be rooting for coheed 110%

Posted by MikeP on Sunday, 03.23.08 @ 12:01pm

"in a world of generic bands,"

It's not full.

Posted by Liam on Sunday, 03.23.08 @ 12:09pm

i agree with you in that the world is not completely full of generic bands, however the majority of them are generic. i can hardly turn on the radio without hearing the same crap over and over again. it's almost as if nickelback, green day, and staind were thrown in a huge blender and the resulting mix is popular rock music. thanks mtv.
that is why coheed and cambria should be inducted. they're not dishing out the same old crap that is spoon fed to us via the media, they are actually taking a step forward in music.

Posted by MikeP on Monday, 03.24.08 @ 09:44am

The majority of bands have always benen generic. For every quality band, there's about 20 sh*tty imitators (even more if that quality band made any significant mainstream mark).

I just think that there is stuff out there that is much, much better than this group.

Posted by Liam on Monday, 03.24.08 @ 10:35am

Perhaps there is, but i haven't heard them.
There could be an absolutely amazing band that could revolutionize rock music, but will never get that chance because they will never get their music out there.

plus this isn't about whether or not a band is good. this is about how influential they are to rock music. granted we won't be able to know the extent of their influence until the generation who listened to them begins to produce music.

so put aside opinions. the only thing that matters is 'are they contributing something to the genre' and the answer is undeniably yes.

Posted by MikeP on Monday, 03.24.08 @ 20:13pm

QUOTE: "The majority of bands have always benen generic. For every quality band, there's about 20 sh*tty imitators (even more if that quality band made any significant mainstream mark)."

But doesn't that say that the band HAS been influencing?

Posted by Demet on Thursday, 04.3.08 @ 23:12pm


Innovative? No, not in the slightest. They just sound like an emo or post-hardcore 80's era Rush. Lyrically they're not that imaginative. It's average comic book/Star Wars type stuff. (As an aside, when will people realize that narratives rarely hold up well on albums?) Let's stop using the terms "technical" and "complex" altogether because, really, it isn't. Instrumentation might veer towards "complicated" but that doesn't necessarily equate to complexity.

They're part of a dead end genre that lacks lasting appeal or room for real growth. Ten years from now no one will be talking about them.

Posted by Jonas on Friday, 12.19.08 @ 04:30am

Since there are 18 more years to go before they are eligible, it is too soon to say one way or another.

Posted by Dameon on Tuesday, 03.24.09 @ 11:47am

Alright just to clear it up... their music is not based on their story, nor is the story based on the music. The two work together. Claudio thought of the two at the same time. Although the music came out before the comics. And as of the hall.. who knows. They still have an album coming out and who knows what they'll do after that. And uh, as for the hater over here, you have no argument in saying their music is not complex, lyrically or instrumentally. Their story is so in depth and creative that I would bet not a single person can fully understand it. Their concepts are so imaginative. And every aspect of their music is mind blowing. Their riffs, solo's, bass lines, percussion, and improvisation top any band I have heard in many years.

Posted by Joe on Sunday, 12.13.09 @ 18:36pm

screw anyone who doesnt like coheed...child of the effin fence forevr

Posted by vox2294 on Monday, 10.11.10 @ 17:33pm

The band's name makes me think of Clannad and Enigma. I can't help it. Completely different kind of music, but still.

Posted by Roy on Tuesday, 02.15.11 @ 19:44pm

coheed should be 100% ready for rock and roll hall because they have created some amazing music that touched alot of there listeners. also Claudio is one of the best song writters i have ever heard and he can play guitar amazingly perfect. another reason is that ...

Posted by DarkerOwl on Thursday, 03.10.11 @ 12:22pm

Coheed deserves to be in the hall now lol.... honestly, there isnt much more i can say. I have never ever heard such beautifully collaborated tunes since Fredrich Chopin him self... Emo yes, they led the short lived emo era of rock but they stick out not only in rock, but in music itself. Most people who do not like coheed don't like proggressive sound. But, no body can argue the sophistication of their proggression. I know this is saying alot, but they in my mind, are more "Progressive" by definition of the word rather than by the musical theory. By technical standards they are mooore proggressive than Rush. Think about it like this "The Crowing" grows and proggresses towards the mind blowing ending without much repetition of lyrics and chorus. Rush however, uses proggression in the lead up to the chorus but then repeats from there in the same fashion. Therefore by definition coheed is more proggressive and is responsible for not only developing this genre, but adding classical technique to music.

Posted by Chris Burzo on Tuesday, 12.13.11 @ 17:23pm

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