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Will Chris Isaak be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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Every album this guy has released has been a keeper. Issak has one of rocks great voices...a spooky mix of Elvis and Roy Orbison...writes terrific songs and has a crackerjack band. Too bad he is considered a one hit wonder ['Wicked Game'] he has a dozen or more songs that good.

Posted by Steve Potocin on Thursday, 03.13.08 @ 07:26am

Chris Isaak absolutely deserves to get in. He is a one-of-a-kind rock icon!

Posted by Jonny on Friday, 06.12.09 @ 12:39pm

Wicked Game is only one of may great songs. However, Wicked Games soars like only a few songs have before or since in the history of Pop music.

Posted by Dameon on Saturday, 08.1.09 @ 06:10am

Chris Isaak is a great singer and songwriter and puts on one of the best live shows I've ever seen (three times)! He IS rock and roll.

Posted by Anne on Sunday, 03.21.10 @ 17:11pm

I've been revisiting a few of Isaak's old tracks, and he really was something else back in the late 80's/early 90's. One of the standouts from the whole rockabilly revival movement.

Posted by Chalkie on Tuesday, 05.4.10 @ 21:30pm

If ever there was an artist who has been underrated in rock history it's Chris. As another commenter said, every album has been a keeper. I wholeheartedly agree. I do believe that even the hits collection which is nice is missing quite a few great Chris Isaak songs. That said, if you like Wicked Game, get Heartshaped World, and if you like that, even go for Mr. Lucky from last year. No Chris rarely breaks new ground stylistically, but he does what he does rather well, and is a fave of mine. I can see why he won't get in the Hall (not enough real hits), but I also will not stop being a fan.

Posted by David Balzano on Saturday, 11.13.10 @ 08:26am

I have to agree with all the comments above. Isaak is the ultimate entertainer. His performances are polished and consistent and his shows are just a great time. True he doesn't have commercial hit after hit but the fact he can almost constantly tour the US and then every second/third year tour Australia and UK/Europe, shows just how solid his following is. Anyone doubting his eligibilty for the RnR HoF needs to get to a show and see the varied demographics of the audience. No one ever leaves Isaakland, he just adds more and more fans after every concert.

Posted by Cathy on Wednesday, 02.6.13 @ 17:01pm

Chris Isaak's contribution to music, and his impact on later generations are significant and must not be ignored despite his lack of top 10 hits. This man has influenced many crooners such as Michael Buble, Gary Allan, M. Ward and Enrique Iglesias, along with over a dozen indie bands who cover his hits and other artists who named their bands after him on different continents. Female artists have also been influenced by him, notably Lana Del Rey who has been called "the female Chris Isaak."

His music has also contributed to popular culture as it has been featured in over 50 films and TV shows. And unlike many popular performers, Chris Isaak writes all his songs.

It's a shame he's one of the most underrated and overlooked artists of all time. There is more to him than Wicked Game. Check out his amazing songs: Gone Riding, The Lonely Ones, Back on Your Side, Tears, Voodoo, Blue Hotel, Lovers Game, Funeral in the Rain, Black Flowers, Except the New Girl, Shadows in a Mirror, Lie to Me, Waiting for the Rain to Fall, Blue Spanish Sky, Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing and many more... A lot of atmosphere and emotions come through his songs. His haunting and melodious voice is a gem - he has the best vocals in the industry.

Had Chris Isaak surfaced in the 50s at the height of rock and roll, no doubt he would have rivaled Elvis and other icons. He would have enjoyed the cult status of many legends who do not even write their own songs.

The Hall of Fame needs to revamp their criteria and stop overlooking talented artists.

Posted by Matt on Sunday, 03.30.14 @ 01:31am

Chris Isaak definitely deserves to be inducted. He is a rare breed of musician, with a style and sound all his own, which set him apart from many of today's contemporary artists. He is incredibly talented and has one of the best voices out there, in my opinion. Every album has been outstanding, and Chris and his band sound absolutely amazing live! Aside from his musical talent, he writes his own songs, does his own artwork for many of his albums, has had his own tv shows, and has acted in movies, guest starred on sitcoms, and hosted award shows. If all of that isn't enough, he is very kind to his fans. He used to do public m&g's after his shows and sign and draw things on merchandise for hundreds of people. He often invites people up on the stage during his show, and really connects with his audience. He has a great sense of humor and gets the audience laughing as well. Chris Isaak is one of the most underrated musicians of our time. Does he deserve to be inducted? Yes, 110 percent absolutely he does deserve this honor.

Posted by Georgie on Sunday, 03.30.14 @ 07:07am

Chris Isaak needs to duet with Harry Connick Jr.

Posted by Roy on Sunday, 03.30.14 @ 08:15am

Chris Isaak is an amazing Artist! He deserves to be inducted! His talent of writing and singing is a fantastic contribution to music today. He is as brilliant live as in the Studio

Posted by Teresa on Sunday, 03.30.14 @ 16:39pm

Chris is definitely worthy of a Hall of Fame nod. 30 years of consistently good music; the best live show I have every been to year after year; and not a scerrick of scandal to sully him.

Posted by Cathy on Sunday, 03.30.14 @ 23:00pm

I have been a Chris Isaak fan for 27 years….half of my life! I consistently listen to his music on a daily basis and will never tire of his music. He is the definitive Rocker and truly deserves to be in the RRHF!!

Posted by Judy Mildenhall on Tuesday, 10.18.16 @ 13:39pm

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