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Eligible in: 2020 (The 2021 Induction Ceremony)

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Will Cast be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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Cast are a great band. John Power is a great songwriter/singer. (IMO) Definitley one of my favourite, if not my favourite indie band from Britpop period of 1990s. Better than Blur & Oasis put together (IMO). Truth is they will never get into hall of fame as they arent sell outs like U2 coldplay etc. Real music fans wont care about hall of fame as its just a load of bullshit and once so called 'rock legends' go into hall of fame they just become pawns for the media to sell press and people to make money out of them. I have read alot of comments on here people saying like Blind Melon etc etc "they only had 1 hit" its not about hits you twat its about real talent. For me I know cast arent the greatest band of all time as i believe there isnt one, as it is all down to taste (to a certain extent) but I dont need them to go into hall of fame , although it would be incredible to see, as I know its only the music that matters, not what people think. if you like it listen to it, if you dont, then don't. why do we have to have these overblown larger than life rockstars who are 'geniuses' and all matters is geta no1 etc etc.

Posted by Lewis_Scotland on Wednesday, 03.25.09 @ 16:00pm

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