Carmine Appice

Not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Eligible since: 2006 (The 2007 Induction Ceremony)

Previously Considered? No  what's this?

Inducted into Rock Hall Revisited in 2009 (ranked #31 in the Sidemen (Individuals) category) .

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Will Carmine Appice be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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Wonder if the six people who voted no have any idea who Carmine Appice is. Probably not.

Well he's one of the most prolific drummers of all time, to put it simply. I doubt Vanilla Fudge and Cactus will ever get inducted so I think his best shot would probably be in the sidemen category, though Cleveland has seriously neglected that category.

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Friday, 08.13.10 @ 13:40pm

I'm one of the 6. The fact of the matter is that while he's an amazing drummer, that doesn't make him a Hall of Famer.

Posted by Ralph on Friday, 08.13.10 @ 14:15pm

Ralph, are you the guy who votes no all day long whenever a yes vote is cast for someone?

Posted by interviewer on Friday, 08.13.10 @ 14:18pm

I know who he is.. He is ok.. Anyone that has Sandy Nelson as a big influence is got to be OK..

Posted by mrxyz on Friday, 08.13.10 @ 16:09pm

Funny thing...everything one reads about Carmine (and not imagines) is that his biggest influences were Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa...with nary a mention of Sandy Nelson!

Posted by Gitarzan on Friday, 08.13.10 @ 18:17pm

Funny thing is I am sure he likes buddy...and Gene. Funny thing is he really liked Sandy Nelson!!!! He even went at American Studios where Sandy cut much of his stuff when he had his group/band depute LP "The Rockers" to get that "Sandy Sound" It was the old tube an knob board.. .. He also was a very big promoter of the syndrum which is another funny thing.Him and most any an all drummers in those days worth a salt .. The only thing that is no funny sometimes is Carmine..You have to see the humor in him LOL I really think Tim Bogert help him get this pockets down don't you??

Posted by myxyzomg on Friday, 08.13.10 @ 21:35pm

"Carmine's discography demonstrates his broad musical scope, having worked with artists ranging from Stanley Clarke to Ozzy Osbourne; from Ted Nugent to Pink Floyd. Such versatility stems from Carmine having been influenced by the jazz drumming of Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa, combined with extensive classical training."- (biography)

Yeah, I'd have to say he "likes" them a bit...

Posted by Gitarzan on Saturday, 08.14.10 @ 05:13am

Who wouldn't like them ..? Yeah he has drummed with lots of folks.. What does that have have to do with him wanting the "Sandy Nelson sound" an Liking Sandy??
Like I said ...I like Carmines drumming. Is there a problem with that,, ? You have now earned the OMG award for the day.. OMG 2u LOL

Posted by mrxyzomg on Saturday, 08.14.10 @ 08:13am

"Ralph, are you the guy who votes no all day long whenever a yes vote is cast for someone?"

Ha! I wish I had that kind of free time.

Having said that, I do think that 99% of the names that are listed shouldn't be getting in. There are a dozen or two acts, at most, that are elligible that are worth induction and the rest (including a lot of acts I personally like) don't make the cut.

As I've stated a few times, This ain't the Hall of Pretty Good.

Posted by Ralph on Monday, 08.16.10 @ 11:46am

Ralph, is that "no" directed to him in general or as a Performer? Because he also fits the criteria for a sideman.

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Monday, 08.16.10 @ 12:28pm

Now that you mention it, I was specifically thinking of him as a performer.

I hadn't really given him any thought about a sideman, but since you ask, I wouldn't oppose it. He's certainly got the chops and the resume.

Posted by Ralph on Monday, 08.16.10 @ 12:46pm

I should also add that since there seems to be a de-facto requirement that a sideman has to have done the bulk of their work prior to 1965, he's not going to get any consideration any time soon.

Posted by Ralph on Monday, 08.16.10 @ 14:56pm

Carmine Appice invented hard rock drumming. Before him,( and perhaps Paice and Ginger Baker,) there was no hard rock drumming. He is the godfather of heavy drumming, he influenced thousands of drummers, not only with his playing, but with Realistic Rock- still one of the best selling drum instructional books of all time - has been for 30 years. He's a performer, a musician, and educator and a pioneer. I voted yes.

Posted by Lizbeth on Monday, 02.28.11 @ 22:26pm

Carmine's work with Vanilla Fudge and Rod Stewart and Cactus and pure influence on all drummers after him is hall worthy. Frekin' he was a hard rock drummer before bonham! Honestly i have no idea how people like madonna and half the bullshiz acts who are not "Rock" are in that hall before Fudge and some many other bands. Ive seen over 30 concerts in my 16 years so far and no band has had the musicianship that the fudge has. Honestly such an over looked group, I would put them in before bands like Jefferson Airplane, but i am not a old fart who votes on who gets in the hall.

Overall the hall is Bull! And Carmine is one of the top ten drummers to walk on the this planet (better then buddy rich or keith moon ever were)

Posted by Robb on Sunday, 04.15.12 @ 21:49pm

sorry fans, love carmine ,however, if the HOF has not recognized the importance and overall technical influence of one BUDDY RICH,then Appice must wait in vain.

Posted by roost on Sunday, 05.19.13 @ 17:04pm

Carmine rarely gets his due. He is a pioneer, a unique talent, a showman, and educator. He's got an incredible resume that spans 40 years. He invented heavy drumming along, perhaps with 2 or three others. He's a hit songwriter. A highly technical and highly creative drummer, and he's got a heavy groove like no other. I vote yes.

Posted by Taylor on Sunday, 10.13.13 @ 21:08pm

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