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Will CKY be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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cky is crap theyve never went above garage band status

Posted by curt on Sunday, 12.10.06 @ 10:17am

cky owns your soul

Posted by allison on Thursday, 03.15.07 @ 22:25pm

cky's best band ever!
they gonna kick this world's ass!!

Posted by Zahara on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 04:29am

Curt, I doubt you even understand what CKY (or any decent rock music) is about. Go and cry yourself to sleep with your MCR albums.

Posted by Kez on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 07:22am

CKY should definitely get a recognition like this.

Posted by Ben /finland on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 07:45am

CKY would be very worthy of getting in! Infiltrate.Destroy.Rebuild the rock 'n roll hall of fame! Curt...walk in front of a train.

Posted by Rich on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 08:12am

If anyone other than CKY wins, I will be disappointed.

Posted by themuffnman on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 08:19am

CKY really does deserve this whether some people think they dont, they havent put out a single dissapointing album (although they only have 3 PROPER albums) and I.D.R is a classic, how some people can bash this band without listening to the music is beyond me and I will never understand

Posted by Jon Strickland on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 08:34am

CKY get a bad rap for having some dumb fans... and as soon as those idiots leave CKY alone, maybe people will see how vital a band CKY are to modern music.

Posted by Brendan C on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 09:48am

If innovation and influence are big factors Cky is a no brainer. they are one of the most innovative and orginal bands out there today. seriously, their music is amzing, and have you ever heard any other band that sounds like them? think about it! no other band sounds like them. they're one of the most originnal bands ever and they're awesome. Its just good ROCK music, which is why they should be in the ROCK and roll hall of fame

Posted by John on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 10:51am

Cky are really good. some people just dont give them a chance or there just gay rapper wannabe's

Posted by joe on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 10:55am

cky! hell yeah rock n roll hall of fame...

Posted by jose on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 11:51am

cky deserves this. with all of the hard work they're put into their music. they really care about what they do. like john said, real rock deserves a rock award.

Posted by alexis on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 12:38pm

CKY is a great band. The best thing about them is that they're so else sounds like them...they are originals.

Posted by derek on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 13:55pm

CKY is the last branch of great Rock N Roll they go much further then any other Rock N Roll act out there I mean they should be in the rock n roll of fame to me there the only band that keeps the name Rock N Roll alive these days

Posted by Rusty on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 14:08pm

CKY is quite possibly one of the greatest band of all time just for the simple fact that they are able to create amazing music and that they dont need to be promoted by MTV or any other "entertainment" source to be big. Anyone who disagrees can go listen to their crap music that people like MTV want you to believe is real music.

Posted by Kevin on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 14:42pm

cky rocks! they are the only REAL rock band out there, they can sing, they are the ONLY BAND that has ASK CKY (where they keep in contact with fans and they answer HONESTLY), their music ISNT about being broken up by their girlfriends. they are an all-round rock band.

Posted by Becky on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 14:47pm

cky rocks! they are the only REAL rock band out there, they can sing, they are the ONLY BAND that has ASK CKY (where they keep in contact with fans and they answer HONESTLY), their music ISNT about being broken up by their girlfriends. they are an all-round rock band.

Posted by Becky on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 14:48pm

If MCR or any other wannabe rock band win this award in place of cKy I swear I'm gonna go mad!

Posted by kevin dunn on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 15:39pm

cky has had 3 amazing albums so far. they never changed their music, image, or kissed anyone's ass just to sell more records..they only cared about making good rock. i'm sure by 2024 they not only will have made many more great records but people will wise up and realize this

Posted by chris on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 16:37pm

CKY is more deserving of this award then any other band I know. They've gone through and experienced so much criticism from people who just don't understand what real rock is anymore; yet perservered. I say, #### YEAH, GIVE IT UP FOR CKY!

Posted by Ashleigh on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 19:21pm

No doubt these guys should get in. Like the comment someone else made, "can you think of any other band that sounds like them?" He*llz effing no you cant!, thats because they dont follow the masses into the meat grinder. Sure, most have discovered them through bams vids and jackass, but it was like finding the diamond in the rough. These guys are truly talented Rock and Roll artists and march to their own beat while pumping their fists in the air.

Posted by shane on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 21:58pm

So what they never went above garage status???? They ain't gone over it but yet they have a MASSIVE fanbase bigger then any other band before they sold out. Their fan base is bigger then fall out boys (another gay band) they are changing music whether you like it or not.

Posted by Stuart Hardwick on Saturday, 03.17.07 @ 01:57am

i cant see why they wont be inducted, they are hands down one of the best modern rock bands out, i'm definatly pulling for these guys to get in. they deserve it

Posted by mike on Saturday, 03.17.07 @ 11:43am

CKY really do deserve this award. How can people define "garage band" status? They're on f**kin' Roadrunner Records, for cryin' out loud! They'll get the decent advertisement they deserve as well as backing by a fantastic label. IF this band doesn't get this award, there is no justice.

Posted by Craig on Saturday, 03.17.07 @ 14:08pm

yeahhhhhh these deserve it.
i cant name one band who are like them

Posted by the moshy basher on Saturday, 03.17.07 @ 14:18pm

cKy is one of the few original bands out there. They no doubt deserve to be in it.

Posted by Eric on Saturday, 03.17.07 @ 15:29pm

CKy for President. 2024!

Posted by UniversalCultureShock on Sunday, 03.18.07 @ 13:04pm

cKy is the best band ever!! they definately deserve to be inducted instead of all the horrible bands/rappers out there. rock on

Posted by colleen on Sunday, 03.18.07 @ 18:53pm

If CKY was nomiated this year, they would SOOO win.
CKY Rocks!!

Posted by Candace on Monday, 03.19.07 @ 12:39pm

CKY should DEFINATELY be inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. What they've done is unbalievable, and should not go unrecognised.

Posted by sheree on Thursday, 03.22.07 @ 16:21pm

CKY is more than music. They are a way of life. After looking at the other possibilities for this award. theres only one option. CKY. They have amazing lyrics and riffs. Not to mention fame doesnt get to them. Even still they keep in touch with fans. Thats a true band right there. If anyone deserves this award its CKY.

Posted by Sammy[[DressedInDecay]] on Friday, 03.23.07 @ 07:11am

This is not a question of whether they deserve to be in, but if they will. I would love to see them in, they are my favorite band, but at this point they wouldn't make it. They aren't popular enough and haven't influenced enough bands. And no they don't have a bigger fan base than anyone else before they sold out. Metallica's fan base was bigger after AJFA than CKY's is now and I'm sure there are more. Come on CKY fans, don't be ridiculous. And just so you know, you can't say something is so unique or very unique. Unique means one of a kind and something can't be very one of a kind

Posted by Chris on Friday, 03.23.07 @ 17:22pm


Posted by max on Thursday, 04.12.07 @ 20:11pm

they deserve it 100%, they worked hard for what they have now, what 10 years being around?, people may say bam got them fame, but do you honestly think with all the gay hype of bam, it would have tooken this long?

Posted by mel on Thursday, 04.12.07 @ 20:44pm


"Being around" for over ten years isn't really a huge achievement. I could name tons that have been around longer than CKY.

Posted by William on Thursday, 04.12.07 @ 20:58pm

rock and roll is suffering right now. The true meaning of what it means to rock is lost in makeup and 3 power chords per song. No one cares about the actual music: just their image and being seen on MTV. CKY represents what rock and roll should be: t-shirts, jeans, and beer. Deron cannot write a band song. Chad has shown that he can shred like anyone else on AACBF. Jess is a great drummer, and Matt is a good bass player. Metal is what is saving rock and roll. CKY is the best band out there.

Posted by Jon on Thursday, 04.12.07 @ 21:10pm

You need more Clutch in your life.

Even if music were in a state of decline (it's not), and CKY was the best band out there (not even close), I still wouldn't think that a single band could "save" it.

Posted by William on Thursday, 04.12.07 @ 21:56pm

to the dude who said the never went aboive garage band status. thats actually a good thing becasue cky isnt abut being this big mainstream band (which youre prolly into). theyre about just playing music, and theyre damn good at it. cky is one of the best things that happened to music in awhile. so dont say theyre crap, because theyre not

Posted by john on Friday, 04.13.07 @ 15:16pm

dude. thats because douchebags like yourself are too busy listening to ur mainstream SHIT. and just because theyre more underground doesnt make them CRAP. so gtfo

Posted by kelsey on Friday, 04.13.07 @ 15:41pm

If any band out there deserves the honor of being in the Hall Of Fame, CKy has the credentials to be there. In this time and age, they are one of the most loyal and dedicated bands, not only with their music, but to their fans. I have yet to hear a new band that exceeds the originality that they've empowered. They've kept up what they've done for years now and haven't changed to satisfy anyone. They are a REAL band, playing REAL music, for REAL fans. Being inducted into the Hall Of Fame shouldn't have anything to do with image, record sales, wealth, or any other materialistic number or genre. It should be based on everything but that. Over the years, CKy has created music for the masses that more and more people are piCKing up everyday. They don't need to be plastered all throughout the media to get their point across, their music does it all. And on top of that, they are there for the fans every step of the way. Everyone should drop by www.CKy to get the full perspective on what this band has accomplished. It's hard to pinpoint one really good reason why they should be chosen because it's endless. But their music/band/fan relationship should speak for itself. Innovative? Without a doubt.

Posted by Steph Johnson on Friday, 04.13.07 @ 16:25pm

CKY is the best band ever. end of story. anyone that knows them, knows I'm right. they work their asses off to bring all of us the only decent rock music in ages. CKY deserves this more then anyone.


Posted by Coco on Friday, 04.13.07 @ 16:47pm

Ween > what most of you listen to.

Posted by William on Friday, 04.13.07 @ 17:22pm

CKY is the one of the best bands everrr. Curt, you can just keep your thoughts to yourself, because its obvious that you are musically demented :)

Posted by Lola on Friday, 04.13.07 @ 17:25pm

CKY is an awesome band and They deserve to be in the hall of fame

Posted by Jess on Friday, 04.13.07 @ 17:28pm

why is it that this william kid likes all the bands that the members of cky like?

Posted by suzzy on Friday, 04.13.07 @ 17:30pm

garage band status? is that why they've signed to roadrunner.

lemme guess, you probably voted for death cab for cutie.


Posted by Ryan on Friday, 04.13.07 @ 17:36pm

CKY deserve it

Posted by Nick on Friday, 04.13.07 @ 18:04pm

r u kidding me
cky can own any other band out there
nd btw, its not a garage band, its a famous band known to all the non-douchebags who aren't in the 'scene' right now

Posted by jen on Friday, 04.13.07 @ 18:46pm

LOL 2024. Thats a hella long time, but worth th ewait.
CKY owns all!

Posted by Adrian on Friday, 04.13.07 @ 18:48pm

So what they're supposed to sell out? CKY is an amazing band, they're better than most of the shitty bands out there.

Posted by Kelly on Friday, 04.13.07 @ 19:31pm


CIG 2008

Posted by James on Friday, 04.13.07 @ 19:47pm

"why is it that this william kid likes all the bands that the members of cky like?"

Because lots of bands tend to listen to better music than they make.

A good example is the kids from Fall Out Boy listening to Naked Raygun, or Kurt Cobain listening to the Pixies and the Vaselines.

Posted by William on Friday, 04.13.07 @ 21:04pm

your a fucking bitch.

Posted by fuCKYou666436534566 on Saturday, 04.14.07 @ 00:34am

I only voted yes because they make someone very important to me extremely happy. I see at least 3 other people on that list that should be just as worthy, if not more. Remember, Ozzy Osbourne had a very hard time getting in. I hate his music but 50 cent did extremely well and continues to make money everyday from G-Unit proteges, even without having his own music on the air. Although I dont like his music he was an inspiration to alot of people, to make music. John Mayer is also good because alot of the important things John Mayer does goes unheard of and unseen. He's played with the likes of Eric Clapton and B.B King, his music can be played for all types of crowds, even the eclectic hippie music snobs. I also think The White Stripes are good candidates because of all that the band has been through since day one. Not to mention they make a two person band happen like a mother fucker which I'm sure is no easy feat. But CKY got my vote due to the massive impact they have had on pop culture, either directly or indirectly. One of you said they never went above garage band status and what i think you mean to say is that they never lost the garage band sound. Everybody loves that because it gives them a sense of familiarity. Not to mention that other celebrities they have ties with (Bam, Steve-O, etc..) took their style and spread it across the country like peanut butter, therefor becoming pop. Do you any of you not know someone who is just like them?

Posted by Rev. Zombie on Saturday, 04.14.07 @ 05:35am


Posted by scoupe 1666 on Saturday, 04.14.07 @ 08:39am

pshhh. you bitches are jealous. CKY owns mothafuckas!

Posted by hayley on Sunday, 04.15.07 @ 16:20pm

hahaha, i LOVE the CKY ALLIANCE! yes yes yes yes....cKy will definitely be in the rock 'n' roll hall of fame. they're the ONLY band around nowadays that deserves it~

Posted by Trey on Sunday, 04.15.07 @ 16:21pm

cky has been my favorite band since 1999. I love them because they have such a unique sound to them that nobody can pull off. they’re a band that plays music for their love and passion for music and for the fans, and they care so much for their fans, its awesome. Theyve changed my life musically so much, from the creative riffs and creative solos to just their personalitis as people. I can go on for hours and hours on how great cky is is but those are some of the main reasons. If anybody deserves to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame its cKy!

Posted by John Sevi on Sunday, 04.15.07 @ 16:28pm

"they're the ONLY band around nowadays that deserves it"

Shut the hell up. The damn Melvins have been around for over 25 years at this point, have influenced tons of bands in multiple genres, and were responsible for some of the most challenging and original music throughout their existence. And guess what? They're just part of a long, long line of bands more deserving than CKY.

Posted by William on Sunday, 04.15.07 @ 19:07pm

cky may not be the most famous, but i do believe they deserve recognition in the history of rock. over 5 years ago, they influenced me to start playing guitar, and this was one of the best desicions of my life. CKY is awesome. YES!!!!!!!

Posted by megan on Sunday, 04.15.07 @ 19:52pm

Of course CKY should be inducted. They're the greatest band in the whole world. NO ONE deserves this more than CKY. Yes, maybe they did get most of their recognition from Bam, and of course they did, since Bam wants to see Jess do good for himself. Their songs were always on Jackass and Viva La Bam, but most of it they got on their own.

All the CKY haters, maybe you should actually listen to some of their songs and get the message behind them. There's never a bad song when Deron, Jess, CIG, and Matt are involved.

Posted by carime on Monday, 04.16.07 @ 06:21am

How wrong you are.

Posted by William on Monday, 04.16.07 @ 12:35pm

Quite possible. Yet, right now in their prime a good chunk of America would only know them because Bam Margera's older brother is the drummer...or at least for "96 Quite Bitter Beings"

Posted by Ryan Gibbs on Sunday, 05.20.07 @ 05:09am

Ok, first, cKy is my absolute favorite band of all time. They are because of this. They care for their fans, they write kickass riffs and they are one of the only REAL rock bands out there. cKy are damn well amazing but i dont beleive they are ready for this kind of achievement. CKY alliance, do you guys really beleive they need to stand next to Black Sabbath and Sex Pistols? i dont think yet. but in 2024? who knows?.....i think they are the perfect rock band and i believe after about 2 more albums they will be ready.

Posted by Marc on Monday, 05.21.07 @ 17:41pm

oh and by the way, i think Ween should be in there. lol peace

Posted by Marc on Monday, 05.21.07 @ 17:43pm

cKy-the truth of rock.
most definately should be.

Posted by heather on Wednesday, 05.23.07 @ 19:16pm

Hell Yea they have. Just goes to show you haven't even listened to thier music or extended involvement with other musicians. They have progressed so much since i was a little kid.

- Favorite Songs -

Plastic Plan
Close Yet Far
Sporadic Movement
Human Drive in Hi-Fi
Lost in Contraption &
Disengage the Simulator


Posted by Hunter Boone on Monday, 05.28.07 @ 07:01am

Curt you can't even speak english properly, and you clearly don't know music at all. CKY are huge. Garage band status? You don't know what you're talking about.

Posted by Lawrie on Monday, 05.28.07 @ 07:02am

CKY are the best band ever in my opinion, they dearve this!

Posted by sam on Monday, 05.28.07 @ 07:07am

CKY definately deserves this.
more than any other band out there right now.
its true.

Posted by boognish on Saturday, 06.23.07 @ 21:42pm

No, it isn't true.

Posted by William on Saturday, 06.23.07 @ 23:12pm

This is begining to appear like a room full of third too, is not, is too, is not.....LOL

Posted by Anonymous on Sunday, 06.24.07 @ 08:21am

cKy is da best ever all these other bands today all sound the same I sware music today seems to be all about the money but cKy makes it about the fans and the music,they acualy care they have answered almost 10 thousand fan questions personoly does any of those other sound alike bands do that?

Posted by krewz on Friday, 07.13.07 @ 00:53am

i stumbled upon this site..i'm really very proud of all of you that voiced your opinions. the support and love from the fans of this band NEVER ceases to amaze and inspire me.. thank you alliance. F.C.N. .its really cool to just stumble onto a random site and see this kind of support goes on and we don't even know it!..thank you again. we've already won.. haven't we? see you fuCKYrs at the gigs! ~cig

Posted by C.i.G on Friday, 07.27.07 @ 00:00am

Didn't CKY do the Viva La Bam theme.

Posted by Mike on Sunday, 10.5.08 @ 07:12am

Anyone who voted "yes" should go jump off a bridge right now.

Posted by Craig on Saturday, 01.3.09 @ 15:11pm

I voted yes.

Posted by Mike on Monday, 03.23.09 @ 18:24pm

cky has gone past garage because if you watch viva la bam you would kno they have played so many concerts for bam and bam has even gone to them so stfu

Posted by chrisian on Monday, 04.13.09 @ 17:06pm

I've never heard of CKY. What is it? Correctional Kindergarten Youth? OK that was random lol

Posted by Milestones on Friday, 09.11.09 @ 11:00am

I've never heard of CKY. What is it? Correctional Kindergarten Youth? OK that was random lol

Posted by Milestones on Friday, 09.11.09 @ 11:00am

Actually, 'CKY' is short for 'Camp Kill Yourself' I guess 'Correctional Kindergarten Youth' fits as well.

I've never seen so much love for CKY in my life...and none of the posters gave points as to influence or innovation...

Posted by Ray on Friday, 09.11.09 @ 20:50pm

CKY really do deserve it, any musician good enough to understand what they do will tell you that. Not to mention they have a sound that no band can ever touch. However, lots of times innovation is never properly rewarded so I wouldn't be surprised if CKY stays underground for the most part, but it would be a shame.

Posted by tom on Saturday, 07.17.10 @ 00:08am

I voted no. Yay me!

Posted by Brittany on Friday, 01.14.11 @ 08:10am

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