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Will Brian Wilson be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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Why is this man not already in?

Posted by Joe on Saturday, 12.9.06 @ 12:40pm

Wasn't "Caroline, No" released as a Brian Wilson song and not as a Beach Boys song? That was released in 1966, so shouldn't he be eligible for solo induction already?

Even if I have to wait, completing "SMiLE" is more than enough to ensure him a spot.

Posted by Mike on Friday, 12.15.06 @ 02:22am


Posted by FlemishBlemish on Monday, 01.8.07 @ 17:08pm

yes he should been in before fab four paul for sure
he did release caroline no in 66 is true ...
damn he is a genuis ask mr dylan and petty

Posted by magicman1969 on Wednesday, 03.14.07 @ 20:45pm

No Brian Wilson he shouldnt of been in before paul mccartney because paul had more hits and was a better singer/songwriter.

Posted by Moose on Sunday, 07.22.07 @ 19:23pm

Brian Wilson, as a creative force, should be in--except that his creative force was almost entirely as a member of the Beach Boys. Even if "Caroline, No" was recorded as a soloist, it and his other solo work are hardly worthy of entry as a performer. At least not until Ringo Starr gets in as a soloist.

Posted by Joe on Monday, 12.31.07 @ 13:00pm

"So never?"

Perhaps, but I am sure that Ringo Starr will make the hall--since all of the other Beatles (except Pete Best) have made it in as soloists.

Posted by Joe on Monday, 12.31.07 @ 17:50pm

Talk about innovation! Wilson should get in on his own. His accomplishments dwarf some of the others who are in more than once (cough, Paul Simon, cough).

Posted by c.w. on Wednesday, 01.30.08 @ 08:10am

What's your beef with Paul Simon, c.w.?

Posted by Blue on Thursday, 01.31.08 @ 00:16am

"God Only Knows" why Brian Wilson is not in the RNR Hall of Fame. Why is he only eligible starting in 2013?

Aside from Lennon/McCartney and Jagger/Richards, Brian Wilson is the dominant songwriter in the sixties. All of his songs are classics.

Posted by Prof D on Wednesday, 03.12.08 @ 14:33pm

Gee Brian is a great writter..One of the best in the 60 and 70's... YES to BRIAN

Posted by mrxwz on Saturday, 08.9.08 @ 21:25pm

Gee Brian is not in... and Spector and Bono are ...????
that's show BIZ LOL

Posted by mrxyz on Thursday, 09.11.08 @ 12:54pm

Brian Wilson is just as much 'in' as Bono, xyz, both as members of their band. When they inducted the Beach Boys in '88, they also inducted Brian for his work for that group. That same year, he released his first solo album (it's not very likely they will consider that one song he released back in '66 ast the start of his solo career). When they want to celebrate the influence, innovation and impact of his solo work, they will do that 25 or more years after the year his solo career started. So it will take at least five years before Brian Wilson will be inducted again.

Posted by The_Claw on Thursday, 09.11.08 @ 14:52pm

As much as I love The Beach Boys and would consider them in my Top 5 of all time, I'm going to vote 'No'. Brian Wilson solo? unremarkable. SMiLE and 'Caroline, No' are all fine and everything, but everything truly honorable was done with The BBs. I love how he rereleased 'Good Vibrations' half a dozen times though.

Posted by Paul Kagebein on Thursday, 02.5.09 @ 11:24am

He should be in
Not many can be like him an do what he do.. The true King of Surf


Posted by mrxyz on Monday, 08.17.09 @ 20:39pm

I find it funny strange that on this Forum Dale is the King of surf and Coven or Steve Perry to name a few have x 10's as many

Just goes to show ...Surfs up before the tidal wave..?

Posted by mrxyz on Thursday, 09.3.09 @ 23:44pm

In as a member of the Beach Boys... and really all he should have. Not as a solo artist. The recordings of his solo career simply don't merit it.

Posted by Philip on Friday, 09.4.09 @ 22:27pm

n as a member of the Beach Boys... and really all he should have. Not as a solo artist. The recordings of his solo career simply don't merit it.

Posted by Philip on Friday, 09.4.09 @ 22:27pm

He wrote lots of tune for other bands Jan an Dean even work with Jim Fuller of the Surfais {I think}

Maybe as a producer....When your as good as Brain ya should be in 2x's LOL any Who he is the King of Surf and mo...ask the Beatles LOL

Posted by mrxyz on Sunday, 09.6.09 @ 01:39am

A lot of musicians produce their own stuff and for other artists. If you start inducting musicians separately for their success as producers or as Side-Men for the times they appeared on other artists' records, you're just gonna end up inducting the same people year after year, just in different categories, which is part of the problem with trying to get Carole King in as a Performer, who imo, deserves that honor more than Brian Wilson, since her Brill Building days and her days as a recording star are very separate, distinct careers, "It Might As Well Rain Until September" notwithstanding.

Are we going to induct Lennon, McCartney, and Harrison a third time each as N-P's for songwriting? Bobby Womack twice more for songwriting AND session musician work? Phil Spector as a Side-Man for the times he played guitar ("On Broadway" and "Play With Fire" for example)? I really hope you're joking with that remark, because you're definitely not being very sensible about it.

Posted by Philip on Sunday, 09.6.09 @ 02:15am

Special congratualtions go out to Brian Wilson, who has the awesome task of somehow getting into the mind of Geogre Gershwin and doing the man justice. I read Wilson is being allowed to work on two unfinished Gershwin numbers, which will be released later on (probably 2010, I assume). Wilson is one of the few people out there who should have a crack at this. This is one of the rare cases where it can only end on an up-note.

Posted by Cheesecrop on Thursday, 10.8.09 @ 18:04pm

Cheesie...Saturday night in Denver;

First pitch- 30 degrees

9th Inning- Wind chill in the teens, snow likely.

All of this at 5280 feet...of course, BOTH teams have to play in it, but it's the Rockies' second cold home stand...

Thought you'd be interested...LOL!!!

Posted by Gitarzan on Thursday, 10.8.09 @ 19:09pm

We have 4 seasons here...June, July, August,...and WINTER!!!!!

Posted by Gitarzan on Thursday, 10.8.09 @ 19:17pm

No problem, Gitar - We've played in plenty of cold weather ourselves. Admittedly, it is not always in baseball season, but these gents know about how cold a Philly winter can be as well.

It's a tie at 1-1. Anything can happen over the next three.

btw, you say it's the Rockies second cold homestand - when was the 1st? Are we talking early April here? If that's the case, then it really doesn't factor in any way now, does it?

Posted by Cheesecrop on Thursday, 10.8.09 @ 19:21pm

Question - just now I went to post. Your own posting ended at 19:09 pm.

My posting ended at 19:21 p.m.

Yet when I went to post, a second one appears, listed at 19:17 p.m. that wasn't there before, partailly answering my question...

So just how DID you answer my question 4 minutes before I posted it!!!!!

Is there a psychic connection going on here? Are you Dionne Warwick, Gitar?

I swear, if I've been talking to Dionne Warwick all these months, I'll faint (& probably miss the rest of the Series!)

Posted by Cheesecrop on Thursday, 10.8.09 @ 19:27pm

The Arizona series in mid-September was rainy and chillier that usual for that early.

Nope I'm not Dionne Warwick (doesn't she have like 84 teeth? I have the normal allotment), but I do have severe ESPN....

Posted by Gitarzan on Thursday, 10.8.09 @ 19:31pm

Dionne Warwick has 84 teeth!!!!!?????

Posted by Cheesecrop on Thursday, 10.8.09 @ 19:36pm

He should get it with an apology for being several years late. No Brian, no Pet Sounds, Sgt Pepper, even summers might have been less sunny.

Posted by steve on Saturday, 12.26.09 @ 15:11pm


Posted by Tim on Saturday, 01.16.10 @ 01:15am

Are you kidding? He is the composer/producer of the 20th century. No one can touch Brian Wilson at his best. THe RR Hall of Fame is an insulting joke.

Posted by Wayne HUNT on Monday, 03.15.10 @ 07:12am

Dionne Warwick has 84 teeth!!!!!?????

Posted by Cheesecrop on Thursday, 10.8.09 @ 19:36pm

I knew that she had a condition were she had overdeveloped canines (aka vampire teeth), but not that she had 84 teeth (she had the canines filed down).

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Monday, 10.10.11 @ 12:38pm

Come to think of it, I doubt "vampire teeth" is the politically correct term.

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Monday, 10.10.11 @ 12:39pm

Speaking of surf music...Brian is the one that really put it on the map.He took it to a new level...

Posted by Happy on Thursday, 05.3.12 @ 18:24pm

I was listing to Sirus radio this first weekend of the summer On the 60s channel it was a Beach Boys weekend. They interview most of the Beach Boys As you may know the have a new 50th year album out They
called it the best Surf Album in almost 50 years,
I guess they think the Beach Boys play surf music
and they are a surf band

Posted by benthebeach on Monday, 05.28.12 @ 21:33pm

Watching a show of him and other artists and wonder why this genius isn't in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame already.

This man is equal or surpasses the orchestral accomplishments of any other artist I've heard

Posted by RandyM on Tuesday, 04.14.15 @ 19:26pm

Brian Wilson should be inducted separately from the Beach Boys either as a producer or some other category. Pet Sounds is essentially a solo album and he should get credit for that achievement.

Posted by William Tell on Tuesday, 02.23.16 @ 10:03am

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