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Eligible since: 2001 (The 2002 Induction Ceremony)

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It's a Heartache (1977)
Total Eclipse of the Heart (1982)

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Will Bonnie Tyler be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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01. 1978 - # 16 It's A Heartache
02. 1979 - # 145 Diamond Cut
03. 1983 - # 4 Faster Than The Speed Of Night
04. 1986 - # 106 Secret Dreams & Forbidden Fire


01. 1978 - # 3 It's A Heartache
02. 1979 - # 86 My Guns Are Loaded
03. 1983 - # 46 Take Me Back
04. 1983 - # 1 Total Eclipse Of The Heart
05. 1984 - # 76 Here She Comes
06. 1984 - # 34 Holding Out For A Hero
07. 1986 - # 77 If You Were A Woman (And I Was A Man)

Posted by Roy on Thursday, 03.31.11 @ 22:24pm

Bonnie Tyler is a legendary International pop star with her own unique voice. She's been referred to as "The Female Rod Stewart".

And since 1978, Bonnie Tyler has been singing. Even though "Holding Out For A Hero" is criticized for it's complexity, Bonnie Tyler continues to prefect it. Bonnie Tyler deserves to be in "The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame".

Posted by Alexander on Tuesday, 12.6.11 @ 10:24am

Bonnie Tyler is a truly amazing performer & has earned the right to be in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

I witnessed Bonnie Tyler not being given a Grammy in 1984 for "Total Eclipse of the Heart" & I believe that was in-just. Bonnie Tyler's songs have since been classics...there for she deserves to be in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Posted by MusicLegend on Saturday, 12.31.11 @ 23:51pm

Bonnie should be in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Her unique raspy voice is truly legendary.

I personally grew up with Bonnie Tyler music. I always loved going to the clubs & hearing that epic ballet...Holding Out For A Hero. And Bonnie Tyler continues to perform...that there is a true Rock & Roll Legend.

Posted by It's A Heartache on Tuesday, 02.28.12 @ 10:56am

Bonnie made her chops singing since she was 17 in 1969 buy initially working the clubs until she had a pro contract in 1973. Her commercial success went nowhere until 1976, when she had a big hit in Europe with LOST IN FRANCE, keeping her in the top 10 in Europe for 6 months. But it was not until 1978 when IT'S A HEARTACHE became a worldwide phenomenon (more recently covered by fellow inductee Rod Stewart), and one of Bonnie's best song, bringing together rock and country influences. Then, TEOTH became an even more massive hit, and of course, HOFAH, much loved by fans. Big hits that people do not know she sang first include THE BEST (covered by Tina Turner a couple of years later), MOM (recently covered by Garth Brooks). She's done country, blues, rock, pop and collaborated with anyone from Vince Gill to Meat Loaf and Frankie Miller. Definitely a valid choice!

Posted by Fabien Wecker on Saturday, 02.6.16 @ 10:42am

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