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Will Bobby Vee be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
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He definitely belongs in-He was the closest thing to a Buddy Holly soundalike that we had in the 60's. He was always on the charts and had several million selling 45's. Who could forget Take Good Care Of My Baby, Rubber Ball, Run To Him, Devil or Angel, Sharing You, The Night Has a Thousand Eyes, Come Back When You Grow Up, and all the others that you had to sing along with whenver they were played on the radio! Put him in!!!

Posted by Greg on Saturday, 01.5.08 @ 12:56pm

i will not go back to rock and roll hall of fame until Bobby Vee is inducted in.

Posted by Howard Cromwell on Friday, 04.6.12 @ 09:00am

Wow, I had no idea Bobby Vee passed yesterday. This guy was very important in rock and roll history. Besides his string of hit songs in the early 60s (the innocent, pre-British Invasion age), it was Vee who filled in for Buddy Holly and the Crickets after the band perished in the plane crash. It is also very little-known that Vee helped Bob Dylan with his career during that time period. Dylan has always appreciated Vee for his efforts for opening doors for him in the last 50 years.

Its very shameful that the R&RHOF has not considered putting Vee in. I doubt it will ever happen. I could say the same for some of the acts during that short era (1960-1963), but unfortunately his legacy will probably only live on through Oldies stations that will stay play him. RIP

Posted by Jason Voigt on Monday, 10.24.16 @ 22:43pm

RIP Bobby Vee. Not in the first tier of my favorite artists, but I did love a lot of his songs.

Posted by Philip on Monday, 10.24.16 @ 22:55pm

I have a couple of his albums and I've always loved his music. I heard the news earlier today, but I was expecting it for a long time because he's had Alzheimer's for so long. He really should've been inducted by now. He's had great hits and got Dylan his start. One of Minnesota's finest. R.I.P.

Here's a story since I know how much everyone on this site loves The Moody Blues. One of Bobby's sons (I forgot which one) went to high school with my mom. He asked her on a date to the Moody Blues concert, but she said no, because she hates their music.

Posted by Max on Monday, 10.24.16 @ 23:19pm

Aw, I'm sorry to hear about this. He had a lot of fun hits. R.I.P.

Posted by Steve Z on Monday, 10.24.16 @ 23:31pm

That's a cool story, Max!

I forgot to mention that he spent many of his later years performing at Dick Clark's American Bandstand theater in Branson, Missouri. I was in Branson about a decade ago and I almost went there but I think Bobby took time off briefly at that time. Him and Fabian took turns performing there.

Posted by Jason Voigt on Monday, 10.24.16 @ 23:51pm

Awesome story Max. And an important moral to it too: prog rock is largely a dude's genre. He should've asked her out to the New Colony Six concert. lol.

Posted by Philip on Tuesday, 10.25.16 @ 00:00am

I have every Bobby Vee album and there are at least 60 covers of purely rock and roll singers songs he does justice to. To leave him out is a crime while letting some like Percy Sledge with two R&B hits and Wanda Jackson a country singer with one rock hit in is ridiculous. I am not even going to mention a novelty artist like The Big Bopper who was DJ with novelty hit and no future. Does anyone listen in the HOF fame to all recordings done by popular artists ? Just check out Bobby Vee Meets The Crickets or Bobby Vee Meets the Ventures for starters. Ignorance!

Posted by Bob on Thursday, 12.15.16 @ 17:04pm

Re the great question posed by Bob above ... I am guessing no one in the Hall is listening to Bobby's hundreds of recordings, some done with his early band The Shadows, and many others during the 60s, and also years after his early Brill Building hits. Listen to Nothin' Like A Sunny Day, now on YouTube, his amazing virtually unknown singer/songwriter country rock LP from 1972. Or his 1999 second Buddy Holly tribute album Down The Line. His last album The Adobe Sessions was released in 2014, mostly recorded with family after he learned he had Alzheimer's.. where he very soulfully covers Townes Van Zandt, Daniel Lanois, Gordon Lightfoot, and Bob Dylan etc. Bobby has upwards of 60 songwriting credits starting from age 16 up to his final CD. He was a skilled self taught rhythm guitarist, had his own record label and high tech recording studio, produced and arranged many of his own recordings. Many legendary artists were friends and fans of Bobby. Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Weber were fans as teens and remain so, and Bobby and Tim collaborated in writing a song Bobby recorded. He supported and mentored his fellow artists. He also raised millions of dollars supporting music and the arts in his local community for upwards of 30 years. Bobby toured for 52 years all around the world, always with a professional attitude and a high level of musicianship. Find on YouTube as the only Nobel Laureate in the Hall Of Fame took the time to actually speak to the audience during a 2013 concert to describe Bobby, who was listening to the show on the side of the stage, as being the most beautiful (or maybe it was "meaningful", Bob Dylan kind of mumbles) person he ever shared the stage with before singing Bobby's early hit, Suzie Baby. Bobby has already been honored by other hall of fame organizations, musical and otherwise. Recording songs that connected to millions of fans as teenagers and that still sound good many years later was not easy. A new play about Bobby's life was finishing its world premier run in MN when Bobby passed away. It got great reviews, and sold out. Maybe he will be appreciated appropriately if the play expands! An intelligent and gifted musician who is dearly missed by many...

Posted by Meg on Saturday, 12.17.16 @ 22:21pm

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