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I Fought The Law (1965)

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Will Bobby Fuller Four be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
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The band that performed the original I Fought the Law and the Law Won!

Probably the inspiration for John Mellencamp's The Authority Song.

Wnen I fight authority authority always wins.

Posted by Roy on Thursday, 10.23.08 @ 07:25am

I Fought the Law

Posted by Mr. Octagon on Saturday, 10.25.08 @ 13:29pm

Roy... I think this is one of the few times you actually have a normal post!!

Posted by Keebord on Tuesday, 06.30.09 @ 23:21pm

Bobby Fuller created a sound that helped shape
the 1960s music scene

Bobbys contribution to the music of West Texas
cannot be denied

I cant help but where Bobby Fuller and
Buddy Holly would have taken music,had they not left us so early......... Buddy(22)and Bobby(23)

Posted by Gary C on Saturday, 01.23.10 @ 16:22pm

The Clash did a remake of I Fought the Law and the Law Won

Posted by Roy on Saturday, 01.23.10 @ 16:41pm

Comparing Bobby Fuller to Buddy Holly is a stretch, to say the least. His only hit of note, "I Fought the Law", was written by Sonny Curtis, who was a member of Holly's band at one time, and he recorded some at Norman Petty's Clovis, NM studio.

Now, to say Fuller was influenced by Holly would be a little more accurate. Outside of that one song, Fuller really didn't make much of a splash at all...

Posted by Gitarzan on Saturday, 01.23.10 @ 16:47pm

No, Gitarzan, I disagree.

Buddy was an early innovator of rock 'n roll, but Bobby definately carried the torch into the 60s. In the era of the British invasion, Bobby stayed true to pure Texas rock 'n roll, and had a string of hits leading up to his death. For such a short period of being on Del-Fi (1965-1966), his influence was trememdous.

To the uneducated, like Gitarzan, the Bobby Fuller Four was a one hit wonder band that never left an impact on rock 'n roll. Of course, the fact that 'Let Her Dance' and 'Love's Made a Fool of You' also became hits for the band say otherwise. People like him also may claim that he's just a Buddy Holly wanna-be, but that's also untrue. The difference here is that he expanded on what Buddy did, and created his own unique sound. The original 'I Fought the Law' by the Crickets had a very Holly-esque sound to it (and is by no means bad), though the Bobby Fuller Four version... that's something else.

Posted by Ian on Sunday, 10.16.11 @ 22:03pm

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