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Blind Faith (1969)

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Can't Find My Way Home (1969)

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Will Blind Faith be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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Are you kidding me??? Why aren't these guys inducted?!?! One album, but one distinct sound, and one hell of an organization of musicians.

Posted by Andrew on Sunday, 12.3.06 @ 00:44am

I love the Blind Faith album, but one album isn't enough. Besides, do we really need Clapton in a fourth time?

Posted by Kit on Sunday, 12.3.06 @ 11:08am

Why not the 4th time? He surely deserves it...or are you telling me you should be inducted instead of him 'kit'

Posted by accesor on Saturday, 01.6.07 @ 16:09pm

I said no such thing. Don't make strawman arguments.

A band that only released one album, no matter how good that one album is, should not be considered for the Rock Hall. One album is not enough. That's all I'm saying.

Posted by Kit on Saturday, 01.6.07 @ 17:51pm

Uh, then how do you feel about the Sex Pistols induction last year?

Posted by Elwood on Saturday, 01.6.07 @ 17:59pm


Posted by Kit on Saturday, 01.6.07 @ 19:43pm

I Had to Cry Today when I discovered that Blind Faith would yet again be snubbed for next years' inclusion.

I am keeping the Faith that they will & Can Find Their Way to the HOF as it is well deserved!

WELL ALL RIGHT so the voting board has been foolish...

Posted by Pete on Monday, 10.1.07 @ 12:50pm

Definitely a great band but what about Derek and the Dominos? Each had one album. Should the band be inducted or the individuals as artists? Tough call...tough call.

Posted by Bill O. Goods on Monday, 10.29.07 @ 19:51pm

Although Blind Faith made a great album, their only album, they're a "supergroup" in the sense that the members came from previous bands. Ginger Baker and Eric Clapton from Cream, and Steve Winwood from Traffic. (Rick Grech, the fourthmember came from an obscure British band called Family and would later join Traffic during its "Low Spark" period. CSN is also a supergroup in the same sense, but had more longevity. I don't think we need Duane Allman in the HOF twice (Duane was in Derek & The Dominoes) or EC in there five times.

Posted by Aaron O'Donnell on Friday, 02.1.08 @ 12:09pm

They made a great album, they were an amazing live band, they were the original supergroup and they were four of the finest musicians in the history of rock and roll. Isn't that enough? I know some of them are in already, but so what? This is a different part of their careers and marks an important turning point in the history of the music.

Posted by Metalsmith on Friday, 02.8.08 @ 17:37pm

"...Isn't that enough?"

Well, no, and most of my argument would be your first sentence repeated with emphasis on the "a".

Posted by Liam on Friday, 02.8.08 @ 17:40pm

Blind Faith to me was more of a "project" than an actual band.

Posted by Terry on Friday, 02.8.08 @ 17:59pm

I noticed that seems to be your strategy, Liam: you simply repeat what I say and then contradict me. It's rather mindless, isn't it?

Posted by Metalsmith on Sunday, 02.10.08 @ 13:32pm

No, Mr Blacksmith, if you didn't want me to respond to your comment, then you shouldn't have posted it.

PS I actually like the Blindfaith album. This is what I mean by "objectivity".

Posted by Liam on Sunday, 02.10.08 @ 13:39pm

By the way, Terry, I'd say you're nearly right. Blind Faith began as a serious effort but when Eric Clapton decided his heart wasn't in it, they did end up as something of a footnote for each of the members.

Posted by Metalsmith on Sunday, 02.10.08 @ 13:53pm

Clapton had a tendency to do that over the years (see The Yardbirds...thought they were too commercial). Funny how these different topics will tie into each other...when I play "Can't Find My Way Home", I actually use that Chet Atkins-like fingerstyle. There's my bit of useless information for the!!!

Posted by Terry on Sunday, 02.10.08 @ 14:00pm

I'm actually much more a fan of "stabbing" the strings. I like a nice spiky sound, like prime-Andy Gill and Thursten Moore. However, I do like playing with my fingers, especially when I'm playing stuff like Johnny Marr.

Posted by Liam on Sunday, 02.10.08 @ 14:04pm

Stop being objective and just tell us what you think. It's what the rest of us do.

Posted by Metalsmith on Sunday, 02.10.08 @ 14:09pm

Here's another one you might enjoy...I go way back on guitar history!! I use very heavy strings and almost always use a pick. I learned that fingerstyle because it helped me with songs like "Dear Prudence", etc...It took a while to get my middle & ring finger to think for!!

Posted by Terry on Sunday, 02.10.08 @ 14:12pm

If you would care to read my comments, I've already told you my subjective opinion on Blind Faith.

Not that I actually care what you think.

Posted by Liam on Sunday, 02.10.08 @ 14:13pm

One of my favourite effects players, ever!

Aswell as one of my favourite singers (although they're not the same person!):

Posted by Liam on Sunday, 02.10.08 @ 14:34pm

I can see them getting into the hall , no pun intended.

Posted by sluggo on Friday, 02.15.08 @ 20:10pm

Clapton is already in with The Yardbirds, Cream and solo. He still needs to be inducted with The Bluesbreakers, Blind Faith and Derek & The Dominoes

Posted by communicator on Friday, 12.26.08 @ 14:24pm

The best of the best YES,,,!

Posted by mrxyz on Wednesday, 05.27.09 @ 00:34am

They only had one album and I don't think we can induct every little thing Clapton ever did. I have to say no.

Posted by Dude Man on Wednesday, 07.22.09 @ 09:47am

The Sex Pistols had only one album.

Posted by mike on Friday, 04.9.10 @ 10:21am

The Sex Pistols had only one album.

Posted by mike on Friday, 04.9.10 @ 10:21am

You are right, but then again The Sex Pistols were a terrible band, something Blind Faith wasn't, therefore by the logic of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame committee, The Pistols of Sex get to go in and not the Faith That is Blind

Posted by Wombotron on Friday, 04.9.10 @ 19:22pm

"You are right, but then again The Sex Pistols were a terrible band"

Why is "lack of skill" always a bad thing? Sometimes "talent" can take away the emotional connection that's involved in music. The Sex Pistols' one album was very influential, the one Blind Faith album wasn't. I think Clapton himself would be surprised if they were ever inducted. And "Can't Find My Way Home" is one of the most beautiful songs ever recorded, so don't grasp at straws and accuse me of being biased.

Posted by Sam on Wednesday, 06.30.10 @ 17:18pm

I love their one classic album and their live DVD at Hyde Park. However Blind Faith's life was just way too short, and did not have much momentum. The group was more of a tentative place for its musicians until they figured out what their more permanent place would be.

I vote no.

Posted by Barry on Wednesday, 10.6.10 @ 13:42pm

You would think that the Rock Hall would be in a mad rush to induct Blind Faith.

Blind Faith

Ginger Baker
Eric Clapton
Steve Winwood
Rick Grech

Posted by Roy on Wednesday, 12.1.10 @ 05:32am


The Spencer Davis Group
Derek and the Dominos
Blind Faith

Posted by Roy on Wednesday, 12.1.10 @ 05:44am

EC does not need to be in 4 times.

Posted by GFW on Wednesday, 12.22.10 @ 14:31pm

Eric Clapton should be a 5-time inductee.

Posted by Roy on Thursday, 11.17.11 @ 10:33am

Secong induction for Ginger Baker.

Posted by Roy on Thursday, 11.17.11 @ 10:37am

Could get in with Scoorpions for questionable covert art.

Posted by GFW on Wednesday, 10.3.12 @ 15:22pm

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