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In a Big Country (1983)

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Will Big Country be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
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Of Course They should! Stuart Adamson. Say No More

Posted by Drew on Tuesday, 08.22.06 @ 05:31am

Just for the record, their selftitled song is a classic track. Can't help but have shivers whenever I hear it, wonderful vocal performace.

But seriously, Hall of Fame? That album alone was total crap (aside from the aforementioned hit) and they never remained relevant or popular after.

Posted by Casper on Tuesday, 12.12.06 @ 02:58am

One great song does not a carrer make.

Posted by JAck on Monday, 02.5.07 @ 12:43pm

Actually, "Fields of Fire (400 Miles)" was much better than "In A Big Country," and the rest of "The Crossing" was a very good album.

Had they followed it up with a few more, BC would have been a solid HOF choice. Of course, they didn't, but I voted for them, just for fun.

And yes, sometimes one great song DOES a career make.

Posted by jayjay on Friday, 03.2.07 @ 19:11pm

One great song may not a career make but BC was about more than one song. They may have been regulated to "one hit wonder" status in the US, but they remained a force in music in Europe long after US audiences forgot about them having more than a dozen hits in England alone.

And their debut album "The Crossing" still sounds as fresh and as exciting has it did in 1983.

Posted by NFB on Tuesday, 04.3.07 @ 20:07pm

I think it would be wonderful if they made it...perhaps I'm a bit of a biased fan, but I've heard that the Edge from U2 cites Stuart Adamson as an influence. And BC brought about the E-bow's five seconds of fame, too.

Most of all, I'd love to see Mark, Tony, and Bruce show up, just to prove to the whole entire United States that they are still around, playing fantastic music.

And I'd like Stuart to be recognized.

Posted by Chelsea on Wednesday, 07.16.08 @ 17:21pm

I would surely like to see a talented band like Big Country be recognized, but they won't because they only had one hit song and the rest of their awesome music was largely UK exclusive. It would be cool to see them given some respect though.

Posted by Jason Elliott on Tuesday, 09.9.08 @ 22:39pm

Big Country were not a just a group of great musicians (Stuart, Bruce, Tony, & Mark) but they had passion that many artists seem to lack now days.
It's hard to find bands that had a way with music and words that Big Country did and what they left behind for fans to enjoy is just a glimmer of what talent they really possess

Stuart Adamson had a voice that could touch the soul and the talent that, sadly, I don't think many were able to observe. He will be greatly missed by many.
R.I.P. Stuart.

Posted by W.B. on Monday, 05.11.09 @ 12:39pm

Fields Of Fire (400 miles) is the best song by Big Country.

Posted by Limping Steve on Wednesday, 05.13.09 @ 01:52am

I have/had THE CROSSING on all formats: LP, tape and CD. Definitely a classic but I am sure they will be overlooked. But that's not a problem, they are still a great band.

My favorite song is the catchy "Inwards"

Posted by Barry Smith on Thursday, 05.14.09 @ 07:34am

To paraphrase an earlier post, one great song does not a great band make, but WHAT A SONG!

Posted by Chalkie on Friday, 07.2.10 @ 20:37pm

Stuart is the most under rated singer/songwriter of ALL time and should be honoured for the joy he brought to so innovative as ray davies..say no more...backed by the brilliance of Bruce, Mark and Tony, Big Country were fantastic live with a lovely touch of warmth and humility you don't find any more ..thanks Stuart..much missed..RIP

Posted by steve on Friday, 09.5.14 @ 19:07pm

Bug Country made 3 albums that entered the top 3 in the UK. As well as Fields of Fire and In a Big Country, there was The Seer (with Kate Bush), Where the Rose is Sown, Look Away, One Great Thing and many, many more fabulous tracks. Should they be in the Hall of Fame? Of course they should by any criterion you can judge them by. Will they be? No - because it's an American market that judges them. Shame.

Posted by Tony Fisher on Wednesday, 02.1.17 @ 15:59pm

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