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Will Berlin be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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What's wrong with you people? Berlin was one the most popular groups in the 80's. With hits like The Metro, No More Words, Sex (I'm A...)& Take My Breath Away. They deserve a higher vote than that.

Posted by Anthony Long on Tuesday, 04.10.07 @ 00:53am

There's no justification for Berlin being in until the Krautrock of Kraftwerk and Can gets recognized.

Posted by Kit on Saturday, 04.14.07 @ 22:44pm

That has nothing to do with anything. Berlin was a popular band at the time. They desereve a much higher vote than that.

Posted by Anthony Long on Sunday, 04.15.07 @ 21:52pm

What do you mean it has nothing to do with anything? If better bands who made huge innovations in the exact same genre/mode and they're not in, why should the bands living off their innovations be in? That'd be like letting The Clash in before The Stooges.

Oh, wait.

Posted by Kit on Monday, 04.16.07 @ 15:02pm

You're missing the point of this vote process. They are not asking who's better than who or who came first. They are asking if they're good enough to be in the HOF.
Do You Get It Now.

Posted by Anthony Long on Tuesday, 04.17.07 @ 12:42pm

The question is "WILL" they get into the hall. When evaluating the question of will, you have to take precedents into account, and also who's in line in front of them.

Posted by Kit on Tuesday, 04.17.07 @ 15:14pm

Never mind the brain dead nay sayers, more votes for YES to Berlin. Thet're a damn good band and deserve to be in the HOF. So what if Kraftwerk came first, they had fewer hits than Berlin.
Kraftwerk sound more like technobabble.

Posted by Anthony Long on Wednesday, 04.25.07 @ 12:30pm

Berlin should definitley be a band in the rock n roll hall of fame. They defined rock and new wave in the eighties and they are great.

Posted by amber on Thursday, 07.26.07 @ 12:56pm

Just reading these postings and seeing the name "Sex, (I'm a..)" and remembering my local AOR station actually played it when it came out gave my stomach the urge to churn. The only band in the early 80's that could make Blondie & The Pretenders look deserving of the Hall of Fame.


I have to run now to the head before my keyboard becomes covered with this past evening's dinner.

Posted by SG on Sunday, 08.12.07 @ 22:43pm

I think they should be voted in,Heck they voted for "Madonna"Thats not even close to Rock N roll,If she can get in.... why not Berlin? The committy should get a better definition on what Rock N roll realy is!Berlin was closer to rock then The absalute CRAP thats getting voted for now!

Posted by Jim on Saturday, 06.7.08 @ 06:27am

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