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Will Bad Religion be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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Influential and lasting, doubt they will be recognized too soon however unless artists today start listing them as a major influence

Posted by Kenny on Friday, 12.22.06 @ 18:05pm

They need to because they revitalize the US punk scene in the late 80s and a lot of punk bands would not be around today if it were not for them.

Posted by Evan on Sunday, 05.6.07 @ 21:34pm

Posted by Nick on Friday, 06.8.07 @ 02:21am

Posted by Rokky on Friday, 06.8.07 @ 12:35pm

Posted by Rokky on Friday, 06.8.07 @ 23:52pm

Do they deserve to be in the rock and roll hall of fame? Yes. Is it going to happen? Probably not. I
t is quite literally a popularity contest. In most spots worldwide, you say "bad Religion" people go "who?" So, sadly, I'll say no

Posted by Drg84 on Tuesday, 11.27.07 @ 22:50pm

Posted by Unknown on Tuesday, 03.11.08 @ 01:40am

Posted by Unknown on Tuesday, 03.11.08 @ 01:40am

When you think about Bad Religion, you'll think about pop songs. I think NO! I think about great songs, songs sbout political instability. Something that bands like Rage Against The Machine, Pennywise and others have used and made impact to the world. People don't know but this is real songwriting, not some lame shit that you hear on the radio or on MTV or even better MYSPACE. The world needs to at least know about real music. This Is It.

Posted by Frank on Wednesday, 03.19.08 @ 10:23am

Bad Religion should definitely be in the HOF. They led the punk revival of the 90's by forming the Epitaph label which was the first place you looked when discovering up and coming punk rock music. It's hard for BR to really get the credit they deserve because there are so many imitators out there, but remember, that skate punk style was created by them. That should count for something.

Posted by Billy Hud on Monday, 10.13.08 @ 00:46am

definitly one of the most influential punk bands ever there right up there with the ramones and the sex pistols, they need to get in

Posted by Seweed on Monday, 12.15.08 @ 20:20pm

Yes, just for being one of the most unique, talented and articulate hardcore bands out there. They were at the beginning of the LA Hardcore scene, so I'm sure they've had some influence.

Posted by Sam on Wednesday, 03.10.10 @ 17:49pm

They influenced green day so they should be pretty good and be in the rock and roll hall of fame.

Posted by andrew on Friday, 05.16.14 @ 15:02pm

Talking God and evolution with a punk legend
Chris Hayes examines Pope Francisí take on evolution with academic and lead singer of Bad Religion, Greg Graffin.

Posted by Roy on Wednesday, 10.29.14 @ 07:08am

Bad Religion

01. Greg Graffin
02. Brett Gurewitz
03. Jay Bentley
04. Jay Ziskrout

05. Pete Finestone
06. Greg Hetson
07. Bobby Schayer
08. Brian Baker
09. Brooks Wackerman

Posted by Roy on Friday, 11.25.16 @ 07:21am

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