Bad Brains

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Eligible since: 2007 (The 2008 Induction Ceremony)

Nominated in: 2017   

Previously Considered? Yes  what's this?

Inducted into Rock Hall Projected in 2032 (ranked #402) .

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Bad Brains (1982)
I Against I (1986)

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Pay to Cum (1980)
Banned in D.C. (1982)
I Against I (1986)

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Will Bad Brains be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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No comment. Bad Brains speaks for itself!

Posted by L.T. on Wednesday, 12.27.06 @ 13:28pm

Bad Brains must be inducted.

Posted by Jason on Sunday, 12.31.06 @ 23:04pm


Posted by Al on Wednesday, 01.24.07 @ 07:51am

Sadly, they might not be inducted, but they certainly should be.

Posted by Matt on Thursday, 01.25.07 @ 13:40pm

First fast loud black hardcore group. But DC is not rock central

Posted by Jack on Monday, 02.5.07 @ 12:36pm

i'll give them credit for truly taking down yet another racial barrier. but their sound was completely derivitive of everyone else at the time. 80's hardcore just got to stolid, too samey and boring. i remember when the scenes in l.a. and d.c. finally started to die down, i let out a big sigh of relief.

Posted by rick on Thursday, 02.22.07 @ 09:35am

The question isn't "Should they be inducted?" Of course. They were a radical band -- who the hell else would have combined hardcore with reggae and made something of it? -- but the question is "WILL they be inducted?" There aren't enough voters representing punk, reggae or black rock to push them anywhere near the attention of the sheep in the middle ground. Were they to be inducted, it would be an earth-shattering moment in music history, and I would light a candle, then play their first album nonstop for 24 hours in tribute. But I don't see it happening ...

Posted by franorama on Tuesday, 03.13.07 @ 01:22am

Bad Brains should because they were one of the innovatros of hardcore punk. However, I feel they will be out-voted by bigger names like Metallica and Madonna. My vote's for Bad Brains.

Posted by boysdontcry67 on Thursday, 03.22.07 @ 17:44pm

sorry rick buddy but you're completely wrong. Bad Brains were the originators of it all. They were playing songs like "pay to cum", "I against I", and "the big takeover" in the mid-'70's. Way before the early '80's wave of american hardcore. They are the orginal. They were the loudest, fastest, most sonically offensive rock had ever produced in their time. Every modern hard rock band lives in the shadow of the Bad Brains. Music has still yet to catch up with the genius of Banned in D.C., I Against I and the s/t. They proudly stuck a middle finger in the face of (at the time) every trend in music. Not to mention that they're live shows are considered by many critics to be, not just one of the best, but perhaps THE BEST live experience to ever grace hard music. Just go check out Bad Brains: Live at CBGB 1982 and try and tell me that that isn't pure brute energy and ferocity. Hard music at it's finest.

Posted by Blake on Sunday, 04.8.07 @ 00:49am

They are one of the greatest influence of Rage against the machine

Posted by roméo on Wednesday, 06.13.07 @ 13:41pm

The Beastie boys also claim they are influenced by them

Posted by roméo on Wednesday, 06.13.07 @ 13:43pm

bad brains will definitely be inducted when the "big names" start to get lamer and lamer. I believe they will have a year that will allow these hardcore/punk bands in:

Bad Brain, Dead Kennedys, Minor Threat, NoFX and Bad Religion

Posted by john on Wednesday, 06.27.07 @ 15:06pm

Should they? Yes, yes, a thousand times YES!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Chalkie on Sunday, 09.23.07 @ 10:08am

of course they should be. they are the best punk rock band of all time.

Posted by Justin on Monday, 12.17.07 @ 14:16pm

If they are not inducted, they should tear the place down

Posted by Chalkie on Monday, 02.25.08 @ 10:52am

Bad Brains invented hardcore punk. They took the Sex Pistols and Ramones and made it three times as face, loud and in your face. H.R. was the real deal. But what set them apart from most was they had true musical talent. These guys were playing jazz fusion before they discovered punk, and there are amongst the best musicians ever to play rock, not least punk. That they mixed their sound with reggae and dub was another mark of their greatness. To have been at one of their shows in the 70's and 80's was a true privilege.

Posted by Measles on Saturday, 04.5.08 @ 04:23am

This is a tough decision. The bad brains were one of the most influential bands in 80's hardcore punk. And they even had a name in the reggae world.

Im not sure if their Hall of fame worthy. but they sure are legendary.

Posted by Justin on Thursday, 05.22.08 @ 08:41am

Bad Brains is one of the best bands of all time. Just go and listen to Dr. Know pull off those sick solos, H.R.'s voice going from deep to high pitched in a millisecond, Jennifer's amazing live bass playing (Youth Are Getting Restless CD), and the drummer, Earl Hudson, is still my favorite of all time.

These guys created hardcore punk, and were playing it years before anybody else did. Don't forget they are probably the best American reggae band as well.

If they do not get in, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is pure sh*t.

In their prime, I would consider them the greatest band... EVER. So much energy, so much emotion, and they played great at the same time.

Posted by Jerry on Sunday, 06.15.08 @ 15:27pm

Bad Brains are the holy grail of hardcore punk rock. They should get in the hall of fame. They should be the first hardcore punk band inductedand I think other hardcore bands bands will follow such as black flag, minor threat, dead kennedy's, the circle jerks, and maybe a few other hardcore bands.

They are the greatest.
nuff said

Posted by charlie on Friday, 08.8.08 @ 16:10pm

They rocked the hardest of any band I have ever seen--- and although I missed a few notable bands, I did get to see the Ramones a dozen times Johnny Thunders twice, and Iggy Pop once (so far--- with David Bowie on keyboards.) The Bad Brains were louder and more intense than all three of those acts put together. But they are a little too obscure for the Hall and their record as a recording act was spotty at best.

Posted by Timothy Horrigan on Wednesday, 11.12.08 @ 16:15pm

If Bad Brains don't get in, than the Rock and Roll Hall of fame is a fraud.
It is impossible to listen to Bad Brains and say they don't deserve in unless you have a mental defect.
Bad Brains played MUSIC in general how it was meant to be played. Expressions, emotion, PURE ENERGY, and while sounding awesome doing it!

Posted by Richard on Thursday, 05.7.09 @ 01:55am

I'm not the biggest fan of hardcore punk, but Bad Brains is the expection. The first to blend punk music with reggae definately counts as innovation. I can hear influence of this band in grunge, thrash metal, and today's punk bands. Yes, they deserve it.

Posted by Dude Man on Friday, 07.17.09 @ 22:59pm

"The first to blend punk music with reggae definately counts as innovation."

That would be The Clash or one of the 2 Tone and Ska revivalists of the period (The Specials or Madness, etc.) I do agree with the rest though. I think their early stuff defines Hardcore better than any other band, even Minor Threat.

Posted by Elastic Man on Saturday, 07.18.09 @ 00:19am

Definitely. Very unique band.

Posted by Sam on Friday, 07.16.10 @ 17:29pm

"Bad Brains invented hardcore punk."

You misspelt "Black Flag". Or maybe "The Dead Kennedys", is that what you meant to say?

Posted by Sam on Monday, 11.29.10 @ 06:27am

Are you kidding me? These guys are awful.

Posted by Bob on Sunday, 02.27.11 @ 19:14pm

Greatest American punk group after the Ramones.

Posted by Chalkie on Thursday, 08.11.11 @ 13:49pm

I understand why they wouldn't be inducted. But to me they were the best of the so-called hardcore bands. And the trick was that they never labeled themselves as a "hardcore" band.

Posted by astrodog on Monday, 12.12.11 @ 15:49pm

Saw these rockers at Bonnaroo. Great set. Lead singer sort of looked like an older Ronnie Van Zant. They would get the crowd in a frenzy & then would interspirse one of their reggae numbers to bring them back down.

Posted by Paul in KY on Thursday, 06.14.12 @ 07:36am

Massive snub thus far.

Posted by Chalkie on Thursday, 12.13.12 @ 14:44pm


Posted by BulmaPunkRocker on Sunday, 07.6.14 @ 22:51pm

I hate to admit this but I kinda like that they are being massively snubbed. To me, Bad Brains have always been waiting for people to catch up to them. It's why they play hard and fast or slow and spiritual. It's why they play music that cant really be boxed. I'm not surprised they haven't been inducted in to the Hall because it's never been about that. They are too good to ignore, even if it's not your style

I was at that Bonnaroo set too and you are so right Paul. They were in complete control and it wasn't like anything else I had ever experienced at a concert.

Posted by Goodone917 on Monday, 02.16.15 @ 14:09pm

Glad you got to see them, Goodone! Hope you stayed for Flogging Molly. That was a hell of a one. two punch :-)

Posted by Paul in KY on Tuesday, 02.17.15 @ 07:21am

Awesome that they got nominated! A bit curious they got nominated before Black Flag but still awesome.

Posted by Rick on Tuesday, 10.18.16 @ 08:16am

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