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Will Asia be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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Sorry, nothing vital or original. Bloated rock a few years after it was fashionable

Posted by JACK on Monday, 02.5.07 @ 12:35pm

"Heat Of The Moment" & "Only Time Will Tell".
Asia, Rock & Roll Hall Of Famers all the way!!!!

Posted by fg2fg on Wednesday, 03.14.07 @ 15:26pm

a poster shouldnt even be framed from this band

Posted by jordo on Saturday, 03.17.07 @ 20:50pm

Terrible band...I always thought I liked Heat of the Moment, etc. But, then when the songs would came on, I would just turn it off...the worst "progressive" had to offer....

Posted by Anonymous on Sunday, 05.20.07 @ 19:42pm

they are good musicians, especially the great percussion playing of Carl Palmer
lately it's been about politics but i beleive ASIA should get in. they have the standard criteria WHY NOT ?

Posted by danny on Friday, 09.28.07 @ 08:08am

In terms of raw talent, Asia is actually one of the best bands ever assembled. Downes is a beast on the keyboards. Howe can play the guitar as well as anyone. Palmer is a fantastic drummer. Wetton had the soaring voice needed for any group that "found itself in '82" but a deeper one than his contemporaries. It's pretty sad that this band has become a joke since 40 Year Old Virgin despite the fact that the original line-up could outplay any artist who cracked the charts since that stupid movie came out. The only knocks on them are sometime the songwriting just wasn't there and the retooled line-up from '92 to '04 consistently disgraced the original with their new agey prduction and godawful lead vocalist (the later transgression has been rectified as that era of the band has been basically decanonized). If their new album in '08 is on par with the original three, then there is no reason not to put them in other than it being an unpopular move.

At least give them credit for the cool logo and badass album covers.

Posted by Eddie on Wednesday, 03.12.08 @ 16:13pm

Europe is better than Asia

Posted by <>^*+!=\\ on Sunday, 11.16.08 @ 10:33am

"Europe is better than Asia"

Now that's just silly.

And yes, I am one of those Asia fans lurking in the shadows.

Posted by Randy on Friday, 11.21.08 @ 21:23pm

I LOVE ASIA! Best musicians to ever be together on the band!

Posted by hELLRIDER on Friday, 12.19.08 @ 04:17am

no they won't

Posted by PB on Wednesday, 01.14.09 @ 10:53am

Hasn't "Heat of the Moment" become something of a cultural joke in recent years?

Posted by Keebord on Friday, 07.3.09 @ 14:08pm

I was right, wikipedia has this to say about Asia:

"Although Asia has not recaptured the success from the early Eighties in its later years, the band's legacy endures, and occasionally Asia references are found in the media. Some of these references are not altogether flattering. The Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode "Overdrawn at the Memory Bank" features Professor Bobo (played by Kevin W. Murphy) singing part of verse two from "Heat of the Moment". In addition, the doorbell of the Satellite of Love plays the intro to "Only Time Will Tell.
In an episode of the animated TV series South Park, Eric Cartman and the United States Congress sing "Heat of the Moment" a cappella.
In the Supernatural episode "Mystery Spot", Sam Winchester is reliving a day over and over again. Every time he wakes up to relive the day, the song playing on the radio that wakes him up is "Heat of the Moment". Dean tells him to admit that he loves the song. He says he'll kill himself if he ever hears it again, and Dean proceeds to dance around and lip sync to it."

Not to mention the scenes from the 40 Year Old Virgin movie

Posted by Keebord on Friday, 07.3.09 @ 14:17pm

The first comment on this post is dead on. That one sentence sums up that band better than anyother ever could.

Posted by The_Avenger on Sunday, 03.21.10 @ 20:18pm

The first comment on this post is dead wrong.

Great band, great songwriting...

Unlike many of the recent inductees.


Posted by earth hates humans on Thursday, 03.25.10 @ 17:21pm

Has anyone else noticed that, on its most recent tour, this band referred to itself as "All Four Original Members of Asia"? I realize there are legal complications to their current existence, but this makes them sound like a caricature of themselves. Adding to it, their song list during the concert seemed to comprise of only about four Asia songs ("Sole Survivor," "Only Time Will Tell," and "Heat of the Moment" plus probably one other Asia song I missed), but included material from Yes, the Buggles and others from the bands' members' past. Strange.

Posted by Joe on Saturday, 03.19.11 @ 01:27am

Seems like another one of those bands that came from the wave of prog that had potential, but never lived up to it.

Posted by GFW on Sunday, 05.22.11 @ 15:46pm

Joe - yes they had some legal troubles with that terrible-sounding John Payne, who was vocalist for awhile in the 90's (and their music stunk, too). That goof trots around as "Asia featuring John Payne" when no one I know thinks he contributed anything more than a few rotten apples.

Given who's recently been inducted, this band is definitely eligible. Great songs (people forget Don't Cry and The Smile Has Left Your Eyes), great playing - and this crap that they weren't "prog-enough" is just that - they were PURPOSELY writing pop-rock. Maybe they grew tired of playing 22-minute songs where there HAD to be a drum solo, HAD to be a keyboard solo, and so on.

John Wetton is the man!

Posted by flash on Wednesday, 12.7.11 @ 15:03pm

I love Asia and am not the least bit ashamed to admit it. Their self-titled debut album is a solid album from the opening track (the all-time arena classic Heat of the Moment) to the final song (the infectious excitement of Here Comes the Feeling). The truly epic (in the correct sense of the word) album artwork with the serpent in the ocean is the appropriate icing on this delicious cake.

Some may write Asia off as "just another cheesy '80s band." That's total nonsense in my book. A band that boasts a line-up of accomplished musicians like Geoffrey Downes (Yes), John Wetton (King Crimson and Roxy Music/Bryan Ferry), Carl Palmer (Emerson, Lake & Palmer), and Steve Howe (Yes) doesn't fit the definition of cheesy. Between the impassioned vocals of Wetton, the piercing guitar of Howe, the catchy drums of Palmer, and the futuristic-sounding keyboards of Downes, you have some superlative musicians at work.

Objectively speaking, I don't see a very strong case for Asia's induction, seeing as how all four of the founding members had made more significant achievements with their previous bands. Yes, Emerson Lake & Palmer, and King Crimson are far more deserving in terms of establishing the progressive rock genre and having a lasting impact on music. Asia should be remembered as having a who's-who in prog rock and one of the best supergroups ever assembled. That's their legacy, IMHO.

Posted by Zach on Friday, 06.29.12 @ 23:34pm

Asia has a new album out.

Posted by Roy on Tuesday, 08.28.12 @ 10:51am

One of the most unique bands ever. Probably one of the best bands to come out of the 80's. Three great reunion albums as well. Can any other 80's band claim that?

Posted by Clark on Saturday, 10.6.12 @ 13:55pm


01. Geoff Downes (keyboards; The Buggles, Yes, Asia)

02. Steve Howe (guitar; Yes, Asia, GTR)

03. Carl Palmer (drums, percussion; The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Atomic Rooster, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Asia)

04. John Wetton (lead vocals, bass guitar; King Crimson, Asia)

Posted by Roy on Tuesday, 10.9.12 @ 17:11pm

Loved the first Asia record, especially when they decided to rock(Soul Survivor). While i ackknowledge these guys are all fantastic musicians, i dont care for any of their past affiliations. Never considered Yes a rock band.

Posted by Rock Authority on Tuesday, 09.2.14 @ 23:12pm

Rock Authority,

If you do not consider Yes to be a rock band, then what do you consider them to be? What genre do they belong to, instead?

Posted by Enigmaticus on Sunday, 08.9.15 @ 17:25pm

RIP John Wetton

Posted by dmg on Tuesday, 01.31.17 @ 11:51am

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