Annie Lennox

Not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Eligible in: 2017 (The 2018 Induction Ceremony)

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Walking on Broken Glass (1992)

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Will Annie Lennox be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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Perhaps, if The Eurythmics are inducteed first.

Posted by Master on Saturday, 01.20.07 @ 19:47pm

Annie Lennox will not get in as a solo artist. I like Annie Lennox, but, honestly, her influence and significance is too minor on her own. Voters will (and should) consider it best to recognize her contributions to rock as part of Eurythmics.

Posted by Andrew on Saturday, 01.5.08 @ 17:06pm

I like her. Diva is excellent, and the newer album Bare was pretty good as well. But I'll have to say no. Maybe with the Eurythmics.

Posted by Sam on Monday, 02.22.10 @ 18:53pm

The song, Everything I Do I Do It For You, from the 1991 Robin Hood movie and soundtrack, starring Kevin Costner, and from the Bryan Adams album, Waking Up The Neighbors, was originally offered to Peter Cetera to sing. Peter Cetera turned it down, as did Annie Lennox.

Posted by Roy on Friday, 12.24.10 @ 03:16am

One of her best known songs apart from Eurythmics is Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves ... the song was a (the?) feminist anthem. Also Ms. Lennox was named to OBE by Queen Elizabeth for charity work and her activism in fighting AIDS. She is huge in the world of music! Wiki tells me she is on Rolling Stones "100 Greatest Female Singers" and that she has sold 80 million (80 million!!!) albums. It blows my mind to see she is not in the RRHoF, not The Eurythmics either. No More I Love You's ... sing it Annie.
I am certainly no feminist and not British, but I'd say this lady should get in, easy. Shouldn't she already be! Bloody well nominate her! lol

Posted by Telarock on Wednesday, 10.29.14 @ 20:53pm

She's not even Eligible until 2017 Telarock. oops!

Posted by Telarock on Wednesday, 10.29.14 @ 21:11pm

Sheesh. We just all witnessed Lennox blow away the entire Grammys-2015 at the age of 60!! C'mon people. Get her in the Hall of Fame, she is a white soul genius, and Dave Stewart was always a brilliant innovator-producer-guitarist-songwriter. Eurythmics without a doubt, and Annie 2x. Diva went Quad-Platinum. Bare was almost too brilliant for the commercial world. Go back to Savage, and revisit the raw, "I Need a Man"

Posted by K. on Tuesday, 02.24.15 @ 22:03pm

Her solo work actually dates back to 1988.

Posted by A on Wednesday, 12.21.16 @ 01:46am

more women rockers

Posted by Anton on Sunday, 04.30.17 @ 03:08am

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