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A Horse With No Name (1972)
Ventura Highway (1972)
Tin Man (1974)
Sister Golden Hair (1975)

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Will America be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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Death to America!

Posted by Osama on Monday, 02.12.07 @ 14:21pm

"A Horse With No Name". That is a classic song from America. Come on R&RHOF, you can do better than that!

Posted by fg2fg on Wednesday, 03.14.07 @ 15:19pm

Very original, great acoustic guitar work, great lyrics....should definitely be in.

Posted by Anonymous on Wednesday, 05.2.07 @ 06:00am

America is one of the best groups ever overlooked by the foundation. Myself and a few other million people feel you should be ashamed

Posted by gary robertson on Saturday, 06.16.07 @ 18:05pm

The Rolling Stone Record Guide totally trashed this great band while singing the praises of Parliament/Funkadelic and proclaiming "Exile on Main Street" the best Stones album ever - go figure!

Posted by punster1941 on Thursday, 06.28.07 @ 23:56pm

Take their record guide and stuff it in a squirrel's nest. Don't let the fascists at Rolling Stone tell you what's "cool" and what isn't. It's Un-American!

Posted by SG on Wednesday, 09.19.07 @ 19:49pm

Janet Jackson has incorporated America's work into not one but TWO songs. She sampled the acoustic guitar riff from "Ventura Highway" on "Someone To Call My Lover" and transposed the key and used the melody of "Daisy Jane" for "Let's Wait Awhile." One time a radio station played "Daisy Jane" and "Let's Wait Awhile" BACK-TO-BACK!!!

Posted by Aaron O'Donnell on Saturday, 02.2.08 @ 14:57pm

One of the great folk-rock bands of all time. Timeless music. Should have been inducted long ago.

Once again, I think it is fellow artists who got their asses kicked (music saleswise) who seem to have in for them.

Posted by Paul in KY on Monday, 03.17.08 @ 10:49am


Posted by Brittany on Monday, 11.1.10 @ 09:54am

The heat was hot

There were plants and birds and rocks and things

Stupid stupid stupid

Posted by Loop on Tuesday, 01.25.11 @ 14:01pm

America, especially in the early 70s, wrote and played the finest rock music on the radio. And the fans loved them. Two of the founders still tour under that name. They influenced many of todays younger musicians, including Adam Schlesinger, Jim James, Ben Kweller, Bill Mumy, Ryan Adams and James Iha--who worked with them on their 2007 album "Here & Now".

But the music snobs hated America because their song knocked Neil Young off the #1 spot in the charts. So they dubbed them CSNY imitators.

Posted by Colorado Russ on Wednesday, 02.23.11 @ 08:39am

RIP Dan Peek

Dan Peek died on July 24, 2011

Posted by Aaron O'Donnell on Thursday, 09.15.11 @ 20:57pm

Absolutely love this band. There induction would bring honor to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Posted by Walter Row on Saturday, 09.27.14 @ 08:09am

America were truly talented with many great songs I grew up on. After Dan Peek got saved by Jesus and left all the fame and fortune behind, America was snubbed by the demonically-controlled music industry. They didn't want people to come into contact with that story about a man getting saved so America it seems has been largely panned/ignored. I don't expect them to ever be in the RRHF. Too bad, they were and still are one of my favorite bands. God bless Dan Peek, he's singing in Heaven now.

Posted by Samaritan Sentinel on Sunday, 04.19.15 @ 14:54pm

America is a band that has been overlooked for many years. The American dream, 3 young boys who found success in the music business early in their career. Horse with no name kicked off their story all the way from London. An American band ! The boys had that Southwest Acoustic 3 part harmony that was just starting to blossom in the states. ]They were the sweethearts of Warner Bros. records . I see many of the other inductees they were surrounded by like The Eagles, Linda Ronstadt, Joni Mitchell, they even kicked Mr. Young off his # 1 Spot. This group has been around and 45 years and still tours today 100 plus dates per year. I think they deserve a spot in the Hall !

Posted by Michael D'Antonio on Wednesday, 12.30.15 @ 16:34pm

you should add lonely people and tin man to essencial songs

Posted by meh on Sunday, 05.1.16 @ 12:19pm

America's music is timeless. It influenced contemporary musicians and those who followed them. Their lyrics, vocal harmonies and musicianship were brilliantly woven together to tell stories of life, love and war. It is astounding America has not yet been nominated for the RRHF, and the nominating committee must correct this oversight. This truly great band deserves to be in the RRHF.

Posted by GJohnson on Sunday, 01.1.17 @ 22:38pm

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