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Will 2 Live Crew be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
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I actually suggested 2 Live Crew as there are already rap/hip hop artists in the hall so why not add another - a very groundbreaking and controversial one at that. The music seems to hold up pretty well 20 years after they were "in".

2 Live Crew are groundbreaking cuz they brought sex into hip hop in a real big way! All of those songs you hear from rappers and hip hoppers about sex (some of which are quite explicit) would not have been possible if these guys didn't take the flack for it back in the late 1980s!

Posted by Antonio on Wednesday, 07.21.10 @ 10:56am

And not to mention being the first non-NYC rap group to make it into the mainstream consciousness (alongside the NWA)...

Posted by Antonio on Wednesday, 07.21.10 @ 10:57am

The Hip Hop group that expanded towards rock music and their audience in so many ways.
Every one of their albums had 1 or more rock anthems with it's typical rock & roll groove + lyrics and their parties certainly rocked!

Posted by Andrew on Thursday, 09.16.10 @ 22:47pm

No, but an entertaining group nonetheless and actually pretty influential. "As Nasty As They Wanna Be" is a classic.

Posted by Chalkie on Friday, 10.22.10 @ 12:37pm

Entertaining? Sure. Innovative ... groundbreaking? No.

Posted by Mike on Thursday, 08.18.11 @ 20:11pm

"Innovative ... groundbreaking? No."

Actually, yeah. Only Blowfly and Rudy Ray More (Dolemite) predate the raunchy edge they brought to rap, and the aforementioned two were more "proto-rap" than anything, whereas 2 Live Crew were part of the rap genre proper. They were also key in the early "Miami bass" scene.

Posted by Chalkie on Thursday, 08.18.11 @ 20:29pm

^Disagree. If we're voting for popularizing the "Miami Bass" sound then let's go with L'Trimm and 'Cars With The Boom'.

Posted by Mike on Thursday, 08.18.11 @ 20:38pm

Fair enough, although the Crew's first album was released a couple of years before L'Trimm made their first appearance... I'm not going to pretend to be an expert on Miami Bass so perhaps the early 2 Live Crew albums weren't considered Miami Bass proper? Regardless, all I said was that they were "key" early artists in that particular genre.

Posted by Chalkie on Thursday, 08.18.11 @ 20:53pm

Hmmmm, ok. Well, they still get a NO from me.

Posted by Mike on Friday, 09.2.11 @ 12:48pm

I would say no for 2 Live Crew

Posted by Andrew on Thursday, 05.30.13 @ 17:27pm

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