Rock & Roll Hall of Famer

Category: Performer

Inducted in: 2017

Inducted by: Snoop Dogg

Nominated in: 2017

First Eligible: 2017 Ceremony

Inducted into Rock Hall Projected in 2017 (ranked #144) .

Essential Albums (?)WikipediaAmazon MP3Amazon CD
2Pacalypse Now (1991)
Me Against The World (1995)
All Eyez on Me (1996)

Essential Songs (?)WikipediaAmazon MP3YouTube
Keep Ya Head Up (1993)
Dear Mama (1995)
California Love (Remix) (1996)
Changes (1998)

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I'm not a big fan personally, but Tupac is cited by just about every rapper today as an influence. For sure, part of that is because he died so young, granting him "legend" status and causing him to be overrated. That said, he was one of the most socially conscious rappers ever and had tremendous flow and creative rhymes. I say he's in.

Posted by A-Killa on Thursday, 10.19.06 @ 18:28pm

Honestly, he was pretty beloved in the hip-hop community before he got shot. I'm a little biased here - I wrote my senior thesis on the similarities between Tupac and 13th century Norse poetry - but I think he's gotta go in.

Posted by Al on Wednesday, 01.24.07 @ 09:00am

Just because he influenced rappers doesn't mean 2pac had ANY influence whatsoever on ROCK bands...This is the rock hall of fame, rap/hip-hop should not be in the same category. Nothing against 2pac, but he's not comparable to Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney, or anyone in the rock hall of fame except the recently inducted Grandmaster Flash - who also should NOT have been inducted.

Posted by Mike on Sunday, 04.1.07 @ 11:21am

tupac is the best artist ever. even though he is a rap artist he shuld be in there. he influnced evrybody. evry1 knows about tupac.

Posted by xavier on Tuesday, 10.2.07 @ 09:57am

I think he will get in. Wetehr he deserves it or not is another thing. Becasue based on his music it's a no. He has some great songs, but no great albums

Posted by Michael on Monday, 10.22.07 @ 16:23pm

tupac is the greatest rapper of all time before his untimely death and he has had lots of influence on the rock and roll world and therefore being inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame would mean the world to him, his fans as well as his family. I know that it would mean a lot to me (not to mention his mom, Afeni and his fans)to see him inducted into the hall of fame.

Posted by Andrew on Monday, 12.17.07 @ 18:23pm

wonder why they call you Bitch...

Posted by Joe-Skee on Tuesday, 12.18.07 @ 12:00pm

The Elvis of Hip-Hop, not for the drugs and screaming girls, but for the talent.

Posted by SSR on Tuesday, 12.25.07 @ 10:08am

When you say pac had no influence he's had more influence over the world then almost anyone over the last 15 years. And you say he had no great albums every album he made was a great album better than almost any rock & roll album ever. He's a legend. He definitely deserves to be in the Hall of Fame

Posted by KMC on Monday, 12.31.07 @ 20:24pm

stay in your own dam genre

Posted by tyler on Tuesday, 01.29.08 @ 05:14am

I think that "rap" can be compared to "The Emperor's New Clothes".

Posted by Terry on Sunday, 02.3.08 @ 15:07pm

Why hate on Rap?

Posted by Liam on Sunday, 02.3.08 @ 15:12pm

Just personal preference...I liked some of it in the beginning but my opinion is simply that something got lost in the shuffle...theres not any of it that makes me go "WOW!!!" Gotta admit, a lot of people do like it.

Different strokes....

Posted by Terry on Sunday, 02.3.08 @ 15:38pm

Lets see...go into a studio and cut in album in a day using, among other things, samplings of other people's material, not have to worry about touring (much), sell millions of CD's and make tons of money!! Dang, wish I'd thought of it!!!!

Posted by Terry on Sunday, 02.3.08 @ 16:01pm

Terry, that comment kinda sounds a bit stoopid.

What do you think of Public Enemy?

Posted by Liam on Sunday, 02.3.08 @ 16:12pm

Was out there a little, wasn't it...lol!!! I can't say I've ever consciously listened to Public Enemy, even though I'm sure I've heard them. After Sugarhill Gang and Grandmaster Flash I just lost interest in that particular genre.

Posted by Terry on Sunday, 02.3.08 @ 16:31pm


Posted by M.E.R.C on Sunday, 02.17.08 @ 03:49am

I'll dispute it!!! It's a whole different genre, and to me its a step backwards!! I just hope that REAL musicians will start coming out of the woodwork and/or people will start rediscovering the classics! The people who vote are simply trying to be politically correct...which rock & roll never has been. You think if there was a hip-hop hall of fame there would be rockers?? Not a chance! It would be very clear that its for "hip-hop ONLY!!!!" If Grandmaster Flash were the founding fathers of hip-hop, then they can be inducted first!

I've played in "cover bands", and it was in a time you weren't going to get a record contract for doing so. In a lot of cases, they take something someone else has already worked hard to do, and TALK with it...sell millions!! I don't get it!! If people want to listen to it...cool! But Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame???? THAT"S my argument!!!

There are new wave, punk, alternative, and classic rockers out there who are way more deserving of the honor, and should be honored WAY before any hip-hop artists...it's not called "The Modern Music Hall Of Fame", it should be honoring ROCKERS and people who gave them the idea! Have you seen the list of people who vote? How many of them have you heard of and what the hell gave them the right to decide?? You would think Rolling Stone Magazine is the last word in music (which now they know everything about politics!!!).

As for rap/hip-hop, I think I'll pass and listen to something else, even if it's something I've listened to many times before. When they start being totally and completely original, maybe they'll get my attention. At least Grandmaster Flash was original...a lot of them just went in the wrong direction from there.

Posted by Terry on Sunday, 02.17.08 @ 08:11am

A rap icon in my mind.
Deserves to be in the Hall.

Posted by Frank on Tuesday, 03.18.08 @ 10:21am

I'e read a couple of these comments and i cant believe some of them. Some say that Pac cant be inducted to the hall of fame becaus he's not rock n roll, but Marvin Gaye, an R&B singer, was oe of the first artists to be inducted. Pac is the best rapper EVER. He deserves a spot in the Hall of Fame

Posted by Yung KDZ on Wednesday, 05.21.08 @ 19:37pm

Pac is probably the best rapper that has ever lived just like Bob Marley when it comes to reggae music.Pac's influence knows no bounds.He gots to be in.

Posted by ivo on Thursday, 05.29.08 @ 00:25am

Frankly, the Hall is almost named incorrectly. Aretha Franklin and Marvin Gaye were second year-inductees (second year of the hall's history), and they are definitely not rock and roll. So from the start it was established that this wasn't entirely rock.

With that said, it has also been established that rap will be accepted at least somewhat into the hall by the induction of Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five. And because of that, unless the hall wants to backtrack on that induction, 2Pac deserves induction. His influence is about unmatched in the post-1990 rap movement, and his death only magnified his profile.

Posted by Trey on Wednesday, 08.13.08 @ 16:08pm

I'd say no in 2Pac's case. There's no denying the man's effect on rap, but in terms of rock it is nil. When people argue about whether rap should be in the Rock Hall I suggest that they consider it from a rock perspective. I have no problem w/ Grandmaster Flash getting in inasmuch as the style he was a pioneer in (turntable cutting/scratching/mixing) was picked up by rock acts & actively incorporated into the music. Other rappers like Run DMC/Public Enemy/ Cypress Hill ateempted rock tracks of some sort, and should really be considered on what they did. I see nothing of this in 2Pac. He neither pioneered rap-rock of any kind, nor did he actively engage rock elements in his music.

Posted by Cheesecrop on Wednesday, 08.13.08 @ 18:51pm

If any rap artist should get it in, its 2pac. He's the single greatest rapper of all time.

Posted by Joey on Thursday, 08.28.08 @ 10:43am

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Posted by kentuan on Thursday, 09.4.08 @ 10:07am

Tupac is undisputedly the best rapper of all time. Notorious big and p. Diddy are in? Tupac influenced all of the greatest rappers. He should of been in there no question about it! I was dissapointed he was not. I was looking forward to it. Colbie calliat was in there and tupac wasnt? You gotta be kidding me!!

Posted by Emily on Monday, 12.1.08 @ 12:34pm

Emily, check yourself. 2Pac isn't eligible for induction yet, and neither are P.Diddy or Notorious B.I.G. OR Colbie Callait. Please don't confuse having an exhibit at the Museum for actually being inducted into the Hall. That is not the case for any of them.

Posted by Philip on Monday, 12.1.08 @ 17:10pm

2pac is overrated but was a good rapper I am split here I dont really know what to vote for.He is an influential figure in modern day hip-hop but then again is that a good thing?I say yes hes in but half heartedly.

Posted by David on Monday, 12.1.08 @ 20:47pm


Posted by rapsucks on Thursday, 12.11.08 @ 17:57pm

yo whats a "2pac"

Posted by Donaldveli on Tuesday, 12.16.08 @ 21:47pm

lol. come on ppl. 1st off, tupac influenced many rock groups, the first being linkin park, who made a tribute to him. DUHH! Then, he has the most tributes of any artist in living memory. from rappers, to rocknrollers, to r&b ppl. it's not about rock and roll, which blacks created btw, but about great musicians and the embodiment of the magical musician, as it were. therefore, tupac is that embodiment. all around musician, actor, artist, personality, thinker. he puts kurt kobain to shame. rip, to both of their souls, and no disrespect to any party.

save your genre bashing. i personally hate rock, but you won't see me going everywhere openly yelling it. that's childish. i say allow him only simply to get people to check out his work and find him to be the incredible individual he was.

Posted by frnnk on Wednesday, 12.31.08 @ 13:49pm

Anyone who thinks 2pac is "the" greatest rapper of all time is either retarded or just doesn't know anything about hip-hop.He is one of the greatest but not the greatest.
35 Greatest Rappers
35.Ras kass
34.Royce da 5'9
32.Kool Moe Dee
31.Busta Rhymes
30.Method Man
27.Talib Kweli
26.Laren Hill
24.Mos Def
23.masta Ace
22.Black Thought
21.Big Pun
20.Pharoah Monch
19.Big L
17.Slick Rick
14.LL Cool J
13.GZA-In my humble opinion,the best rapper in the wu-tang clan.
12.Andre 3000
9.The Notorious B.I.G
7.Big Daddy Kane
6.Chuck D
5.Ice Cube
4.Nas-Illmatic-If you haven't heard this album jump in your car and drive to your nearest record store right now and buy this.
3.Kool G Rap
1.Rakim-Hands down the greatest
I think he should get in,one thing that could hurt him is that so many people like him for the wrong reasons that being his "gangsta" image and not the message he had and his ability as a songwriter and storyteller.

Posted by Chris.J on Tuesday, 01.6.09 @ 13:00pm

all eyez on me is the best sellign rap album of all time going 14 times platinum, tupac is a legend not just for his talent, but more because of his personality and how he was as a person

Posted by alex on Wednesday, 01.28.09 @ 17:57pm

Chris j are you kiddin ? 2pac is greatest MC of every time and With his death Hip-hop and whole industry has destroyed, pac was heart of hip hop and also people who thinks that pac hav no Great albums he is stupid i think Look at all eyez on mee , or MAKAVELI 7 day thats album drives me craazy , if you dont like him you'll be loved in him if you look at his lyrics hee makes youu feeeel man, even i Mnot from amerika and am not black I feel him with my whole heart he must biin on that list

Posted by FZZ on Tuesday, 02.17.09 @ 15:17pm

i see a lot of haters in here and a lot of people who has no idea of hip hop......
Well for those who'll say hip hop is not music or not an artform, well sorry guys but we re not in the 80s for you to talk bullshits like that, get over it! (I know i know.... you re hatin cause rock is dead and hip hop keeps gettin bigger and bigger)
As for the word ROCK N ROLL well BOB MARLEY is not rock n roll, but some people with the word rock n roll mean all the kinds of music, right or wrong thats what they mean....
2PAC..... perharps the most talented musician and human being ever.... he has so many fans y all cant even imagine, the biggest talent tupac had was that through his rhymes he could touch your soul, if you hate 2pac its simply because you never tried to see who he really was and you just are listening to the bullshits of the media, and even the media since he died recognised who 2PAC really was......

Hell yeah he deserves to be in there!

Posted by chrispapajohn on Saturday, 02.28.09 @ 22:06pm

well i dont really think a rap artist should really go into the rock and roll hall of fame after all its the ROCK AND ROLL hall of fame however 2pac is my favorite artist of all time and i have lots of his songs and i love his unreleased songs. i really dont think he is underated and he has tonnes of meaning and storytelling in many of his songs (i love rakim and nas but i dont think they're a higher rank than 2pac though) and no Chris.J i am not retarded i just prefer 2pac's style, flow, lyrics and the rawness of his rap

Posted by FTB on Sunday, 08.9.09 @ 23:20pm

look i like rap just as much as anyone but its the rock and roll hall of fame he is not rack and roll. he is a great poet though but not a rock and roll artist

Posted by e on Friday, 09.18.09 @ 15:28pm

The prejudice of some of you is pretty sad, honestly. Tupac had a major influence on all levels of music. His energy and talent shook music to it's foundation. He spoke on life as it is and challenged anyone to try and silence him. Even after his death they have not achieve their goal.

He spoke with such a passion that when he spoke to people with the same pain, there was an instant connection. That is not divisible by genre. It is not something that rappers or rap fans only experienced. It is something that all of music experienced. Tupac is hip-hops' prophet and musics' American soul child.

He was and forever will be, the greatest MC of all time and one of musics most dynamic characters and creators. If that does not get you a ticket to into the Rock'n Roll Hall of Fame, then nothing will.

Posted by Matthew on Thursday, 09.24.09 @ 22:41pm

When 2pac was in jail, he beat bruce springsteen's "GREATEST HITS" to claim #1 on the billboard. No diss to bruce, but greatest hits couldnt beat "Me Against the world". Bruce is already in the rock hall and he can't deny pac. It's fact. And tupac was in jail, that's right, tupac was in jail...sold over 75 million records at age 25. He's got the most passionate/loyal fans in the history of music alongside Elvis and Michael Jackson.Only growing by #'s everytime a child is born. America is too divided by race/genre. Rock Hall should include music in general Or better let some other billionaires start a "World Hall of Fame for musicians. If America can't please him, then theres asia, africa, europe and south america that would love for him to represent (thank goodness for youtube). By 2016 when tupac becomes eligible for the rock hall i believe more people will accept his entry rather than deny him. what does everyone else think? It's a prestigous honor, and tupac can definitely speak his way thru the rock hall. A first ballot hall of famer forsure, like Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt and Muhammad Ali in sports and Michael Jackson, Elvis, Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, and Chuck Berry. Might as well include Mozart and Beethoven too in the Rock Hall b/c the list goes on....just as "life goes on". Also backstreet boys and celine dion will make it. Look, im just saying nobodys perfect and all of those people in the rock hall have there own problems with the law/media, but they still get inducted. I can see 2pac being denied in the hollywood walk of fame but the rock and roll hall of fame? You got to be kidding. If there's a ghetto in heaven, there's a ghetto in the rock and roll hall of fame and He reigns there.

Posted by CV on Tuesday, 12.8.09 @ 00:56am

HEll yea 2pac should be in the rock and roll hall of fame. simple reason .. not a lot of rappers were that smart with there lyrics and plus if Beatles and other rockers got the country a bit scared.. then tupac amaru shakur had them sweating there ass off.. rock is a about self expression and most importantly the message ... 2pac had all of that and him not getting in only increases his image of thug living and breaking all boundary personally, I think they should put him in a another hall of fame if rock dosent.

Posted by Kay on Friday, 12.11.09 @ 16:51pm

This why I think the Rock n Roll hall of fame is a joke. 2Pac isn't rock n roll. No offense to hip hop, but maybe the Rock n roll hall of fame needs to change it's name to Music hall of fame. To me if your going call yourself rock n roll hall of fame then rock n roll artist should be the only ones eligible. Since it's not going to change the name; I say no. I don't think he deserves to be in. He sold a lot of records and was killed. OK, but was he great? I don't think he was. He was an average hip hop artist who was a little overrated, but he probably will make it. First ballet: no way. Way more deserving artist, who should be in, will still be waiting in 2016

Posted by DAO on Tuesday, 04.6.10 @ 15:08pm

Yes he was the greatest of all time, personally the rap thats out there today like gucci mane, soldier boy, bores me. Hell yea pac should go. He made a true impact.

Posted by Rikkita on Wednesday, 04.14.10 @ 18:02pm

The rock and roll hall of fame discriminates against any black music. 2PAC should have been in it a long time ago. He's one of the greatest/influential artist of all time. He is a LEGEND to everyone who understands and likes hip hop music and doesn't discriminate against it. It is an insult to hip hop music to not have him in there. R.i.P. Tupac Shakur

Posted by R.i.P. 2Pac on Monday, 04.26.10 @ 07:06am

So...Apparently the RRHOF discriminates against black music. WHY OF COURSE that explains why Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Robert Johnson, Howlin' Wolf, Chuck Berry, The Supremes, Bo Diddley, B.B. King, Isaac Hayes, The Platters, The Four Tops, Smokey Robinson, The Drifters, Clyde McPhatter, James Brown, Little Richard, Sam Cooke, Michael Jackson, The Jackson 5, Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five, Run DMC and about two dozen other black artists are in the RRHOF.

RIP 2Pac however you are, you do realize the ROOTS of Rock and Roll are in black music???!!!!! Your comment shows you nothing of Rock and Roll. Shame on you

Posted by Bassmaster on Monday, 04.26.10 @ 08:55am

That would be YOU KNOW nothing of Rock and Roll. And just to reiterate you do realize Ike Turner (who in case you didn't you know is black) wrote arguably the FIRST Rock and Roll song with "Rocket 88" back in 1951!!!!

Posted by Bassmaster on Monday, 04.26.10 @ 08:58am

Sold 75 million records. Rolling Stones 87th Greatest Artist of ALL TIME! All that has to be said.

Posted by Josh on Wednesday, 08.4.10 @ 19:51pm

People, the name "RocknRoll Hall of fame" is just that; a name. Don't discriminate just because of a name. People from all kinds of Genres are in there. Just because hip-hop is new doesn't mean it doesnt belong. 2Pac was a voice of a generation, and when he died, he was mourned all over the country. He deserves to have a place amongst the greatest in the music industry.

Posted by Mike on Saturday, 08.21.10 @ 14:20pm

The biggest reason why we have top 40 radio of today. Someone had to start it.

Posted by DJ Dave on Saturday, 09.25.10 @ 11:22am

Tupac is the biggest name in rap apart from Eminem, he's a definete first ballot inductee.

Posted by GFW on Monday, 10.25.10 @ 12:07pm

I love the old school hip hop and 2pac's place is assured but not before LL Cool J. I think De La Soul deserves a nod also.

Posted by Paul on Thursday, 11.18.10 @ 10:28am

Honestly, Tupac and B.I.G are great compared to the shit rappers we have now, like Lil Wayne, Ludacris, and so on. I actually think B.I.G is a classic kind of rapper, he's good and it sucks that he's dead because now we're stuck with the other not so classic rappers. Bummer....

Posted by Brittany on Tuesday, 11.23.10 @ 10:03am

"Tupac is the biggest name in rap apart from Eminem, he's a definete first ballot inductee."

Screw Eminem.

Posted by Brittany on Tuesday, 11.23.10 @ 10:05am

Look at the RRHOF inductees: Aretha Franklin, The Supremes, Marvin Gaye, (Soul artists) Madonna, Michael Jackson, ABBA, (Pop artists) even RUN DMC (hip hop trio). They aren't "rock n roll" but these artists have had tremendous impacts on their genre of music and thats why they're recognized and inducted. I would've thought you guys realized that the HOF isn't solely "rock", but open to all genres of music and artists that have made impacts on MUSIC. Always has been come to think about it. I don't give two f**** if you're into hip hop or not, you cannot deny the impact Pac had on hip hop/rap. Where would hip hop/rap be without Pac? There isn't a rapper today who hasn't been influenced by him or copped his style. He is deserving and I have no doubt in my mind that he'll be nominated and get inducted. RIP PAC, we love & miss u!

Posted by brianna bermudez on Thursday, 03.10.11 @ 23:48pm

Not only was Pac a great rapper but in my opinion, he was even a better writer.

Posted by brianna bermudez on Thursday, 03.10.11 @ 23:59pm

@GFW - F*** Eminem. Eminem BOWS DOWN to Pac.

Posted by brianna bermudez on Friday, 03.11.11 @ 00:04am

* Best selling hip hop artist of all time (over 75 million albums sold)
* Variously tops "Best Hip Hop Artist of All Time" and is occasionally included in some Best Artists lists voted by music experts and fans
* Inducted in Hip Hop Hall of Fame
* The NARM (National Association of Recording Merchandisers) & Rock n Roll Hall of Fame recognizes him as an influential artist and includes him in the Definitive 200 artists list
* 1995's Me Against The World is recognized as one of the most influential and popular albums by the NARM & The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame and ranked #170 out of the list of 200 albums
* 1996's All Eyez On Me is regarded as one of the best hip hop albums of all time and is one of the best selling hip hop albums of all time
* "Dear Mama" was preserved and inducted into the Library of Congress's National Recording Registry. The third hip hop act included and first and only SOLO hip hop act inducted.
* "Changes" was one of the 12 songs selected by the Catholic Church onto the streaming music service.

Pac isn't just any rapper. He's achieved more than most rappers could in his short time in and has redefined the whole hip hop game. He was a pioneer. He was a truly talented guy and it doesn't take being a hip hop fan to see that. Like it or not but Pac has a HUGE chance of being inducted and me and millions of fans will be applauding proudly when he is. Face it: PAC'S IN THERE!!! LOL :D

Posted by brianna bermudez on Sunday, 03.13.11 @ 15:27pm

Using my usual formula:
Influence: Nearly every rapper that has folllowed him has been influenced by Tupac.
Innovation: Not too sure on this one.
Sales: The second biggest selling rapper ever.

I'd definetly say yes to this one.

Posted by GFW on Saturday, 03.26.11 @ 15:37pm

@GFW 2pac is the best selling rapper ever and with decreasing album sales in the music industry it looks like he is going to be tough to top his over 100 Million discs sold worldwide. 2nd closest is Eminem with just over 86 million sold worldwide and his last album only sold 6 million. I'd say he is the only one that looks like he has a chance to catch him and at this pace he will have to do it with longevity. Eminem and 2pac deserve to be in the top two together for sure though.

Also for 2pac in the Hall of Fame, unless they change how they are inducting people by 2016, I think he will definitely be in the Hall of Fame.

Posted by Zellmo on Friday, 05.13.11 @ 00:55am

Tupac should be in the Rock in Roll Hall of Fame. No questions asked. Tupac's music is rock and roll so quit the hating. He is a legend, listen to his first few albums and what he speaks about. I'm out... Biggie should get in to

Posted by TIM on Wednesday, 09.28.11 @ 08:42am

I'm a fan of good and moving music, 2pac's work was moving. In order 2 judge whether he should or shouldn't be included, you have to look at it not as a hip hop fan nor as a rock fan but as a nuetralist. 2pac was more than a hip hop artist, he was just a guy with a vision of a better America and through hip hop he explained his ideas and talked to the masses just like all other hall of fame artists.
Now to clear everything up, 2pac died @ a tender age of 25, he has sold 75 million copies, just 5 million copies behind Eminem(currently best rapper alive), he was active for partly 6 years, 1990 - 1996 and Eminem has been active for more than 20 years now. Point is, if selling records was the only attribute in determining ones involvement, in his genre, mathematically, he's far, very far ahead. Fortunately enough it's not. 2pac was only about changes, was only about loving your mother, was only about pushing harder when pushing hard was all you could do and i think above it all, he was about God as his only judge and Sir Elton John(whose currently in the rock and roll hall of fame as we speak) will tell you a few things about Ghetto Gospel, a song by 2pac and Sir Elton John o the hook of the song.
2pac has crossed all boundries in respsect 2 our and previous problems facing human race and like Bob Marley, Elton John, Louis Armstrong etc, he got the message across, through what genre of music did he do that doesn't really matter much, it's the point of having to be a rock artist that mistake most people.
I think 2pac did as much in 6 years as any other atrist out there given the influences and disadvantages he was under.
Give 2pac acceptance for God's sake, he deserves it, what more can any of us wan't from him, God's already have his life and we still have his talent and I don't think it's one we have to put to waste.
Amongst other artists I have in mind, I hope I live long enough to see him on the list.
Do it for the love of music!!

Posted by Jazz on Monday, 01.23.12 @ 20:39pm

yeah, he's definetly one of the essential rap artists.

Posted by GFW on Tuesday, 01.24.12 @ 12:17pm

@Jazz you are right, that's exactly how I see it I know that he's influenced rock and metal, he influenced me and MANY people I know we listen to metal. WE ARE musicians and we don't just have rock and metal influences we listen to Rap, Metal, Jazz, Blues and such I also agree he is the best rapper there was. Most people here who claim to listen to rock are posers, closed minded or both, to you I say GTFO. 2pac actually rapped about important things unlike most rappers now, he had his concept and stuck to it.

Posted by Don't be stupid on Tuesday, 03.6.12 @ 19:38pm

Hell yea, he deserve it. I'm not much a fan of rap

Posted by Jj on Saturday, 03.17.12 @ 22:03pm

Of course the first rap artist to release a double disk album and sold more than any other rapper to date,that in its self is worthy of ANY hall of fame...

Posted by DC92 on Wednesday, 04.18.12 @ 02:15am

Also the first to pothumosly perform at a major festival. I suppose that's a point in the Innovation column.

Posted by DarinRG on Wednesday, 04.18.12 @ 07:41am

Tupac is the greatest rapper of all time. if you dont agree, well hes definitely one of them. but hes a RAPPER. yes, his music is perfect. but he is a RAPPER. this is the ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME. yes, he will probably get inducted. he shouldnt get inducted. if any other POP or RAP musicians get inducted then they should just make a hip hop hall of fame or something.

Posted by Kyle on Thursday, 06.28.12 @ 17:40pm

The RNR part of the hall's name is very innacurate considering they've inducted rap, pop, country and jazz acts.

Posted by GFW on Saturday, 06.30.12 @ 06:36am

Look, I'm a HUGE fan of Pac, and yeah, he had some influence on rock bands. But the man wasn't a rockstar, he didn't form a band. He formed Outlawz, and RAP group.
Yeah, he was more socially conscience then almost any rapper today, but HOW does that fit into rock? We're talking about a genre that goes from Elvis to the Beatles to Disturbed or Escape the Fate and othher bands.
What did significant thing 2Pac do for rock?
I'd say he'd do better for a Nobel Peace Prize as an artist.

Posted by Caesar on Friday, 08.10.12 @ 00:16am

how many times do I have to make this clear?


and 2pac falls right into Popular western music!


"We're talking about a genre that goes from Elvis to the Beatles to Disturbed or Escape the Fate"

oh man, talk about declining quality!

Posted by GFW on Friday, 08.10.12 @ 07:02am

He accomplished so much in only 6 years (age 19-25) of being active in the industry. There are other rappers that have been active for 20 years and have not accomplished some things that Tupac has. It's clear that the RRHOF isn't strictly Rock, but more so the music artists that had the most impact and influence through their respected genres, and even beyond that. Tupac is always mentioned in the "greatest rapper of all time" conversation; he's mostly mentioned in the "greatest artists of all time" conversations; and he has clearly produced an enormous fan base (maybe one of the biggest fan bases of all time) through his music. You can call it rap, you can call it hip-hop, but in my opinion it's called a voice of a generation who couldn't speak up for themselves. Don't want to get into it, but I believe that he should be in the RRHOF come 2016/17.

Posted by Anthony on Friday, 12.28.12 @ 15:39pm

No, their are better artists in the genre of hip hop, and all of them deserve R&R Hall of Fame recognition over 2Pac. Shakur was an extremely overrated artist. Great songs, but mediocre albums.

Posted by Isacc on Saturday, 03.30.13 @ 01:35am

And whoever said Rock Is Dead is a moron. Like hip hop, it's always evolving.

Posted by Isacc on Saturday, 03.30.13 @ 01:37am

No, their are better artists in the genre of hip hop, and all of them deserve R&R Hall of Fame recognition over 2Pac.

Isacc this maybe one one on the stupidest comment on this board

tupac is one the biggest selling and most influential hip hop artist of all time and it would be crazy to completely ignore him just because you think he is overrated

Posted by roxas11 on Saturday, 04.13.13 @ 01:19am

no, last i recalled this was the THE ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME, if it was a hall of fame for all music then yes i would have tupac but not in this genre

Posted by wheresware on Sunday, 05.26.13 @ 20:58pm

last i recalled this was the THE ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME, if it was a hall of fame for all music then yes i would have tupac but not in this genre

run dmc
marvin gaye
pubic enemy
bob marley
the beastie boys
michael jackson

you cant look at these names and tell me with a straight face that this is not the music hall of fame.

The rock in roll hall of fame already has inducted
rap artist
pop artist
reggae artist
jazz artist
county artist

tupac getting in is a done deal

Posted by batman on Friday, 06.7.13 @ 12:43pm

Batman, shouldn't you be defending Gotham?

Posted by GFW on Friday, 06.7.13 @ 15:06pm

List of Hip-Hop Acts that deserve induction

*Means definetly soon or soon when eligble
^Means Eventual
•Means already inducted

•Public Enemy
•Beastie Boys
•Grandmaster Flash & the Furious 5
*LL Cool J
*Afrika Bambaataa
*Eric B. & Rakim
*De La Soul
*A Tribe Called Quest
*Notorious B.I.G.
*Dr. Dre (Probably as a producer)
*Kanye West
*Wu-Tang Clan
^Lauryn Hill (or the Fugees)
^Missy Elliot
^Kool Herc
^Puff Daddy (as a producer)
*Russel Simmons (non-performer)
*Rick Rubin (as a producer)

One can't deny their affect on rock and roll thus far.

Posted by TooLate on Sunday, 03.30.14 @ 23:57pm

Wow,to all the "civilians" on here that keeps saying this is the "Rock And Roll" Hall of Fame, have you ever been, I have. If you did you wouldn't gloat about your dispute. It's really the music hall of fame, why its named it after one broad and open genre I don't know, but what I do know is that all great artist and I do mean artist(someone talented in multiple arts) deserves an induction. I say that to say this Tupac Amaru Shakur deserves it. P.S my musical taste is broad, even though I was raised on Jazz, R&B, and Hip-Hop. Took me to join the military and travel the world to experience real music as in all music not one genre. If music consisted of one specific sounding genre it wouldn't last a few decades because as lifeforms we evolve or we die. FACTS, don't believe me next time your on pandora, look at the musical influences on your favorite artists. They inspire each other.

Posted by NMCB1Vet88 on Thursday, 04.24.14 @ 03:13am

If the hall wants to induct hip hop acts, then they are gonna have to put Tupac in. He actually was one of the first rappers to tell personal stories through his lyrics. And even if you are trying to defend Rock And Roll, you are eventually going to fail. 4 rap acts have been inducted already. The Hall cannot remove acts from the hall of fame. And there are rappers who deserve to get in, Tupac being one of them. So there is no way that you can stop Tupac from getting in.

Posted by Karl Singleton on Thursday, 05.29.14 @ 16:02pm

If he doesn't get in first-ballot, he will instantly become the #1 snub. Dude's the biggest rapper of all time, and the hall has inducted 5 rap acts so far (twice on their first year).

Posted by dank on Thursday, 12.24.15 @ 09:56am

Yes he should be inducted into the hall of fame. Even though his life was cut short, headed such a big impact in music during his short time. Even though he is deceased his music continues to sell and is still very influential. He has fans of all ages. My nephew was not born when tupac came out, he is 14 and loves his music. Someone made a comment on his behavior, no his behavior want always the best but he is not being judged on his behavior now is he? If that was the case there would b a lot of people not being inducted into the hall of fame. Someone else made the comment about him not being inducted because this is the rock and roll hall of fame and not rap. Every artist isn't a rock and roll artist. If they only included Rick bands that wouldn't be fair to the other types of music that are out there. I'm glad the rock and roll hall of fame isn't as closed minded as a lot of people's comments. I'm a person who loves all types of music.

Posted by aisha ray on Saturday, 01.16.16 @ 23:31pm

Yes he should be inducted into the hall of fame. Even though his life was cut short, headed such a big impact in music during his short time. Even though he is deceased his music continues to sell and is still very influential. He has fans of all ages. My nephew was not born when tupac came out, he is 14 and loves his music. Someone made a comment on his behavior, no his behavior want always the best but he is not being judged on his behavior now is he? If that was the case there would b a lot of people not being inducted into the hall of fame. Someone else made the comment about him not being inducted because this is the rock and roll hall of fame and not rap. Every artist isn't a rock and roll artist. If they only included Rick bands that wouldn't be fair to the other types of music that are out there. I'm glad the rock and roll hall of fame isn't as closed minded as a lot of people's comments. I'm a person who loves all types of music.

Posted by aisha ray on Saturday, 01.16.16 @ 23:31pm

Yes he should be inducted into the hall of fame. Even though his life was cut short, headed such a big impact in music during his short time. Even though he is deceased his music continues to sell and is still very influential. He has fans of all ages. My nephew was not born when tupac came out, he is 14 and loves his music. Someone made a comment on his behavior, no his behavior want always the best but he is not being judged on his behavior now is he? If that was the case there would b a lot of people not being inducted into the hall of fame. Someone else made the comment about him not being inducted because this is the rock and roll hall of fame and not rap. Every artist isn't a rock and roll artist. If they only included Rick bands that wouldn't be fair to the other types of music that are out there. I'm glad the rock and roll hall of fame isn't as closed minded as a lot of people's comments. I'm a person who loves all types of music.

Posted by aisha ray on Saturday, 01.16.16 @ 23:32pm

2Pac....gone 20 years ago today

Posted by Jason Voigt on Tuesday, 09.13.16 @ 21:05pm

Any chance he will be passed over ala NWA?

Posted by Roy on Wednesday, 10.19.16 @ 05:30am

if it wasn't for "brendas got a baby" I may have never listened to rap. That song was so real it made me believe tupac lived in my neiborhood. Before that I listened to boyz2men Gunsnroses will Smith. Rock n roll is defined by instruments it's defined by pushing back at authority with what ever artistic musical expresion you have raging inside of you. Tupac is in whether you like it or not.

Posted by Jroller on Monday, 12.19.16 @ 12:44pm

How does he get in before Kurtis Blow and LL Cool J ??? There is a lot of politics behind it !!! Congrats anyway.

Posted by Joe-Skee on Wednesday, 12.21.16 @ 16:11pm

While it doesn't surprise me that Snoop Doggy Dogg will be inducting his old bud, 2Pac, it actually kind of disappoints me too. I wonder why the Rock Hall doesn't get younger people to induct their heroes? cough cough Kendrick Lamar

Posted by Jason Voigt on Monday, 03.27.17 @ 12:16pm


Kendrick Lamar inducted NWA last year...

Posted by dmg on Monday, 03.27.17 @ 20:25pm

My bad! I didn't watch the ceremony or keep track last year, or catch it on Youtube like everyone else...

Posted by Jason Voigt on Monday, 03.27.17 @ 22:22pm

How does a Rapper (Tupac) get into the Rock-n-Roll hall of fame before Bad Company,Bon Jovi,The Cars,Def Leppard,The Doobie Brothers,The Guess Who,Iron Maiden,Jethro Tull,Jim Croce,The Monkees,The Moody Blues,Mötley Crüe,Ozzy Osbourne,Pantera,Pat Benatar,The Spinners, Steppenwolf, Thin Lizzy,Three Dog Night,Tommy James & the Shondells and there so many other ROCK-N-ROLL's that have done more for ROCK than a RAPPER

Posted by kevin dugan on Tuesday, 04.11.17 @ 09:47am

Lemme guess- you're OLD (at least late 40's), white, and probably got a stiffy when Der Fuehrer Trump dropped all those bombs without ANY authorization from Congress! BTW, half those acts you mentioned are sup-par musically and deserve to be in any HoF (BTW, it's just a friggin museum most of us will never attend we're talking about, so WHO CARES who's in or not at this point???) as much as The Archies, 1910 Fruitgum Company, and Milli Vanilli do...

Posted by Boomers are the Worst on Tuesday, 04.11.17 @ 10:40am

Rock n Roll hall of fame should be relabeled Music Hall of Fame with inductee's like 2Pac in it.

Posted by Ben k on Monday, 05.8.17 @ 12:10pm


Snoop Dogg Inducts Tupac Shakur into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame - 2017

Posted by Roy on Sunday, 06.25.17 @ 10:07am

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