Snubbed Members of Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Artists

This is a list of significant snubbed members of Rock & Roll Hall of Fame artists. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Foundation ultimately decided these members were not essential contributors to the Hall of Famers. There is no consistent criteria for inducting members, however in general, the Rock Hall inducts members who were involved in the artist's most significant eras. The intention of the list below is to simply remember the artists the Rock Hall missed.

In many ways this list is just as subjective as the Rock Hall's selection process (and is a work in progress). Feel free to add your comments below about other snubbed members of Hall of Fame artists.

Members who were inducted can be found here.

A huge thanks to Casper for compiling the initial list of snubs.

ArtistYearSnubbed Members

Electric Light Orchestra 2017Hugh McDowell (Cello, 1972, 1973-1979)
Wilf Gibson (Violin, 1972-1973)
Colin Walker (Cello, 1972-1973)
Mike de Albuquerque (Bass, 1972-1974)
Mike Edwards (Cello, 1972-1975)
Mik Kaminski (Violin, 1973-1979, 1981-1986)
Louis Clark (Synthesizers, Keyboards, 1974-1979, 1981-1986)
Kelly Groucutt (Bass, 1974-1983)
Melvyn Gale (Cello, 1975-1979)

Pearl Jam 2017Dave Abbruzzese (Drums, 1991-1994)
Jack Irons (Drums, 1994-1998 *)

Yes 2017Peter Banks (Guitar, 1968-1970)

Nile Rodgers 2017Norma Jean Wright (Vocals, 1977-1978)
Tony Thompson (Drums, 1977-1983)
Bernard Edwards (Bass, 1977-1983, 1990-1992)
Alfa Anderson (Vocals, 1978-1983)
Luci Martin (Vocals, 1978-1983)

Chicago 2016Laudir de Oliveira (Percussion, 1974-1981)
Donnie Dacus (Guitar, 1978-1980)
Chris Pinnick (Guitar, 1980-1985)
Bill Champlin (Keyboards, 1981-2009)
Jason Scheff (Bass, Vocals, 1985-2016)

Deep Purple 2016Nick Simper (Bass, 1968-1969)

Steve Miller 2016Tim Davis (Drums, 1966-1970)
Lonnie Turner (Bass, 1966-1970, 1973-1978)
Boz Scaggs (Guitar, Vocals, 1967-1968)
Ben Sidran (Keyboards, 1968-1970, 1972, 1987-1991)
Jack King (Drums, 1970-1973)
David Denny (Guitar, 1976-1978)
Greg Douglas (Slide Guitar, 1976-1978)
Gary Mallaber (Drums, 1976-1987)
Byron Allres (Keyboards, 1976-1987, 1990)

Green Day 2015John Kiffmeyer (Drums, 1987-1990)

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts 2015Thommy Price (Drums, 1987-Present)

The Paul Butterfield Blues Band 2015Bugsy Maugh (Bass, 1967-1968)
Phil Wilson (Drums, 1967-1968)
Keith Johnson (Trumpet, 1967-1969)
Gene Dinwiddle (Alto Sax, 1967-1970)
David Sanborn (Alto Sax, 1967-1970)

KISS 2014Eric Carr (Drums, 1980-1991)
Vinnie Vincent (Guitar, 1982-1984)
Bruce Kulick (Guitar, 1984-1996)
Eric Singer (Drums, 1991–1996, 2001-2002, 2004-Present)
Tommy Thayer (Guitar, 2002-Present)

Nirvana 2014Chad Channing (Drums, 1988-1990)

Heart 2013Mark Andes (Bass, 1982-1993)
Denny Carmassi (Drums, 1982-1993)

Rush 2013John Rutsey (Drums, 1968-1974)

The Midnighters 2012Alonzo Tucker (Vocals, 1952-1955)

Guns N' Roses 2012Gilby Clarke (Guitar, 1991-1994)

Red Hot Chili Peppers 2012Jack Sherman (Guitar, 1983-1984)
Dave Navarro (Guitar, 1993-1998)

Genesis 2010Anthony Phillips (Guitar, 1967-1970)

The Stooges 2010Steve Mackay (Saxophone, 1970, 2003-2015)

The Ventures 2008Howie Johnson (Drums, 1960-1963)

Patti Smith 2007Richard Sohl (Keyboards, 1974-1977, 1979, 1988)
Lenny Kaye (Guitar, 1974-1979, 1996-Present)
Ivan Kral (Bass, 1975-1979)
Jay Dee Daugherty (Drums, 1975-1979, 1988, 1996)

Black Sabbath 2006Ronnie James Dio (Vocals, 1979-1982, 1991-1992)
Geoff Nicholls (Keyboards, 1979-2004)
Vinny Appice (Drums, 1980-1982, 1991-1993)

The O'Jays 2005Bill Isles (Vocals, 1958-1965)

The Pretenders 2005Robbie McIntosh (Guitar, 1982-1987)

Bob Seger 2004Charlie Allen Martin (Drums, 1974-1977)
Drew Abbott (Guitar, 1974-1982)
Chris Campbell (Bass, 1974-Present)
Alto Reed (Saxophone, 1974-Present)
Robyn Robbins (Keyboard, 1975-1980)
David Teegarden (Drums, 1977-1983)
Craig Frost (Keyboards, 1980-Present)
Don Brewer (Drums, 1983-Present)

Prince 2004Dez Dickerson (Guitar, 1979-1983)
Matt Fink (Keyboards, 1979-1986)
Bobby Z (Drums, 1979-1986)
Lisa Coleman (Keyboards, 1980-1986)
Brown Mark (Bass, 1982-1986)
Wendy Melvoin (Guitar, 1983-1986)
Matt "Atlanta Bliss" Blistan (Trumpet, 1985-1986)
Eric Leeds (Saxophone, 1985-1986)
Susannah Melvoin (Vocals, 1985-1986)

Traffic 2004Ric Grech (Bass, 1970-1972)

AC/DC 2003Mark Evans (Bass, 1975-1977)
Simon Wright (Drums, 1983-1989)

Ramones 2002Richie Ramone (Drums, 1983-1987)

Steely Dan 2001Jeff "Skunk" Baxter (Guitar, 1972-1974)
Denny Dias (Guitar, 1972-1974)
Jim Hodder (Drums, 1972-1974)

Earth, Wind & Fire 2000Roland Bautista (Guitar, 1972-1973, 1981-1984)

Paul McCartney 1999Denny Seiwell (Drums, 1971-1973)
Denny Laine (Guitar, 1971-1981)
Linda McCartney (Vocals, 1971-1981)
Jimmy McCulloch (Guitar, Bass, 1974-1975)
Joe English (Drums, 1975-1977)
Steve Holley (Drums, 1978-1981)
Laurence Juber (Guitar, 1978-1981)

Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys 1999Louis Tierney (Fiddle, 1943-1947)

Fleetwood Mac 1998Bob Welch (Guitar, 1971-1974)

Santana 1998Neal Schon (Guitar, 1972-1973, 2013-Present *)
Armando Peraza (Percussion, 1972-1976, 1977-1990)
Tom Coster (Keyboards, 1972-1978, 1983-1984)
Graham Lear (Drums, 1976-1983, 1985-1987)
Raul Rekow (Percussion, 1976-2013)
David Margen (Bass, 1977-1982)

Crosby, Stills and Nash 1997Neil Young (Vocals/Guitar, On Occasion **)

The Jackson Five 1997Randy Jackson (Vocals, 1976-1989, 2001)

Parliament-Funkadelic 1997Tyrone "Ty" Lampkin (Drums, 1972-1980)
Ron Bykowski (Guitar, 1973-1978)
Gary "Mudbone" Cooper (Vocals, 1975-1979)
Fred Wesley (Trombone, 1975-1980)

David Bowie 1996Mick Ronson (Guitar, 1970-1973)
Trevor Bolder (Bass, 1970-1973)
Mick "Woody" Woodmansey (Drums, 1970-1973)

Jefferson Airplane 1996Signe Toly Anderson (Vocals, 1965-1966)

The Velvet Underground 1996Nico (Vocals, 1966-1967)
Doug Yule (Bass, 1968-1970)

The Allman Brothers Band 1995Chuck Leavell (Piano, 1972-1976)
Lamar Williams (Bass, 1972-1976)
David Goldflies (Bass, 1978-1982)
Allen Woody (Bass, 1989–1997)
Warren Haynes (Guitar, 1989–1997, 2000–2014)

Frank Zappa 1995Ray Collins (Vocals, 1964-1967, 1967-1968)
Jimmy Carl Black (Drums, 1964-1969)
Roy Estrada (Bass, 1964-1969)
Euclid James "Motorhead" Sherwood (Saxophone, 1966, 1967-1969, 1970)
John Leon "Bunk" Gardner (Woodwind, 1966-1969)
Don Preston (Keyboards, 1966-1969, 1970, 1971, 1973-1974)
Art Tripp (Drums, 1967-1969)
Ian Underwood (Guitar, 1967-1969, 1970-1971)
George Duke (Organ, 1970, 1973-1974, 1975)
Jeff Simmons (Bass, 1970-1971, 1973-1974)
Napoleon Murphy Brock (Flute, 1973-1975)

Janis Joplin 1995Peter Albin (Bass, 1965-1968)
Sam Andrew (Guitar, 1965-1968)
James Gurley (Guitar, 1965-1968)
Dave Getz (Drums, 1966-1968)

Martha and the Vandellas 1995Sandra Tilley (Vocals, 1969-1972)

Neil Young 1995Danny Whitten (Guitar, 1968-1971)
Billy Talbot (Bass, 1968-Present)
Ralph Molina (Drums, 1968-Present)
Frank "Poncho" Sampedro (Guitar, 1975–1988, 1990–Present)

Bob Marley 1994Bunny Wailer (Vocals, 1963-1974)
Peter Tosh (Vocals, 1963-1974)
Aston Barrett (Bass, 1970-1981)
Carlton Barrett (Drums, 1970-1981)
Earl Lindo (Keyboards, 1973, 1978-1981)
Al Anderson (Guitar, 1974-1975, 1978-1981)
Rita Marley (Backing Vocals, 1974-1981)
Marcia Griffiths (Backing Vocals, 1974-1981)
Tyrone Downie (Keyboards, 1974-1981)
Judy Mowatt (Backing Vocals, 1974-1981)
Alvin Patterson (Percussion, 1975-1981)
Junior Marvin (Guitar, 1977-1981)

Elton John 1994Bernie Taupin (Lyricist, 1969-Present)
Dee Murray (Bass, 1970-1988)
Nigel Olsson (Drums, 1970-Present)
Davey Johnstone (Guitar, 1972-Present)

The Grateful Dead 1994John Perry Barlow (Lyricist, 1971-1995)

Sly and the Family Stone 1993Mary McCreay (Background Vocals, 1966-1975)
Elva Mouton (Background Vocals, 1966-1975)
Little Sister (Background Vocals, 1966-1975)
Vet Stone (Background Vocals, 1966-1975)

The Byrds 1991Gram Parsons (Guitar, Piano, Vocals, 1968)
Gene Parsons (Drums, 1968-1972)
Clarence White (Guitar, 1968-1973)
Skip Battin (Bass, 1969-1973)

The Four Seasons 1990Joe Long (Vocals, 1966-1974)

The Kinks 1990John Dalton (Bass, 1966, 1969-1976)
John Gosling (Keyboards, 1970-1978)

The Platters 1990Sonny Turner (Vocals, 1960-1970)

Dion 1989Angel D'Aleo (Vocals, 1957-1960)
Carlo Mastrangelo (Vocals, 1957-1960)
Fred Milano (Vocals, 1957-1960)

The Temptations 1989Damon Harris (Vocals, 1971-1975)
Richard Street (Vocals, 1971-1993)

The Ink Spots 1989Billy Bowen (Vocals, 1942-1952)
Herb Kenny (Vocals, 1944-1951)
Adriel McDonald (Vocals, 1951-1954)

The Soul Stirrers 1989James H. Medlock (Vocals, 1936-1949)
T.L. Bruster (Vocals, 1936-1952)
Sam Cooke (Vocals, 1950-1957 *)
Paul Foster (Vocals, 1950-1963)
Bob King (Vocals, Guitar, 1952-1954)
Johnnie Taylor (Vocals, 1957-1961)

The Beach Boys 1988David Marks (Guitar, Vocals, 1961-1963, 2012)
Bruce Johnston (Vocals, 1965-1972, 1979-Present)
Ricky Fataar (Drums, 1970-1973)
Blondie Chaplin (Bass, Vocals, 1970–1973)

The Drifters 1988Andrew Thrasher (Vocals, 1953-1956)
Jimmy Oliver (Guitar, 1953-1957)
Elsbeary Hobbs (Bass, 1958-1960)
Dock Green (Vocals, 1958-1962)
Reggie Kimber (Guitar, 1959-1960)
Abdul Samad (Guitar, 1960-1967)
Eugene Pearson (Vocals, 1962-1966)

The Supremes 1988Cindy Birdsong (Vocals, 1967-1972, 1973-1976)

The Coasters 1987Leon Hughes (Vocals, 1955-1957)
Bobby Nunn (Vocals, 1955-1957)
Adolph Jacobs (Guitar, 1956-1959)
Albert "Sonny" Forriest (Guitar, 1959-1961)
* - Artist is a Hall of Famer with a different group
** - Neil Young was inducted solo and with Buffalo Springfield


46 comments so far (post your own)


Electric Light Orchestra's Mlik Kaminski should be Mik Kaminski, Louis Clark, Wilf Gibson and Mike de Albuquerque were also snubs!

Steve Miller Band, Boz Scaggs should've been inducted.

Posted by Rick Vendl II on Wednesday, 01.18.17 @ 22:24pm


Louis Clark first joined The Electric Light Orchestra as a String Conductor starting with Eldorado, from 1974-1979.


Posted by Rick Vendl II on Wednesday, 01.18.17 @ 23:21pm

When was Louis Clark an official band member and in what years? Just curious as he's usually not listed as a band member on the albums.

Posted by Casper on Thursday, 01.19.17 @ 01:49am

Definitely want to hear the debate concerning The Byrds as those non-inductees played on well liked enough albums that came right after Queen of the Rodeo, so I figured it wasn't too far past their peak.

I personally didn't include the extra Four Seasons member on the list and feel that groups like that and The Four Tops are the foursome as initially advertised, but I digress.

Posted by Casper on Thursday, 01.19.17 @ 01:50am

The Drifters seem to have the most screwed up induction of all time...really no reason a lot of those guys couldn't have been included. Too many plane tickets to pay for I guess.

Posted by Casper on Thursday, 01.19.17 @ 01:51am

That is crazy and sad that Clarence White, Skip Battin and Gene Parsons weren't inducted with The Byrds. Nuts. I'm actually OK with Gram Parsons not being inducted as a Byrd, he was really only around for part of an album.

Posted by Dezmond on Thursday, 01.19.17 @ 12:59pm

Parsons wasn't on my initial draft either, nor do I think he was around long enough to be deemed worthy. And hell, his retrospective compilations tend to cherry pick from his work with The Byrds and other groups before he went solo. He was really just Gram Parsons and never a group member.

Posted by Casper on Thursday, 01.19.17 @ 14:41pm

Other key official members who were excluded from their group's induction:

David Bowie - Mick Ronson (guitars)
David Bowie - Trevor Bolder (bass)
David Bowie - Mick "Woody" Woodmansey (drums)
David Bowie - Mike Garson (piano)
David Bowie - Carlos Alomar (guitars)
David Bowie - George Murray (bass)
David Bowie - Dennis Davis (drums)
David Bowie - Earl Slick (guitars)

Elton John - Davey Johnstone (guitars)
Elton John - Dee Murray (bass)
Elton John - Nigel Olsson (drums)

Neil Young - Danny Whitten (guitars)
Neil Young - Billy Talbot (bass)
Neil Young - Ralph Molina (drums)
Neil Young - Frank "Poncho" Sampedro (guitars)

Steely Dan - Denny Dias (guitar)
Steely Dan - Jeff "Skunk" Baxter (guitar)
Steely Dan - Jim Hodder (drums)
Steely Dan - David Palmer (vocals)

Jefferson Airplane - Signe Anderson (vocals)
Jefferson Airplane - Skip Spence (drums)

Ramones - C.J. Ramone (bass)

Electric Light Orchestra - Colin Walker (cello)

Yes - Patrick Moraz (keyboards)
Yes - Trevor Horn (vocals; producer)
Yes - Geoff Downes (keyboards)

Deep Purple - Tommy Bolin (guitar)

AC/DC - Chris Slade (drums)

The Who - Kenney Jones (drums; *inducted with Faces)

Posted by Joseph on Thursday, 01.19.17 @ 18:32pm

It would probably be best to include The Spiders From Mars for Bowie as that was an actual backing band over two key albums and tours. So, Ronson/Bolder/Woodmansey.

I can see the case for Elton John's band members, but you might as well include Bernie Taupin - Lyricist.

I agree with the Crazy Horse members for Neil Young.

Steely Dan is a duo so I don't really see the point of including those other guys. Plenty of solo artist and duos have featured performers on their albums/tours. It doesn't make them band members.

Skip Spence was only around for one album and wasn't a founding member, so I'd say "No"...Signe Tole Anderson actually has a strong case and should be included.

C.J. Ramone entered the scene when The Ramones were churning out mediocre's the same reason nobody cares, rightfully, about later Blackhearts members not being inducted with Joan Jett. I feel that a group's material past their peak must still have been pretty great/important, otherwise, there's not much of a purpose in including those later members.

Come on. We can't have everyone from ELO. Colin Walker was there for one measly album. Same goes for all those Yes guys and those minor Deep Purple Who and AC/DC members you mentioned. Again, the point of this is to induct the IMPORTANT individuals and not everybody that ever played on a recording.

I'm open to hearing more arguments though.

FRL, feel free to add The Spiders From Mars, Crazy Horse, Elton John's band members (and Bernie Taupin) along with Signe Anderson to the above list. Nice work Joseph.

Posted by Casper on Thursday, 01.19.17 @ 21:54pm

When was Louis Clark an official band member and in what years? Just curious as he's usually not listed as a band member on the albums.

Posted by Casper on Thursday, 01.19.17 @ 01:49am


Like I'd said, 1974-1979, then also, 1983.

Eldorado marks the first album on which Jeff Lynne hired an orchestra; on previous albums, Lynne would overdub the strings. Louis Clark co-arranged (with Lynne and keyboardist Richard Tandy) and conducted the strings, and would eventually go on to become a full member of the band. - David Wild, "The Story of a Rock and Roll Band and the Pop Genius Who Dared to Go Baroque.", Flashback, Electric Light Orchestra box set from 2000.

Original Album Credits

Face the Music (1975)
Jeff Lynne, Richard Tandy and Louis Clark – Orchestral and choral arrangements
Orchestra conducted by Louis Clark

A New World Record (1976)
Orchestra and choral arrangements – Louis Clark
Orchestra conducted by Louis Clark

Out of the Blue (1977)
Jeff Lynne, Richard Tandy and Louis Clark – Orchestral and choral arrangements
Orchestra conducted by Louis Clark

Discovery (1979)
Jeff Lynne, Richard Tandy and Louis Clark – Orchestra and choral arrangements
Orchestra conducted by Louis Clark

Secret Messages (1983)
Strings conducted by Louis Clark ("Train Of Gold", "Danger Ahead" and "Stranger")

Posted by Rick Vendl II on Friday, 01.20.17 @ 01:29am

This page was an excellent idea, as well as putting the snubbed members on the inducted acts' pages. Always give credit where credit is due, no matter how deserving they were or weren't. Take Dave Navarro. He may be satisfied he's not inducted with the Chili Peppers, but he knows Jane's Addiction was where he made his real mark.

This non-inducted member debate was brought to my attention when I saw Elton John nearly 3 years ago at Bonnaroo. Elton introduced the band, and he mentioned Nigel Olsson, who has been with him since Day One. Day One! Then I wondered, 'Well, why isn't he inducted with him?'. It'll be a never-ending argument for sure. Take the Beach Boys, or what's left of them. I saw Mike Love and Bruce Johnston perform two years ago, with a bunch of younger guys on stage. Yes, I already knew Al Jardine and Brian Wilson didn't want any part of it. So what about the guys who play with the current lineup? That always gets people scratching their heads.....

Posted by Jason Voigt on Friday, 01.20.17 @ 13:18pm

Don't forget Chevy Chase for Steely Dan (laughter inserted here)

Posted by Jason Voigt on Friday, 01.20.17 @ 13:32pm

I appreciate your comments, Casper! Point taken on the members who only played on a single, non-debut album. To have them included is a stretch.

Colin Walker's tenure with ELO coincided with Wilf Gibson's. They both played on 2 early ELO records ("ELO 2" and "On The Third Day"), and they left the group at the same time. I figured that if Wilf is recognized, so should Colin.

As for Skip Spence, I'm not sure about him being an original member, but he was the drummer on the debut album.

I feel that the Spiders From Mars are not the only ones who deserve recognition for David Bowie's success. His other group (with Carlos Alomar and company) was just as significant because they were part of his next great era (Young Americans, Station To Station, the "Berlin" trilogy, and Scary Monsters). It's a shame they don't have a fancy nickname like the one associated with Mick Ronson's group.

Steely Dan wasn't just a duo on their first 3 albums, at least. It was only after Pretzel Logic where Fagen and Becker replaced Baxter and Hodder with session musicians. I'm thinking that if the Rock Hall inducted all the original members of Heart and Pretenders other than the Wilson sisters and Chrissie Hynde, the original Steely Dan group deserve it as well.

Posted by Joseph on Friday, 01.20.17 @ 20:57pm

***** The MIDNIGHTERS*****

What about ALONZO TUCKER ? Not only was he an ORIGINAL MEMBER, he was also the group's FOUNDER !!

(How's THAT for a snub)

****The MIRACLES****

BILLY GRIFFIN - He sang lead on the biggest-selling single ("Love Machine"-#1 Pop, 4.5 million seller) and album ("City Of Angels") that the group EVER HAD !!
Inducted ? NOPE.

Posted by Bill G on Sunday, 01.22.17 @ 04:37am

To all of those who want band members inducted w/the SOLO acts (Elton John, Bowie, etc.) they played for/with, I have one question: do you want their partners (oh boy, Yoko!!!), relatives, close friends, team management members (ugh), et al inducted too?

Posted by Let's Give Everyone a Trophy on Sunday, 01.22.17 @ 16:16pm

Bill G, Billy Griffin was part of The Miracles after Smokey Robinson had left the group, so he doesn't really qualify.

I think your argument for Alonzo Tucker may have some merit. When did he leave The Midnighters?

Posted by Casper on Monday, 01.23.17 @ 00:27am

I do think these three members of Steely Dan need to be added...had no idea they were all on the first three LPs.

Jeff "Skunk" Baxter (Guitar, 1972-1974)

Denny Dias (Guitar, 1972-1974)

Jim Hodder (Drums, 1972-1974)

Posted by Casper on Monday, 01.23.17 @ 00:34am

Colin Walker (Cello, 1972-1973) should be added for Electric Light Orchestra. He was there early on and for two significant enough albums.

I see Norma Jean Wright was added above for Chic. I was kind of on the fence with her given her very short tenure with the band, but she sang on some classic songs and was their first vocalist. Plus, I think the Hall's own ballot information had her listed as a would-be inductee.

Posted by Casper on Monday, 01.23.17 @ 00:44am

I think an argument can also be made on behalf of Don Ciccone and Gerry Polci who were the main vocalists for the Four Seasons during their brief, but notable comeback in '70s. Valli was really trying to detach from the group at that point and distinguish himself as a solo artist.

Posted by Philip on Monday, 01.23.17 @ 16:35pm

FRL, these got skipped over when I sent in my initial list.

Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys

Louis Tierney - Fiddle - 1943-1947

Paul Butterfield Blues Band

Gene Dinwiddle - Alto Sax - 1967-1970
Keith Johnson - Trumpet - 1967-1969
Bugsy Maugh - Bass - 1967-1968
David Sanborn - Alto Sax - 1967-1970
Phil Wilson - Drums - 1967-1968

Posted by Casper on Tuesday, 01.24.17 @ 01:23am

Thinking about it more, we should add John Kiffmeyer for Green Day. (Drums, 1987-1990).

Posted by Casper on Thursday, 01.26.17 @ 14:37pm

How about Pete Best and Stuart Sutcliffe for the Beatles?

Posted by Joe on Friday, 01.27.17 @ 00:54am

No Hall of Fame for You: 19 Artists Left Out of Their Band’s 2017 Nominations

By Nick DeRiso October 19, 2016 5:19 PM

Posted by Rick Vendl II on Sunday, 01.29.17 @ 19:24pm

Joe, the recordings are what matter and neither Pete Best or Stu actually played on any official recordings released by The Beatles. Their eligibility date is determined by the start of their recording career which is the "Love Me Do" single. Likewise, if we didn't care about members having played on the actual records, then there would be literally hundreds of snubbed people who left bands before they began recording or were mostly just touring members. And at the end of the day, the recorded legacy is mostly all that remains for any given artist. Nobody is going to remember some random touring keyboardist from 1974 to 1978, etc.

Posted by Casper on Monday, 01.30.17 @ 17:17pm

Some of these are very odd. Bruce Johnston really stands out as someone who has been a Beach Boy for a long time, and (unlike in some of the other cases such as Bob Welch and Fleetwood Mac) there does not seem to be any animosity from other members that might lead to a deliberate snub. John Dalton is also a surprising omission. It seems as if in the early years the Hall generally had stricter standards as to who the core members of a group were and since then has gotten somewhat (but not entirely) more liberal.

Posted by James K. on Saturday, 02.4.17 @ 11:38am

Just think that there's a lot of overlooked 60's & 70's bands that were groundbreaking. Uriah Heep for sure- also Moody Blues, The Guess Who, Blue Oyster Cult for starters.
The time element for some newer artists is not long enough when you have some who've waited decades.

My understanding is they have to be innovative game-changers & that applies to newer artists as well, but those who came before did open doors & should go in first.

Music always evolves , as past inspires future.
Every decade influenced the next & the standouts are who should be inducted. If you're truly deserving, your time will come for newer artists.

Posted by K° on Sunday, 02.5.17 @ 04:55am

Nobody ever remembers one group from the 70s that had quite a few rock & roll hits. They are truly the most unappreciated artists in the business, yet they have lasted over 5 decades because their fans love them so much. The Osmonds...also Donny osmond as a solo artist.

Posted by Mandy Bridges on Thursday, 02.9.17 @ 00:16am

What about Tony Martin and Cozy Powell for Black Sabbath?

Posted by Nicky Joe on Friday, 02.10.17 @ 16:43pm

Randy Jackson not only did vocals for the Jackson 5/Jacksons, but played keyboards, percussion and was one of the main songwriters in the group (Shake your Body Down). His snub was ludicrous.

Posted by Kj on Sunday, 02.12.17 @ 11:21am

What about Mix Master Mike and DJ Hurricane of the Beastie Boys?

Posted by Rydall on Tuesday, 03.14.17 @ 11:14am

Arabian Prince for NWA

Posted by Rydall on Tuesday, 03.14.17 @ 11:17am

I'm not an expert on Frank Zappa, but after reading stuff about the man and his band (Mothers of Invention), I just realized that an update needs to be made on the list of members on this page.

Missing from the first wave of Mothers (1966-1969) are guitarist Elliot Ingber (who was a member on their debut "Freak Out!) and co-drummer Billy Mundi (who played on subsequent albums alongside main drummer Jimmy Carl Black).

After Zappa disbanded the Mothers, he reformed the group with a new set of members (1970-1972). George Duke and Jeff Simmons are already listed here, but missing are new vocalists Flo and Eddie (also knows as ex-Turtles Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan), current Rock Hall inductee Aynsley Dunbar (who was their new drummer), and another ex-Turtle, bassist Jim Pons.

Napoleon Brock (who is already listed) is from the last wave of the Mothers (1973-1975).

I hope you consider adding these important members of the first 2 waves of the band:

1. Elliot Ingber - guitars
2. Billy Mundi - drums
3. Mark Volman (a.k.a Flo) - vocals
4. Howard Kaylan (a.k.a Eddie) - vocals
5. Aynsley Dunbar - drums
6. Jim Pons - bass

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, 03.15.17 @ 05:32am

The final version of The Mothers is a mess of so many different players, so you might also want to consider removing Napoleon Brock from the list in order to limit the "snubees" to just the first 2 versions of the group.

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, 03.15.17 @ 06:38am

"To all of those who want band members inducted w/the SOLO acts (Elton John, Bowie, etc.) they played for/with, I have one question: do you want their partners (oh boy, Yoko!!!), relatives, close friends, team management members (ugh), et al inducted too?"

- Let's Give Everyone a Trophy

Yes, and their roadies, bodyguards and bus drivers too... </sarcasm>

Posted by Jason Voigt on Monday, 03.27.17 @ 22:31pm

Beastie Boys:

John Berry (Guitar 1981-1982)
Kate Schellenbach (Drums 1981-1984)

It's understandable why these two were not included; the group wasn't nominated for recording "Pollywog Stew". But they were first eligible 25 years after it, so in the interest of being complete here...

Posted by Carl Stone on Saturday, 04.8.17 @ 19:04pm

The rules stating an artist can't be nominated into the RandR HOF because he or she was in more then one group AkaThe voice Johnny Meastro who is punished for being in 2 great groups The Crest and Brooklyn Bridge and till his passing still sod out arenas around the country is not just ridiculous but very very sad should be changed . Len weinman

Posted by Len weinman on Sunday, 04.23.17 @ 14:19pm

Boom Gaspar should be added under Pearl Jam.

Posted by dmg on Sunday, 04.30.17 @ 11:53am

Bob Marley and the Wailers should have been inducted, not just Marley.... at least the core three: Marley, Tosh and Wailer. All three of these artists are at the top of the reggae influential class.

As for the second-tier Wailers, the Barrett Brothers (Carlie and Aston) deserve entry, as they were the rhythm section for the Wailers' entire existence.

Posted by Barry on Wednesday, 06.14.17 @ 11:43am

Megadeth needs to be inducted! Period!

Posted by Debbie P. on Wednesday, 07.12.17 @ 13:04pm

What about the Marshall Tucker Band

Posted by William Hydock on Monday, 07.17.17 @ 12:19pm

This page is for snubbed members of bands/artists that have already been inducted, not entire bands that weren't inducted yet. Marshall Tucker Band and Megadeth each have their own pages on this site.

Posted by dmg on Monday, 07.17.17 @ 21:32pm

Visited the Rock Hall. Besides the Beatles Stones and Elvis the rest of the displays were small. Where was Pink Floyd,Queen, Kiss, Bod Seger, Billy Joel...the List goes on. What was Beyonnce and Lady Gaga doing on the wall? They say Modern Artists influenced by inductees. Well..isnt everyone? Its about Money. And by the way If John Denvers Lyrics Leaving on a Jet Plane are on their wall over the registers at the gift shop isnt he good enough to be in it? Rolling stone has 2 floors showing how important they are..wasted space. Their name is a rip off of a band, not even original.

Posted by Dennis Freeman on Sunday, 08.27.17 @ 12:16pm

You should list Billy Griffin as a snubbed member of the Miracles.

Posted by Roy on Monday, 09.4.17 @ 08:50am

i think that George Michael should be inducted into the hall immediately..he was an outstanding producer, a marvelous writer..he songs are so personal and so well crafted and meaningful..and, to top it all off, he has the most beautiful voice to come along in ages...not inducted George Michael into the hall of fame is not only a snub, but casts doubt on the integrity of the whole nominating process...there are many, many fans of this artist on both sides of the Atlantic that feel he is more than deserving of this honor..which should have been accorded to him during his lifetime and wasn't...if you truly care about music and talent and the fans, you will do what should have been done years ago and honor George Michael...and it would be particularly fitting if the US were the first to honor and recognize his talent and is nothing less than he deserves...hopefully, this will be given the utmost consideration by your nominating committee immediately

Posted by Jacquelyn Romagnano on Friday, 09.15.17 @ 15:08pm

Yeah right, dream on about THAT! #notgonnahappen

Posted by No Such Thing as the Death Fairy on Friday, 09.15.17 @ 17:07pm

Regarding Black Sabbath: YES, Ronnie James Dio and Vinny Appice should have been inducted alongside the original four. No excuses! Enough said.

Regarding KISS: I think the Hall made the right decision honoring the original four ONLY. Gene, Paul, Peter, and Ace-- THEY ARE KISS!

That said, if Eric Carr and Bruce Kulick received induction, then Vinnie Vincent should be included as well. Singer, Thayer, and St. John, not so much.

Posted by VFT on Wednesday, 10.18.17 @ 14:23pm

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